My friends fiancé [F] planned to cheat (with me) [M] real sex stories

I was the only person in my friends group to live alone, so we used to have parties at my house. All of my friends were invited, we’d watch movies and drink until the small hours.

My friends fiancé and I got in the habit of going for walks, just to shoot the shit during these gathering. We’d just walk around the block – talking about our upbringings and all sorts really.

One day I was in my house and I got a text. “I just had a disgusting dream about you and masturbated whilst thinking about you”. Well, I was happy with that, as was my ego. We didn’t really talk again until the weekend when I had everyone over at mine and we went for a walk.

This time on the walk, around 21:30/22:00 we walked past a car park which was mostly walled (apart from the entrance and the exit). It was closed so no one was around.

She took my hand and led me into it, and pushed me against the wall. She kissed me deeply and said “I wanna taste your cock”. I wasn’t even hard at that point, but she took me in her mouth and sucked on my dick, feeling it get hard in her mouth. She then stood back up and pulled down her jeans, bending over. She said “taste my pussy” so I licked her pussy from the back.

It was the cleanest pussy I’d ever seen. So well shaved and no smell or anything. She must have planned this all along. I sucked on her clit and probed with my tongue, I ended up licking her clit and fingering her until she came.

She didn’t finish me off. We walked back to mine and carried on like nothing had happened.

That wasn’t the last time, though….

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