[MFM] Wife destroys vanilla friend. real sex stories

Our friend Alan comes down from up north to visit us once a year, sometimes every other year. We met online while playing video games. Alan is married to this girl that lets just say not that much of a looker and can be at times super unreasonable. They have been rocky for about a year and he came down for his usual visit. Now she believes whole heartedly that he has some side chick where we live but in all honestly, all he does when he is here is eat seafood because it is almost impossible to get fresh where he lives. And play video games.

About 5 years ago our son was about 1 when he visited that year. My wife being her “dont give a shit” self pulled her tit out because our son was hungry and Alan’s eyes popped out when he saw her tit and immediately looked away. My wife nodded at me to look at Alen and he had a huge bulge in his pants. We later joked about it for years. Mostly because how super gentlemanly he is and his wife has no reason to be so insecure.

This year when he came to visit, him and his wife were on the rocks. The usual cheating accusation, it is super dumb honestly. So my wife tells him well if she thinks you are cheating then cheat. Fuck it. He says it is wrong and wouldn’t do anything. The whole week she makes passes at him but he shrugs them off. Until on the last night she finally got him to cave in.

We are all sitting on the couch talking, having some drinks. I tell Alan im going to the can and ill be a while. I got up and went to my room and closed the door until it is cracked and i stand, watch, and wait.

Now just for a mental image. My wife is about 5’7” 105lbs has a nice full ass and DDs up top. And her body is just as pristine as it was before our son. She tells him “You know i noticed that one time you had a huge hard on when you saw my tits when i was breast feeding.” He blushed and was like “I couldnt help it, they looked amazing.”
She asked him if he wanted to see them again and he stumbled a bit. Before he could respond she sat on his lap facing him. Took off her shirt and unhooked her bra. “All you gotta do is slide these off and you can see them, and possibly have me as well.”

Alan struggles for a bit, then says “Well apparently this is what i do when im here all the time so.” He takes of her bra and starts sucking on her tits. My wife starts to breathe heavy and starts to rub her crotch on him. This goes on for a few minutes and she reaches down and finds his bulge and tells him she wants him inside her. Starts to slip off her sweat pants and is now in just her panties. She undoes his pants and pulls out his cock and starts rubbing her pussy on it. While kissing him and he is just sitting there enjoying the ride with handfuls of her tits. Her panties are so soaked i can see the wetness from the back.

“Look what you did, i am so fucking wet.” She pulls off her panties slowly while he watches like a kid on Christmas day unwrapping presents. He is barely able to say “Oh my god.” As he looks down at her stroking the base of his cock, guiding it into her perfectly shaved pussy. When it is fully inside her he rolls his eyes back and she starts to ride him slowly. Moaning into his ear.

He does not last very long as he snaps back and says “Laura im..” she stops him and says “I know you are, keep it inside me.” And he screams “Oh Fuck Laura!” And i see his cock start to pump massive shots deep into her pussy. I come out of the room, his cock still throbbing. He looks horrified. I look at my wife and tell her well, its my turn. And not to long later i dump a load into her.

We moved into the bedroom after that and took turns fucking her. Making her squirt a few times. But my wife’s favorite part is she had about 8 loads inside her when the night was over.

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