My (30) older neighbor (42) and the power of sound [MF] sex confession

My (30) moaning older neighbor (42) and the power of sound [MF]

So, this is my first post in this sub and I hope you appreciate it. I’m Swedish so don’t jump me if the English isn’t perfect. This is a true story from this year.

Just for backstory, I’m Vincent, your average30 year old, 5’10 normal built body with a rather thick 8 inch dick. Earlier this year I moved into a new apartment building in a more upper-class part of the city without it being showboaty in any way. It’s a friendly building, everyone helps eachother in a neighborly fashion, greet eachother in the lobby and elevator. Mainly young couples and families, and me – a 30 year old living alone.

Anyway, needless to say I’m a rather active sexual person who is single and not uncommon to have multiple partners in my bed on a weekly basis. The neighbors have hinted on the volume and moans coming from my bedroom at more than one occasion. The walls are not thin, but it’s an apartment building so noise make its way through them.

It all started in late August. I was laying in my bed one morning, just finished up a rather intense sex session with a one night stand from tinder as I heard moaning from the other side of the wall. It was the sharpest female moaning – almost felt like she was in my apartment. I didn’t think much of it but it did turn me on. This continued on a daily basis. Almost at the same time as well. Working from home made me aware of this and I frequently jerked off to her moans.

I had never met the neighbor on this side of the wall. I knew it was a couple in their early 40’s, but that was about it.

One morning it happened again. Her moans filled my bedroom. My dick grew big and needy, outgrowing my boxers. I moaned back. She got silent… before starting again, louder, with words coming from here. I’d translate it to “fuck me… take me… hard”. I thought she was having her man taking her and I came to this, rather loudly. I heard her cum seconds after. Silence.

Fast forward to about a week later. I meet her and her man outside our elevator. He was leaving for work, she was going down to throw out the trash. We chatted casually and normal and I saw in her face she realized who I was and that I knew it was her. Her man oblivious to it all.

Her name is Emma (fake name for privacy). She’s 42 years old. 5’3, blonde and curves out of this world from what I could tell under her baggy clothes. She was wearing yoga pants and a hoodie so it was hard to tell.

I lingered in the lobby as she was taking out the trash and we took the elevator up to our floor together. Silence. Tension. Not a word being spoken. Eye contact non-existent. She walked out of the elevator before me – I tell you, ass of a Latina on this 42 year old white woman. She said a nervous “bye..” before entering her apartment. I walked to mine; straight to my bedroom. Five minutes later – moaning. Intense moaning. “Fuck me Vincent” – my heart stopped. Did she… fantasize about me? Knew I was listening? Talking to me? My dick grew senselessly hard. I moaned rather loud as I grabbed it. Her moaning got louder in response. Then… silence. Then… a knock on my door….

I rapidly put on a t-shirt and a pair of baggy shorts. My big dick quite clearly outlined in them. I opened – Emma. She looked down, avoiding eye contact. Wearing the yoga pants from before and a white top over a purple bra showing clearly underneath. They were big I tell ya. I’d place here in 36DDD based on my experience. I looked at Emma. “Yes?” In a slightly nervous manner. She looked me in the eyes. Not saying a word. She grew confident, grabbed and pushed me inside my apartment kissing me. I knew.

She pushed me in my bedroom which is next to the entrance. Her confidence was so hot. She was in charge. She took off my t-shirt as her hand grabbed my dick outside my shorts. Her eyes opened and she smirked. “Now I understand the noises”. I smirked back. We got her undressed together. She had a matching purple thong with her bra. She looked amazing. She dropped to her knees taking off my shorts and didn’t waste any time. She druled my dick full of her saliva and watched it grow in her hand with big eyes. “Fuck” she said before taking it in her mouth. She stopped rather quickly. “We don’t have much time” she said and I nodded, understanding she was referring to her man. She sucked me so good, taking me deeper than what most people succeed doing. I moaned loud. I removed her bra to release her big soft tits. Natural and gravity had yet to take these down properly. She sucked me for another minute or two before I grabbed her and bent her over the bed. She moaned as I slipped her thong to the side rather than remove them. She was so wet, if I didn’t know better she has squirted before coming over. She moaned while looking back at me, nodding. I slowly started stretching her pussy and it was so wet, I didn’t have any issues filling her completely with every inch. The moan I heard before tripled in volume as I started taking her hard and deep from behind. “Fuuuuuuck” she moaned. It didn’t take long for her to cum intense on my dick.

She told me she’s the kind of person who can only cum once, then need a break. I nodded. She got on her knees again and used even more saliva this time. I could feel her circling it on my balls and taint whilst jerking me with her hand. Her hand was small and couldn’t grab my dick all the way. This made me so turned on. “I’m going to cum if you continue” I said looking down at her. She moaned as I said it and started licking my taint from underneath with intensity. It didn’t take long before my build up was too much.
“I’m gonna cum” I said with rapid breaths. She lifted her chest with one arm and aimed my dick toward them. They looked heavenly from above and I shot an intense amount of cum on them. She gasped and couldn’t stop looking at the cum and my dick. She looked up at me and stood up. She put on her bra, still with my cum on her tits. “My reward is gonna be with me today”. I’ve been around and been through a lot of kinky shit in my days but that line… it had me.

She left almost immediately after that. The moaning has not stopped. Neither from her bedroom, nor mine.


Hope you enjoyed my story. There’s a few follow up that I might write in the future. Also available for questions here or in dm 🙂 (no pictures for her and my privacy. She is ok with me posting)

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