[MF][Oral] Discovering my wife’s degradation kink short sex stories

This is the first story I have written in a series I want to do about a couple discovering and exploring their kinks. I’ve made it shorter than my usual stories and feedback is always appreciated

I had not long been out of the shower. My wife is sitting in front of her makeup table on her phone. She had easily spent an hour doing her makeup and as usual she was looking flawless. Her thick lips popping with the shiny red lipstick she is wearing. Her long black hair is up in a bun off her face. She was wearing a tight fitting white singlet her huge E cup tits barely contained causing the thin straps to stretch, her nipples poking through the thin material. She has a thick body and a nice big jucy ass which had swallowed the back of g string. Her thick thighs do a good job to hide the front of her panties as well, except her dark pubes showing through the thin white material.

I Slipped a pair of black jeans on when my phone alert goes off. I look at the notification and it shows $189 going out of the bank account, immediately my anger peaks but I have the calm to first check what it might have been. After a few minutes and some investigation I discovered not only has my wife just spent that much money but it’s the first installment on an Afterpay arrangement meaning she just spent almost $800.

“What the fuck did you just buy?” I demand across the room and before she gets a chance to answer I follow up with “You just spent $800 that we really don’t have to spend!” There is a silence for a bit then she answers “There was a sale…So I brought a few outfits” “A FEW, I hope you bought a new fucking wardrobe for that amount of money” I can see in her face that she is instantly annoyed with my interrogation, she stands up, her thick amazing body standing across the room, her tits almost spilling out of her top. “What’s the big deal? It’s on Afterpay so it’s not that bad ” I’m furious at her nonchalance attitude towards the subject, she is always doing this and my rant begins. “Are you fucking stupid! The mortgage is due next week and we barely have enough to cover it now, can you not think for yourself or are you some kind of stupid bimbo!…If you spend money we don’t have we can’t pay the bills, simple! What is so hard about that. I hope you brought some outfits for the fucking street corner you’re going to be working to…” I instantly regret what I say

I see in her face how my comment triggers her, upset wouldn’t be the emotion but I could see indignation in her eyes. She walks over to me and she pushes me as she yells “Fuck you!” This doesn’t work out well for her. I’m 6 ‘2 120Kg and solid build and I had seen it coming and braced for it. Her tits bounce as she loses her balance and falls to the ground.

I go to help her up and she slaps my hand away, sitting there with belligerence in her eyes. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that” I say as I step back knowing I fucked up big time. “So you think I just sit around and do fuck all day, spending all YOUR money” she yells at me “No of course not but im bringing in the only income at the moment so we can’t just waste money like that” I say thinking I’m smoothing the situation over. “So you bring in the money and I have to ask you to spend it, I’m so sorry sir how can I ever repay you?” she says sarcastically “You don’t fucking get it! it’s not permission it’s just a waste” My anger taking control again

After a moment she unexpectedly gets to her knees and grabs at my jeans button “If that’s what you think of me, you can be my first client” she undoes the button and pulls my zip down and jerks my jeans down roughly so my cock springs out. “$200 per hour all services” I freeze for a second “What the fuck you doing?” I say “Well I owe you $800 and the only way a dumb bimbo can make money is by working a street corner…so you’ve got an hour, that should cover the first installment” she says scoffingly as she grabs my cock “You think you’re a $200 an hour whore?” I challenge her, calling her bluff “It’s up to you to get your $200 worth” she replies

I look into her eyes and I see no sign of hesitation or doubt, the current circumstances have already caused my cock to stiffen and just to solidify her intent she slides her tongue around the head of my cock before letting it slide across her tongue deep into her mouth. She lets her lips grip my cock as she slowly pulls it out her mouth leaving it glistening with spit and a red lipstick stain across the top. She continues to suck on my cock, working the tip causing it to twitch in her mouth growing harder with every stroke. I Slowly slide my cock in and out her mouth letting her lips stroke my length savoring the sensation while I watch the red stain grow.

“Is this how you would use a $200 whore…what a waste of money, this is part of the free package” she taunts me. I take a few seconds to run this whole situation through my mind, her attitude, my frustration and how horny I was feeling takes over. I grab her by the back of her head and force her head down on my cock pushing it deep into her throat until I feel her head pushing against me. I hold her in position savoring the sensation of being deep inside her and when she tries to push me away I hold her tighter, refusing to allow her freedom as her body bucks in desperation. She chokes with me lodged deep in her throat, twisting against my embrace. The movement sends pulses of pleasure through my cock but I finally allow her freedom. She gasps for breath as my cock slides out her mouth leaving a string of spit stretching from my cock. “I’ve only just begun” I pronounce

I Grab her by her hair and drag her over to the wall just behind us pushing her against it, thin streaks of her eyeliner running down her cheeks as she looks up at me with a brazen look. I Push her head back against the wall with a thud and shove my cock forcefully back into her mouth and begin to thrust deep and hard into her throat. The sound of her moaning, my cock churning spit in her throat and the incidental chokes causing blasts of spit to erupt echoed through our bedroom. I release my grip on her hair and leave her panting sitting against the wall slumped her hair a mess, spit hanging from her chin drenching the thin white top and causing see through patches to appear. I lather my cock with the thick spit hanging from it, her cheeks are covered in black tears. Her face lit up with a huge smile.

“Holy fuck” she manages to get out between deep breaths. She has a chuckle “That’s better…” and before she can say another word I pull her forward and lock her head in place, one hand on top and one under her chin and I force it down her throat her nose pressed against my pubes, blasts of saliva erupting around the base of my cock as her gag reflex works over time. I thrust fast, deep and hard. Her tits bouncing with every plunge in the soaked white top. There is no way I’m going to last an hour like this. I’m ready to cum. I’m pounding her throat, she’s retching over and over again, her eyes squinting from the exertion. Her top is now so drenched in saliva I can see her nipples through it. I’m so close to cumming I can barely hold it back as I pull out.

My wife has never been a fan of cum, let alone swallowing it but I’m paying 😉 so I’m getting my money’s worth. I release her head and let her breath for a second because these are her last breaths until the contents of balls are down her throat. I grab her by the hair and move her against the bed with her head tilted slightly back and move in to straddle her body.

I push my cock into her mouth for the last time, deep into her mouth feeling the pressure of her throat around the tip of my cock. I grab her head and chin with my hands and begin to thrust into her. “I’m not stopping until my cum is down your whore throat” I say through gritted teeth as I’m focusing on getting to the edge. I can feel her desperation as her body twists, her hands slapping at the floor and her gags now include a hopeless gasping as she tries to grab a breath. I feel that first shot building. I Keep pumping as my orgasm peaks and I release the first shot deep inside her throat. 1,2,3,4,5,6 slow deep hard thrusts discharging blast after blast of cum, ecstasy running through my entire body and I quiver with my cock still lodged deep inside her.

I pull out slowly, still sensitive, weak at the knees as she chokes and gasps, cum and saliva hanging from her chin, she leans to the side letting the mess drip onto the floor. She’s still breathing deeply, spitting excess cum and saliva onto the floor, I step back somewhat concerned at the repercussions, wondering if I took it too far. My eyes scan over her thick sexy body, waiting for a response which I soon get. Her swollen pink pussy pushing against her soaking wet panties “You fucking loved it you dirty slut” I exclaim with a mocking chuckle. She leans her head over her shoulder, her face and hair a complete mess as a smile forms and she blows me an exaggerated kiss.

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