More fun with Rachel … And a surprise visitor [MF] Part 13 non-fiction sex stories

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It is now around the same time when I learned of the divorce, and I learned it from Rachel. She was down visiting/consoling Jana, who lived somewhat close to me. She had called and let me know she was going to be nearby. I offered her a place to “sleep” and she said she’d play it by ear. So I waited, hoping she’d be able to show up. Finally, she did. She had left Jana’s place and instead of going home, came to my place. She arrived around 8 pm on a Saturday. I popped open some wine and we started drinking and chatting.

The fun started around 10 pm. Rachel leaned over and said “I haven’t had a big cock since the last time I saw you. I need it NOW.” I stood up in front of her and stripped down, my dick flopping out in front of her. She immediately grabbed it and started stroking. I was hard very quickly. She started deep throating me and playing with my balls. I was in heaven. She was so good at this. After a couple minutes, I erupted down her throat to her moaning.

I moved her around and laid her down. I stripped her clothes off and immediately went down on her. I licked that pussy like it was my last day on earth. I flicked her clit and fingered her pussy. Within 5 minutes, she was shaking and cumming. She arched her back and yelled out “Yeeeessss!” as she squirted all over my face. I wiped my face, stood up, and went to the kitchen to clean up.

Rachel followed me to the kitchen and said “we should have an orgasm in every room of your house.” She knelt down and started sucking my cock again. I was hard within a minute, and she turned around and did a full bend, stating “I want to fuck you in your kitchen.” She leaned forward on the counter and I took her from behind. I was pounding that pussy so hard, my balls were slapping her clit so hard she had an orgasm within 2 minutes. I kept pounding and pounding, pulling on her hips and bottoming out in her pussy. I would reach around and fondle those beautiful breasts, or flick her clit. Within a few minutes, I was getting close. She looked at me and said “Cum wherever you want.” So I did, as I pulled out and shot ropes all over her ass, back, and even in her hair.

We went to shower, where we played a lot but didn’t cum. And then we crashed. We slept until almost 10 am, with some foreplay intermingled in there now and then. We had a quick breakfast and then she said “Let’s be risky!” I didn’t know what she had in mind but as she led me to the front room, I got a good idea. The front room, next to the front door, had a bay window with a seating ledge built into it. From the bay window, you could see the entire cul de sac, as well as the walkway to the front door.

She pushed me down on the ledge and pulled my cock out of my sweatpants. I was hard immediately (again). She paused and did a strip tease out of her comfy clothes. She started with her pants, and slowly lowered them over her bubble butt. I could see her panties gripping her lips with a wet spot in there. Then she deliberately removed her shirt, with no bra on underneath. Her DDs were beautiful in the natural light. She made her way towards me, turned away from me, and did a full bend to remove her panties. I was drooling at the sight of her trimmed and wet pussy.

She dropped her panties and backed up, sliding her cunt right onto my dick. She was grinding back and forth, round and round, gripping my dick with her pussy. I turned my head around and took in the view out the front window. It was a beautiful day but no one was out and about yet.

I worked hard to get Rachel to cum, and after some clit attention, she came and squirted all over my lap. I eased her off my cock and told her to get on her knees facing the window. I grabbed her hips, lined up my cock with her pussy, and slowly pushed all the way in, my balls tickling her clit. I was fucking her hard, oblivous to anything going on in the world around me. Rachel’s head was down, facing the ledge, a look of pleasure and exhaustion on her face. I was focused on her ass, with my cock disappearing between those cheeks with every thrust. Rachel’s moaning was getting very loud, and every time my balls hit her clit it was louder.

I looked outside to see a woman going by on a run, a look of confusion on her face as our eyes met and then her eyes drifted to Rachel and her free swinging tits in front of the bay window. I put my head down and went back to work. I heard a dog bark, a car horn, and a car door. The sounds of people going about their day were all around us. Rachel was building and suddenly she started shaking and had a huge orgasm, screaming out a loud “Yeeeeesssss!” as she came hard again. She turned her head around to look at me with a huge smile and said “that was a good one.” I went back to work though, I needed to cum.

We switched spots, and I did my best to lay down on the bay window ledge. Rachel straddled me and sank her very wet pussy down onto my cock. The view was incredible with the natural light shining on my cock, her pussy, and that amazing rack. She started bouncing on my dick and then leaned forward so I could suck on her nipples. She put her hands on my chest and was really working it, talking dirty to me. Then she reached behind, cupping and massaging my balls, and that was it. I erupted deep inside her mature pussy. A wave of bliss washed over me as Rachel leaned over me and smiled.

Then her face changed dramatically. She was looking out the window at something. I turned my head and was looking straight at Jana, standing there on the sidewalk to my front door. I froze. Rachel quickly dismounted and went to my room. I put my pants back in order and made my way to the front door. I tentatively opened it, and Jana came in.

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