My Final Year in School (Part 3) erotic short stories

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It had been a couple of weeks since our second encounter in the classroom. After that fuck session, there was no stopping us. We practically had sex everyday since then. The initial hesitance she had about cheating on her husband with her student was all gone now. She was like a beast unleashed. Our sessions were getting hotter each time. We mostly had to do it in the empty classroom after school hours because there wasn’t any other place we could think of. We did do it in her car thrice. Whenever she walked into the class, she would give me a sly look and I couldn’t help but smirk thinking about how I got to fuck her everyday while all the other students simply gawked at her.

However, she did something totally unexpected that day. After informing us that she will be returning our assignments and giving feedback, she started calling out the names of the students in order. They stood up in their places and she told them the mistakes they’d made and how to improve upon them. When my name came up, I stood proudly because I was sure that I’d done well-not simply because I was fucking her brains out each day(though it was an added bonus) but also because I had worked pretty hard and was confident.

To my surprise, as soon as I stood up, she frowned at me. I was taken aback and didn’t understand the reaction. Then, she pulled up my assignment from the pile and turned a few pages. She looked back at me and said, “Congratulations, Mr. Saini, you have managed to submit the most sloppy work I’ve ever corrected.” I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked and just stood still for a few seconds, staring at her face. I finally opened my mouth, “Ma’am, I…”, “Keep quiet, Sam. You never listen to any instruction and think you know best”, she interrupted me, quite annoyed. What was she doing? “You should be embarrassed with the work you’ve turned in. I don’t even want to give you a passing grade. But it wouldn’t matter to you, would it? You are too cool to care about your grades.” She said in an angry, sarcastic tone. I heard some snickers from the other students. I was getting angry now. Maybe my work wasn’t that good, but it cannot be worse than everyone in the class, right? Even if it was, she was going above and beyond to humiliate me. I didn’t ever disturb her in the class even before we started fooling around. So why the fuck was she so frustrated with me? “Ma’am, I’m sorry if I did something wrong, I can redo the work if…” “REDO?!”, she interrupted me again. “What makes you think that I will waste anymore of my time going through your assignment? Just take your seat and be happy that I am not throwing this one in the bin!”, she almost screamed at me. I sat down on my chair and heard several students laughing out loud. I couldn’t bear this humiliation and couldn’t understand why she singled me out like that. My fists balled up and I was seething with rage. I looked at her hoping to catch her eye but she ignored me for the rest of the class. I couldn’t believe that bitch!

The class got over soon and I couldn’t focus on anything else but to confront her. When almost everyone had left, I walked to her table but she just got up and left the room without even glancing toward me. Fucking bitch! I couldn’t focus on anything else that day. I just wanted to go to her class and slap her hard. Finally, the day got over and I moved towards her room. There she was, the haughty bitch sitting on her table in her yellow dress like she had done nothing wrong. I was too angry for pleasantries. I simply walked in and locked the door. She was a bit startled at first but said, “Hey, Sam. I’m really sorry for earlier today.” “What the hell was all that about, Anna?” I asked angrily. “I just…you know, I was nervous someone might figure it out so I wanted to distance myself from you. I know it was not the right way. I’m really sorry.” She got up to hug me. The audacity of this bitch! She thinks that simply because she is my teacher, she could get away with anything she does to me!

Instead of hugging her back, I caught a hold of her ponytail and pulled her hair back while she had her arms around me. “Fucking slut! You humiliated me in class for no reason. Who the fuck do you think you are?” I said angrily. She was shocked and tried to break free. “Sam, I’m sorry. Now leave me. I don’t like this” “Did you ask me what I liked when you insulted me, bitch?” “Sam! Enough! Don’t talk to me like that. Now leave this room and let me work.” “Not without payback, you bitch!” I said and pulled her blouse down, tearing it up a little.

“Sam! I asked you to leave!” she said, shocked. “And I’m asking you to undress you slut. Don’t make me ask again. I’m already angry at you.” A look of lust passed over her. The horny slut was probably enjoying this. “What will you do to me, Sam?” she asked in a soft whisper. “What I’ll do to you, Anna, is show you your place. I’ll teach you that you are nothing more than a cheating slut and that you have no right to insult me. Ever.Now get on your knees. She didn’t do it for a moment until I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down. I went and sat on her chair. “Now, my slut, crawl to me.” “I’m not doing that,” she spat back. “Listen here, ‘Ma’am’, if you don’t come here, I’ll have to get up. And That will be bad for you. Very bad.” she understood that I was very angry and would not let her get away. She finally began to crawl. “Take my cock out and suck it.” I told her as soon as she came between my legs.

She unzipped my pants and my semi-erect cock sprung up. She licked the tip before running her tongue all across it. Meanwhile, her hands massaged my balls. “Take it in your mouth, teacher.” she looked me in the eye before putting her lips around my dick. She was halfway through before I decided that it was time for me to treat her like a real slut. I grabbed a bunch of her hair and pushed her down on my cock. She gagged on it and her hands tried to push on my thighs. But I wasn’t going to let her go. This wasn’t for her pleasure. She didn’t deserve it today. All she deserved was to be shown that she was her student’s bitch.

I let her go and she immediately let go of my cock and began panting. She looked at me angrily and said, “What the hell was that? Are you fucking crazy? You cannot treat me any way you want. I…” I squeezed her mouth at this, “Listen here, teach, I can treat you however I want.” With that, I pushed my cock into her mouth again. I continued skull-fucking her for a couple of minutes. Her eyes were bloodshot and she had tears coming out of them. I let her go. While she was still gasping for air, I stood up and pulled her up by the ponytail. “Ah! It hurts!” she said. “Good. I don’t care.” I simply tore off her blouse from her back and pushed her down on the table, pressing her face. She said something but I couldn’t hear her. I slapped her ass hard. “Ah, fuck!” she screamed. I kept slapping her till I could see her eyes tearing up a bit. I knew she would no longer say anything and take her punishment. I undraped her with a bit of difficulty. Her ass cheeks had turned crimson red and her helpless site turned me on. I thought about licking her pussy but stopped myself- I need to show her her place first. I stood up and pulled her hair again. She arched her back and I whispered in her ears, “Get ready to be pounded like the whore you are…Ma’am” she moaned sexily signalling she was ready for it. I pressed her face on the table again and lined my cock with her wet, married pussy. Unlike the previous encounters, I didn’t enter slowly. I rammed my cock straight down her twat. “Ahhhhhh!” she screamed loudly. I smacked her ass again. “Not so loud, slut. Unless you want someone to come in here and see you submit to your student.” “Sorry, Sam. Just fuck me, please” she moaned.

“Alright, my married slut.” I grabbed her waist and began pulling her back to my cock. I didn’t hesitate in increasing my speed. In a few minutes, she was moaning loudly while my dick repeatedly pounded her and my balls smacked against the table. Her beautiful ass rippled with each thrust. Her face was sideways on the table with her eyes closed and lips open. Fucking hell! She was the hottest thing in the world. I caught a hold of her bra and lifted her chest a little to tear it off as well. I could now see her big breasts squished on the table while I took her. “Oh, Sam! Show me what a whore I am. Fuck me till I learn my place Sam, fuuuck!” she said, nearing her orgasm. I started hitting both her ass cheeks while pounding her. This sent her over the edge and she came all over my dick. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! OH MY GAWWWD, Sam FUUUC! OH SHIT!” I kept pounding her till her orgasm subsided. “Oh, Sam, you pound me so good.” she said softly.

I slowed down a bit to catch my own breath. I pulled out of her pussy and turned her over. She looked me in the eye and bit her bottom lip while I reentered her twat. “Fuck, Anna. You are such a teasing slut, you know that? You are even enjoying your punishment. You are a chep whore, Anna, not a teacher” “Oh fuck” was all she could say while grabbing her breasts and arching her head back. I grabbed her waist and got to work again. I wanted to pound this bitch so hard that she would never dare to talk back to me after today. I wanted to ruin her tight pussy and make her a complete slut for me. I moved my right hand to her nipple and squeezed it hard while fucking her.
Oh what a sight! My extremely beautiful, married teacher, sprawled on the desk before me, completely naked, her head tilted back, eyes closed, mouth moaning my name, my hand pulling her nipples and my dick ramming into her pussy at full force.

I noticed the chain around her neck. “Your husband gave it to you?” I asked her. She nodded her head while moaning. I grabbed the chain and yanked it off her neck, throwing it across the room. I grabbed her neck, a little tight. “OOOOO” was all the slut could say. “You are my slut teacher. Say it. Say it you whore!” I tightened my grip a little. “I am, Sam! I AM YOUR SLUT TEACHER. I AM YOUR FUCKING SLUT TEACHER1 OH GOD, FUCK!” she came hard on my cock once again. After she rode it out, I could see that she was totally exhausted. I kept pounding away at her nonetheless. One hand on her waist and one choking her. “Oh, Sam! Give your cum to your slut teacher. Let my married pussy make your big cock cum.”

I increased my pace. The sight before me, coupled with her sexy moans begging for my cum were too much for me. “Fuck, teach! I’m gonna cum!” “Do it! Cum in my pussy and make it yours!” As tempting as this offer was, I had other ideas in my mind. I wanted to shower her in my cum and completely own her. I kept pounding her hard. “FUck! God, Sam, I’m about to go again! Fuck! Please make me go again please. Fuck!” If I did make her cum again, it wouldn’t be a very good punishment now, ould it? I choked her harder and almost banged her head on the table a couple of times. Finally, it was too much for me.

I pulled out of her, much to the dismay of the cheating slut who groaned. “Come here, bitch.” I said as I grabbed her hair and pulled her off the table and onto her knees. She took her tongue out, folded her hands in her lap and patiently waited for me to shower her body. She looked into my eyes, her eyes begging for my cum. I jerked my cock for a few seconds until I exploded over her. The first spurt went to her forehead and a little bit in her left eye. One spurt went on her nose and left cheek. About seven or so spurts later, her face was covered in my cum and quite a lot of it had dropped to her boobs and her legs. She was about to scoop all of it. “Nuh uh” I said as I grabbed her hand. “You are not going to touch your face. You will go home exactly like this.” “But…” she began to say before I cut her off, “I don’t like repeating myself, teach. Now get up, dress yourself and leave.” She opened her mouth to argue but my glare changed her mind. She reluctantly got up and started undressing herself. I didn’t even let her put her hair back into a ponytail. She eventually got dressed and began to leave.

One look at her and anyone would think that she was a whore. A blouse ripped almost completely from the back, the dress crumpled up and also a bit torn around her thighs, her hair a mess, face caked with some white substance, a reddened neck and a limping walk. “See you tomorrow…ma’am” I said to her. She turned back and smiled at me. She was mine now. She would never dare to insult me in class like she did today. And I could use her to relieve my stress whenever I felt like.

She was no longer my teacher, she had become my teacher-slut.

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