My (F20) professor fucked me in the ass in his (M45) office adult confession

I (F20) actually did the holy grail of sex acts and fucked a professor (M45) at my uni in his office. This was about 2 months ago. We met on tinder and I didn’t know he was a professor at first. After a day we met on campus for a coffee and already established over messages that it was going to be a really sexual bdsm relationship with him being the Dom and me sub. Then we started making out in the park and it got really hot and he asked if I wanted to go to his office. I damn near passed out with excitement. We went to his office and he teased me and I sucked his cock to completion and he refused to fuck me as a form of torture/denial. Then we met again a few days later and went to his office again and he teased me, then he fucked me in the ass bent over the desk. It was one of the hottest moments of my life and I don’t think I’ll top it haha. We’re still seeing each other but now we just go to his house and he doesn’t teach at my uni anymore as he was only there doing there a favour for one term 🙁

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