[M]y ex ate out a girl I was dating just to watch her blow me. real sex stories

I’ve posted about this ex a few times. She is very open sexually and a lot of fun that way. She had this thing were she liked to see how much of my dick could fit in her friends mouths. To the point some just would see how much could go down then leave. The good news about that was how wet my ex would get watching so I’d always get to fuck no matter what. Funny thing is she never even got half my dick down her throat and neither did almost all her friends.

The other thing she liked was licking pussy. After we broke up she told me a week later she licked four women till they came. She told me on the phone and then came over so we could fuck. Her mouth still tasted like pussy.

Time went on and I started dating a woman that said she was bi but hadn’t ever done anything with a woman. One night we were out and bumped into my ex. Everything started normal but some how my ex started asking about how much my date could take during a blow job. Let’s call my date kate I never use real names on posts. They talk about how kate likes sucking my dick while playing with my balls till I cum. But she likes seeing the cum come out then licking it off. I have no idea why she was being so detailed but somehow the fact she wanted to have a woman came up.

My ex of course volunteered. And flashed a lot of cleavage when she did. We had been drinking and it sounded like a great idea at the time. And in no time we were back at my place. The woman got right into kissing and fondling each other. Soon they started sucking each others tits. I just sat back and watched. My ex was nude first because she didn’t were underwear under her dress. I had to take my dick out when kate started fingering my ex.

When kate got nude my ex wanted to eat her pussy. I’m now nude with a raging hard on in my hand. Kate tells me to get over here and fuck my ex while she enjoys her first female. I get over and my exs pussy is almost dripping she’s so wet. I slide in easily and kate grabs my exs head as she moans while my ex sucks her clit.

Kate screamed when she came. My ex told me to fuck kate now because she already came. But my ex wanted to hold Kate’s pussy lips open as I put my dick in. My ex then sat on Kate’s face so she could lick her first pussy.

It had been awhile and I started worrying I wouldn’t last long enough but the that familiar feeling of Kate’s pussy getting tighter around my cock happened and she started cumming. After she made my ex cum I said I was close. Kate started sucking my still very wet cock while my ex started plunging 3 fingers into her pussy.

She somehow made herself cum by the time kate was jacking me off so she could see me shoot. After the both licked me clean which was hot as hell we called it a night.

The down side to this was kate kept thinking I was screwing my ex behind her back and finally just broke up with me. Sometimes threesomes aren’t the best idea lol.

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  1. Bummer about Kate breaking it off but you will always have that memory to treasure when you get older…


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