[M]y Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, and that’s why i [F]ucked her on government time. [MF] non-fiction sex stories

Shitty day at work today (didn’t get the promotion I was going for but instead got more assigned duties) so I figured I’d share the time I once had sex in the office with my former boss at a previous job.

So some back story: I was a former government employee working on an Air Force base doing accounting work. The brand new office building they spent 5 years and $25 million to build just opened up for our division with enough space to have everyone get their own small but private office with a door that could close. Now being one of the only men in the office at the time I was tasked with helping to move all the furniture and supplies to the new building. My boss at the time was in her mid 40s and I was 30. Because of my position I was placed next door to her office which was good for me since she liked to wear tight fitting dresses and lower cut blouses.

After we finished moving the office to the new building we all celebrated and had a small office party. Business was back to usual the next day and went on that way for about six months or so. During that time, I was constantly trying to look down my boss’s blouse or stare at her ass as she bent over. I think she caught me staring a couple of times based on her reaction but I always played it off like I was staring into space being absent minded.

After (we’ll say) 6 months, she made the announcement at our All Hands Monday morning meeting that she and her husband were moving to Hawaii and that she’d be leaving at the end of the week. I was sad cause she was a great boss to work for (plus it helped she looked 10 years younger than she was). So throughout the week, people stopped by and said their goodbyes but I was waiting to Friday before she left to say mine.

I show up at my usual time at 0700, and I’m usually the first one in the office most of the time. I usually make coffee and send out any reports that I need to have signed. It was about 8:30 when my boss came in and we will call her “Charlotte”. She came in with a bunch of other employees and saw that I had already made coffee for everyone but I had also brought in donuts too. They all stood around eating the donuts and Charlotte saw that my office light was on.

When she knocked on my door I said “Come in” without even looking up from my screen. “Jason, did you make the coffee and bring in donuts? ” I looked up and she was wearing a short sleeves gray blouse that hung just enough off of her chest to make you hope for a good wind gust and a knee length black skirt. She held her hands behind her back. “Yes, I figured since it was your last day here that I’d bring some in.” She stepped inside and closed the door.

“That was very thoughtful of you. You were always very thoughtful, volunteering for everything, even helping me move offices. So I wanted to get you something. Hold out your hand and close your eyes.” I admit that I was really intrigued so I obliged her. I heard something that sounded like a wrapper and then a warm soft roundish object was placed in my hand. She said “before you open your eyes can you figure out what it is?” I felt around and I couldn’t figure it out so I said no and she said go ahead and open your eyes.

When I open my eyes her skirt have been lifted up and in my hand was resting her bare pussy. She was straddling my hand looking down at me smiling. ” I know you’ve been looking at me when you think I wasn’t paying attention.” She said with a wink and a smile. To say the least I was speechless. I could barely believe it was happening but at the same time it was a dream come true. I slowly moved my middle finger back and forth and she just smiled at me.

She moved away back towards the door and my heart sank, I thought damn it’s already over. But instead she locked the door and turned off the lights. ” I figure we have about 5 minutes before they finish the coffee and donuts. You have that much time.” She said slipping off her skirt. The black panties she had on were at her knees by the time I had my pants undone and around my ankles. I patted the desk (which thankfully was the perfect height for fucking coworkers) and she sat on the desk.

As I slid my dick into her she let out a soft moan, which she quickly clasped her hand over her mouth. I moved in and out at a good steady pace, one hand holding up her leg and the other one playing with her clit. I watched her eyes to see how she was doing and saw nothing but a “more/’do me harder’ ” look. I moved faster, sliding in and out and back in before she knew it. I looked back into her eyes and I could tell she was getting close.

I wanted to hurry up since it was close to 5 minutes by now so I let go of her leg and clit and grabbed her ass, pulling her more deeply into me. I felt me hitting her cervix which must have done it for her cause I could hear her moan through her clasped hand. As she moaned I lost it and filled her with cum. When I was done shooting it inside of her she slowly came back down and gave me a dirty look. “That was great thank you.’ And gave me a peck on the cheek.

I stepped back and began stuffing myself back into my pants. She stood up off the desk and her panties fell to the floor. I retrieved them for her and she said “Keep them”. I quickly put them into my pants pocket and gave her a smile. “That was one helluva going away present.” I said to her. She chuckled and said “Yes it was. And now I have to work all day with my cunt filled with your cum and no panties.” She straightened her hair and skirt then unlocked the door. Exiting the office she turned and gave me one last wink.

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