[MFM] How my wife was broken in real sex stories

The [previous story](https://www.reddit.com/user/islasuave/comments/op1mys/the_men_that_shaped_my_wife_today/) was mainly an overview of all the men that my wife was with during her college years. This one will detail her encounter with the professor, the dorm guys as well as the guy she met while working at the gym. I believe these guys and [the father she was a nanny for](https://www.reddit.com/r/hotpast/comments/o67w7l/my_wife_was_that_babysitter_girl_everyone_wanted/) directly was responsible for how she is now sexually and throughout her life.

During the time she was the dorm bunny was when she met the professor that she ended up having an intense affair with. He was subbing for another professor in one of her class when she had caught his attention. He was a younger professor compared to the others but still much older than her. They made prolonged eye contact several times the first day he had subbed. She knew the feeling that arose from the look they gave each other. It was too familiar.

She described it as a feeling you’re not suppose to have followed by thoughts of indiscretion. This made her heart race. It was as if the times of her being a naughty nanny resurfaced. She wanted to chase and be intoxicated with the wrongness of it. After all he was a University staff member of the school and he wore a ring on his left hand indicating he is in a union of marriage. Yet none of this stopped what was inevitable. She described her talk with him after the first class as being of code of sorts. They were truly talking about the subject at hand but with an underlying knowledge that they were both entertaining something much more than psychology 100.

Looking back at it all, the professor was quick and precise with what he wanted to do for…, with…, and to her. He somehow knew she wanted something she didn’t quite know of and that he can provide that for her. They set up one on one study time together the very next day. She described meeting him for that hour and having high sexual tension. Both of them clearly giving signs and opening to one another yet no move was made. She left with built up sexual tension that needed to be released. Her thoughts ran wild and her body craving sexual attention.

They ended up seeing each other almost everyday the following week. Each meeting progressively intensifying from the next. He told her to abstain from sexual activity and she willed his command. He introduced her to sight depravation and sensory attentiveness by first having her close her eyes and eventually blind folding her while introducing different foreign sensations on her skin, hair, face, forearm, legs, and thighs. On one of these sessions she was blindfolded where he grabbed her hair behind her head firmly and as she leaned back her mouth naturally opened and was met with his. He kissed her authoritatively as if he owned her and she gave into him willingly. They ended up having wild sex that day in his office. He had her every which way he wanted. He was fully in command of her never taking off the blind fold he put on and she loved every second of it. That was the only time they had sex at his campus office, the rest of the time he fucked her at his house when his wife was not around. During those times he introduced her to restraints, bondage but most of all psychologically breaking her in. She was on her way to being made into his submissive when his wife caught onto his cheating ways. Her professor had kept all her panties each time they met as a trophy and his wife had found all of them.

My wife’s relationship with the professor was short lived and ended abruptly but it was enough for her to want more. She now needed a void to be filled. At this point it’s been a while since she met up with the guys at the dormitory on campus. Fucking them became a substitute to what she had lost from the professor. She was terribly missing how he bound her, how he mentally objectified her and how he used her in various inferior positions. He made her give all of herself to him. The rush that she had from being with him was addictive. The guys at the dorm had no clue that they needed to provide that to her. Instead she found that having multiple sex partners was a trade off. She internalized the sexual psychology of having multiple sexual partners at one time and what it meant. The two roommates my wife was originally having sex with was occasionally joined by a few guys down the hall. It was all physical sex with them with no psychological element. They didn’t put her in place or take away her control but the variety satisfied her enough. She would have threesomes with them. They would have orgies with her. They took her anal virginity. They would pull a train with up to 4 different guys each time taking turns on her all night. In fact most of her dorm days was spent having sex with multiple guys. It was rare she would be with just one guy during her visits. She said there became a physical need that she had to have sex. If she wasn’t in class or studying she wanted and crave sexual activity. She knew she was getting out of hand and needed to normalize things.

During winter break she didn’t see any of her college fuck boys instead she focused on spending time with her family. She looked into getting a job and eventually found one at the local gym in her town as a front attendant. She met a guy named Barry a couple weeks before the start of next semester at the gym she worked at. He took a liking to her and had his eye on her when she first started. Barry was the first black guy my wife has been with. He was tall muscularly defined with a lean medium build. He was in his early thirties and over ten years older than my wife at the time. Barry was funny, witty and according to my wife very charming. It wasn’t long before she was spreading her legs for him.

Barry at 6’4″ towered over my wife who is only 5’3″ and he provided the size she’s never had before. But it was the way he gave her his large manhood that made her go crazy for him. Not only was he very well endowed but he pounded her to submission literally. She would feel a more intense soreness in a night of rough sex with him than an all night of fucking from the dorm guys. Barry would have my wife spread eagle underneath him and he would have his hand around her throat as he went to town pumping his black shaft in and out of her pussy repeatedly until he would eventually fill her up with his semen. He would leave grip marks on her hips when he has her on all fours. She said his large cock would completely stretch her out, fill her pussy up and the feeling was indescribable. He would easily pick her up and toss her around to fuck her every which way he wanted. She was so into him she asked him to do the things the professor did to her. Though Barry wasn’t into tying her up he obliged to calling her names during sex. She was his property and fucked hard by him in private. This became the kind of sex my wife had and enjoyed with him. Eventually after several months and finding out she was having sex with other guys at the college, they went into an exclusive relationship where he had her all to himself. She was his prized young white college girlfriend that did anything for him. He was also the one that later on broke her heart and sent her into a wild spiral of one night stands and barrage of random hookups with many many men. Years later I met my wife not having a clue of all of this.

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