[MFM] my old dental assistant job non-fiction sex stories

When I first got my job as a dental assistant I felt right away that I was hired do to the fact that he was attracted to me. Which I was going to use to my advantage (I mean why wouldn’t you)
After a few months of working and getting comfortable with Dr I would always flirt lightly with him or just barely graze him. He would sometimes flirt back or give me a little rub down my back or lightly on my butt. Well one day it was one of our other assistants (male) last day, so we all threw a little going away party there in the lobby. We were passing around a bottle of some cheap tequila, everyone had a good buzz and not to long after that everyone went home. Except for Dr and I so we thought, well Dr grabbed me and pressed me against the wall and started kissing me and groping me all over. Pulling me shirt up and my pants down. He then have me go on all four on the small table we had in the lobby, so i was bare naked on all fours sucking on his dick (btw nothing impressive) suddenly I just feel someone start to eat me out from behind. I look back and it was the assistant that we were throwing the party for. He was just licking all my pussy n even my ass. I didn’t even think twice before grabbing his head n shoving it down deeper in my ass. The assistant then got up n took out his dick n just started thrusting into me, so hard that I felt his balls hitting my pussy. He then pulled out and came on my cheeks and then it was Drs turn, who ended up cumming down my butt crack. After that we cleaned up and nothing was ever brought up as long as I worked there.

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