[MFM] The men that shaped my wife today non-fiction sex stories

My wife went through a sausage fest during her college years. Previously she took the first year of college full-time having to [nanny for a family](https://www.reddit.com/r/hotpast/comments/o67w7l/my_wife_was_that_babysitter_girl_everyone_wanted/) and when that ended she took on an administrative job over the summer and went part time with college class in the fall but ended when [her boss wanted more out of her](https://www.reddit.com/r/hotpast/comments/oilwjo/the_time_my_wifes_boss_had_his_way_with_her/). When she went back to full-time in school she took on a full load of classes but it turns out those weren’t the only loads she was taking.

I might be biased but truly in my opinion seeing what my wife looked like back then she was totally gorgeous. She is a natural blonde with blue eyes and a natural D cup knockers. To get an indication of her physique, she was an athlete in high school that played soccer and softball. She is solid but not thick, more fit and lean in body fat than bulky. Her natural look did not require her to wear make up to turn guys heads. They were naturally attracted to her and her flirtatious nature of personality.

She met a sea of guys that were attracted to her. They were her classmates, friends, friends of friends and others that would see her on campus, library or gym. Needless to say she had the pick of the litter and oh did she have a stable of them. She did not live on campus but she frequented the dorms when she would hang out with her guy friends.

One of the guys she was hooking up with lived in a dormitory on campus and they would have sex at his room all the time. One of those time the guys roommate walked in on them “accidentally”. The guy she was seeing or having sex with suggested for his roommate to join them. She refused initially but was turned on the fact that he came in and started watching them have sex. Eventually the roommate joined them and her first experience having a threesome was born. She was engulfed in the experience and wanted it more and more. She loved the attention and sensation they provided her. They would start all together then eventually the guys would continuously take turns on her all night on the nights she visited them. Soon she was secretly known as the dorm bunny. Other guys in the dormitory knew what was happening every time she would show up and they would try to make a pass at her hoping for some action. Some were successful enough to get a bj from her at a later encounter and others actually have sex with her. Most of her sexual encounters in college were short lived but she kept coming back to the guys at the dorm.

Some of her short lived escapades included parking lot blow jobs during game day or rally. She had sex with several guys in their car. They would pick her up when she would go to bars with her friends. Other men would take her to their house to have their way with her. She had an affair with a married professor that subbed for one of her classes. They would get a hotel every time initially for their meetings but eventually sneak her into his house when his wife was not around. Apparently this professor not only taught her literature but also many of her sexual prowess she possesses today. This guy introduced her to restraints and sensory deprivation. (I will write more in depth her experience with him separately.) This went on all at the same time she was having sex with the dorm guys. She would never bring anyone home to where she lived with her parents, instead she visited on and off campus residence for casual hook up sex with guys she met.

One time she was invited to go to an off campus frat party. Southern comfort and peach snaps were her poison. It poisoned her enough to not remember a thing the next morning of the party. She woke up naked in the basement with about 6-7 guys passed out only in their underwear all around her. She said she quickly tried to find her clothes but that they were missing. She found her pants underneath the pool table and her panties in one of the side pockets while her bra was hanging from the light above shining down on the pool table. She said her shirt and shoes were no where to be found so she made her way upstairs to an empty mess of a house where she stole a shirt from one of the bedrooms to wear and then she left. When she got home to clean up she noticed remnants of bodily fluid dried and caked on her stomach, neck and hair. She said she knew she had sex that night because she felt sore and tender where it would be. She said she knew only one of the guys that were there but didn’t know how many of them she had sex with but she knew she had sex. Apparently the guy she met at the party was one of the guys in the basement she was messing around with.

She was also FWB to a couple of her friends. Most of her close friends were guys. Whenever they or she were horny they would have sex casually to satisfy their needs. After the frat party incident she said she mainly did it with her friends until the dorm guys called on her. She also experienced her first bi encounter in college. To this day she sees herself as bisexual though she’s only had a handful encounters with women in comparison to the number of men she has been with.

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