My cousins husband during his child’s birthday party!!![FM] non-fiction sex stories

This happened a few years ago during a five year old year olds birth party, my cousins five year old that is. My cousin and I grew up together and are very close but ever since she introduced her husband to us we’ve flirted shamelessly. I can’t help it, he’s just my type. Big, tattooed, bearded and taken. This party proved no different and we flirted subtlety all afternoon.

After the main events of a child’s party I was helping to carry chairs in to the garage when he cornered me. He closed the door and pressed in to me. He told me he’d wanted to fuck me for ages and I told him to do it. After making out like he was trying to swallow me whole, he dropped to his knees, pushed my dress up, pulled my panties to the side and ate my pussy sloppy. After I helped him take his thick cock out and sucked it for a second before he pulled me up, bent me over a chair and slammed in to me. I grunted like a bitch in heat and begged for cum. He pumped me hard until he came inside my greedy cunt. He pulled out, quickly fixed himself up and left me bent over and leaking his cum saying to wait a few minutes before coming out.

Later during the evening I was holding the birthday girl in my lap when her dad leaned over and whispered to me “you might be holding two of my babies right now”. My pussy clenched and I couldn’t wait to take more of his cum.

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