Muslim girls first lesbian experience [FF] erotic short stories

Due to how well my last story did I thought I’d write a story about my first experience with a girl

Story is quite long so skip to *** for the juicy bit

Back story.. I come from a Muslim family, I am a hijabi Muslim “innocent” girl, we’re not the most strict so my parents allow me to go birthday parties etc but thinking that it’s nothing more than an innocent party with a few girls, pizza, board games and movies, obviously the parties I actually went to were different to what my family thought they were full of guys, stripping games, alcohol and everything in between.

So I went to a party that my friend invited me to, it was a friend of hers birthday so although I didn’t know the girl I still went just to have a bit of fun. I got to the house, took off my long coat which was hiding my shirt dress that left veryyyy little to the imagination and entered where there were no less than 100 people. I quickly found people I knew and began mingling, I danced around mainly with my friend but I would do the odd grind against any guy that came behind me.

After a while some people started leaving and there were around 20 of us left, we decided to play spin the bottle and it turned sexual straightttttt away, the first guy had to lick chocolate off another girls neck the second girl had to do a lap dance on a guy and then it was my turn, and I got dared to make out with one of the hottesttttt girls in the circle. (Let’s call her Lara) I hadn’t ever kissed a girl before but I was pumped with adrenaline that day and just fully went for it, I guess I got a bit carried away and fully made out with Lara, my hand was gripping her hair while our bodies were pressed together and I slipped my tongue into her mouth, to my surprise she carried on, and our make out session lasted for a while with all the guys in the room just staring at our tongues swirling around in each other’s mouths. Reality hit and I stopped myself from going any further.

The spin the bottle game continued and I did a few more dares like flashing my tits and giving a couple of lap dances but soon after the game stopped, I found Lara and apologised for getting carried away, she whispered in my ear “I enjoyed it just as much of not more than you” this out butterflies in my stomach and I had to do everything in my power not to push her against the wall and make out with her again. Luckily she knew the house we were in pretty well and told me she had to “show me something” upstairs.

*****We got upstairs into one of the bedrooms and Lara leant into me and I grabbed her face and started making out with her again, we picked up where we left off and my tongue was already in her mouth swirling around, I was grinding against her body and could feel her tits against mine which made me soooo much more horny, I started moaning in her mouth, she noticed how much I was enjoying it and asked if I want to take things further, without even responding I pulled her dress straps down aswell as my own so our bare tits were rubbing against each other while we were making out. Just knowing that was happening was making me wet and then Lara moved down and put her mouth over my nipples she swirled her tongue around and I just let out a gasp, and then she sucked on my nipple and I began moaning again, at this point my pussy was drippinggggg and I just needed her to satisfy it. I started grinding my pussy on her to get some satisfaction and she got the hint, while still licking and sucking on my nipple she pulled the rest of my dress and my panties off and started rubbing my clit, the second her fingers touched my wet pussy I knew this was gunna be the best anyone had ever satisfied my pussy with fingers.

She began reading the folds of my pussy which made me move around begging for her fingers to enter me, I tried soooo hard to get her fingers in my pussy but she just loved watching me squirm, then I just said Lara baby please I need you, as soon as I said that she thrust two fingers inside me making my back arch, she fingered me sooooo hard and fast I couldn’t even catch my breath I was moaning soooo loud, while still fingering me she came back up to me and started sucking on my neck then back to making out with me, she then whispered in my ear again, “I’m gunna make you cum like you never have before” just with that sentence I was soooo close to cumming and she could tell, she pulled her fingers out and said I’m not done with you yet.

She stopped for a second and grabbed my hands while kissing me, I knew she did this so I wouldn’t carry on fi no wrong myself so I could cum, after making out and squeezing my tits for a bit longer, Lara went back down and took a lick of my pussy, I had never had a guy eat me out let alone a girl so I didn’t realise how much I would love it, and soon as her tongue started flicking my clit my pussy started grinding on Laras face, I just couldn’t help it I wanted to cum soooo bad but I wanted her to carry on licking my pussy forever, I started moaning and screaming her name while pressing her face into my pussy and then I told her I’m about to cum, she quickly shoved two of her fingers back in and made me cum all over her fingers with my cum flowing all down her arm.

By the end of it I was soooo out of breath Lara came back up to me gave me a kiss and said “this time was your turn, next party you can return the favour” we walked back out with our dresses barely on to everyone staring at us and making the typical noises guys do when they know someone’s just had sex. But I didn’t care that everyone knew, I had just had the best sexual experience ever.

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