[MF] The Saga of Sally (Part 10) – What Happened When Camping – FINALE non-fiction sex stories

(Welcome to the Saga of Sally! This is the story of my relationship with a girl called Sally. This is **Part 10** and the final part! I recommend you start from the [start](https://old.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/nt5ffn/mf_the_saga_of_sally_part_1_cumstained_jeans/) – each piece will link you to next part at the end. However if you don’t want to start from part 1 (you’re missing out!) this should make sense to a new reader.

A brief reminder what Sally looks like (there’s a reference photo in the first part): she’s a pocket rocket, thick, redhead woman, with an hourglass figure and the thickest ass this side of the Equator according to the Guinness Book of Records inside my head.)

This is the final part of the original saga.

After Christmas Sally and I gave up on all pretense of moving slowly. I could barely drag myself onto the plane and back to my home at the end of my trip. A couple of weeks later I had quit my job, packed up my things and was flying to New York to cram my life into Sally’s one bedroom apartment. It wasn’t the most mature choice – but we had spent 5 years apart and we felt like we deserved this. I was lucky enough to pick up a job in New York easily due to my credentials despite the world collapsing around us – remember this was now the Great Recession we were in. But we made it work. We were living together again. We were happy. Everything was great.

If I really wanted to drag this saga out there were some stories over the next few months I could tell you. About how on the first morning after I moved in I woke up to Sally’s mouth wrapped around my cock. About how Sally told her mom that we were dating again – much to her mom’s delight – while she was bent over the kitchen counter my face buried against her ass, my tongue deep inside her pussy. It was a wonderful life.

Now you might remember that Sally had been a tomboy in college. She was a sporty girl – she liked video games. She still was all those things, but her tomboyish tendencies did disappear somewhat while I was gone. There was one new development: Sally loved wild camping. If you don’t know what the difference is between camping and wild camping – camping is for sensible normal people who like to set up a tent near a place that also has running water and no bears. Wild camping is for fucking weirdos who like to carry massive backpacks around and disappear into the wilderness with only what they can carry and the possibility of bears. Sally liked the second one. What the fuck did I get myself into? She was really excited about taking me wild camping too. So about six months into our new relationship we pack up our stuff and head off to one of the great parks. It was the perfect time – the world was going to hell. I’m not going to say where because Sally and I have both told this story to friends and families before so it’s better not to say. However you will be the only people to hear the true version. I know I have never told the true version to anyone: about what actually happened when we went camping and how one conversation outside a tent changed everything. Sally went into that park as my girlfriend and she wasn’t by the time we came out. That’s how life goes.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. You need some sexy stuff to make this a gonewild story. So we disappear into the wilderness with two heavy bags and a sense of adventure. Our main goal was a hard to get to waterfall that was apparently nearly always deserted. Sally was excited. I was apprehensive. But I had to admit that since Sally walked in front of me the scenery was fantastic – the trees and shit were nice too. Sally in a tight pair of shorts, her pale legs bare and on show for me, her ass framed perfectly as she walked. Fuck me. But it got better. On the first night we camped up within hearing distance of a stream and the next morning Sally got into a bikini planning for a swim. Now here’s the wild thing. I had never seen Sally in a bikini before. I was bikinishocked. I just stared with my mouth opened. No reference photo would do it justice but it looked a little like [this](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EalTwGlU0AApRyG.jpg) except her bikini was blue. Now Sally pretended to be annoyed by my gawking and my inability to stop groping her but I knew she was secretly loving the fact that she had basically broken me. She then asked if I wanted to join her in the stream. *No thanks*. It looked cold. What if there were eels or shit in there? Sally rolled her eyes and rushed in. So she swam about in the water and I sat on a rock watching her, getting harder and harder as her body got wetter and wetter. When she came out, her bikini soaked and clinging to her skin I was fully erect.

“Sally, come here” I said looking around to make sure we were alone. We hadn’t seen anyone all morning. She walked over to me and as she did I pushed down my shorts to reveal my cock. Sally protested. “Come on baby, just turn around and hop on. There’s no one here.” And that’s how a minute later I was sat uncomfortably on a rock by a stream while Sally bounced up and down on my cock. It turns out pointy rocks aren’t comfortable to sit on with your bare ass but I was happy to grin and bear it considering the reward was Sally’s pussy sliding up and down my shaft. She was hot and wet – betraying that she was just as excited by this as I was. She hadn’t taken her bikini off, but instead had tugged it to the side before sitting down on my lap. If we were caught we could pretend this was just a romantic moment – her sitting on my lap taking in the view. I whispered filthy things in her ear. “God, keep working that ass, fuck it looks so good with your bikini, I wanted to bend you over and fuck you right there and then.” It only turned her on more and soon the stream was filled with the sound of her thick asscheeks slapping against my groin. My hands came up to squeeze her breasts through her bikini top while she fingered her clit. We tried to cum together – a new game of ours – but she gave out first, her body shaking against mine. Her legs were too unstable then to finish me off in our current position so she sat against the rock while I stood in front of her, hands in her red hair as I used her mouth like some toy, groaning as I came down her throat.

We allowed ourselves a rest to catch our breath and then it was time to pack up the tent and to walk deeper into the wilderness. The waterfall was still two days away. My heart was beginning to pound at the thought but we continued walking. I made sure to give Sally plenty of swats on her backside as we walked and she decided in the mid-afternoon that since I was such a good boy camping with her that I deserved another blowjob. Her mouth was heaven around my cock and I blasted another load down her throat. However an hour later as we continued to walk the sky darkened. The clouds were fucking black. *I had a bad feeling about this*. I suggest to Sally that we should stop and set up camp but she insists we keep going – that this isn’t the right spot. I listened to her because she was the expert and this turned out to be a bad fucking idea because the heavens open and we are soaked in seconds. Have you ever had to put a tent up in the rain? It’s not a fucking fun time. We’re rushing around getting wetter and colder. Sally’s red hair is glued to her face. I’m basically drowning. But finally the tent is up and I’m about to rush inside. Sally pushes me out of the way – *what the hell girl!?* She throws two towels into the tent and then yell at me to strip like some Navy Seal Commando. She doesn’t want the inside of the tent to get wet or we’ll be fucked. I stare at her like she’s insane. Then she starts tearing off her own clothes and I’m staring for a different reason. Only once she’s naked and disappearing into the tent do I realize I need to do the same and I quickly strip off in the storm and join Sally inside the tent.

There is a normal response to this situation which is the one I fucking had: to be annoyed, cold, wet and desperate to get dry. I thought Sally would share this. Instead she’s fucking gone into heat or something. She’s found the whole thing exhilarating and has never been hornier. No sooner am I in the tent that she throws herself at me. We’re both still wet from the rain but her naked body against mine feels so fucking good. We end up rolling around on the towels, almost wrestling for who takes control. Our mouths are all over each other. Our hands are all over each other. I gain the upper hand just enough to push her onto the back, spread her legs and shove my cock inside her soaking folds. She has never felt better. There’s a thing called lovemaking and this wasn’t it. This was *fucking*. I grab hold of her hips and thrust hard and deep into her. I watch mesmerized as I make her tits bounce. Sweet Jesus this is the fucking life. This is heaven. But I get complacent. I lose focus. And before I know it – like some sort of fucking pocket rocket red hair ninja Sally manages to roll us over so she’s on top of me. Her hands are on my chest holding me in position as she rides me like a prize-winning horse. Her face is twisted in pleasure – her eyes screwed up shut. I decide if she wants to ride me then the least I can do is offer some encouragement. I spank her. Hard. The rain is pelting down – it’s deafening – and still the sound of my hand coming down on her thick ass is louder. Her eyes fly open and her jaw drops. I love that fucking look. I do it again. Sally rides me harder. It’s a race now – who’s going to cum first – but this time we manage to time it right. Sally’s eyes roll back just as my legs kick out, my toes curling. We come together right there and then in the middle of a fucking rain storm in the middle of nowhere in a tent.

She slumps down on me my cock still inside her and we lay there together. I can barely hear her breathing over the rain but I can hear it enough, breathless, panting, so fucking sexy and perfect and in that moment I know what I had to do. I was going to do it at the waterfall. But how could anything be better than this moment? “Come outside with me” I say and Sally looks at me like I’m mad. But when I gently push her off and climb outside into the storm she follows. We’re standing there completely naked, getting soaked all over again but now I don’t care. I’m rooting around in my backpack – in the smallest pocket: where there’s a ring box.

I ask Sally to marry me. What I said exactly is between her and me. But I got down on one knee like a fucking moron as the rain pelted against my naked back. Did I think this was romantic? Sally thought so because she said yes. She fucking said yes. She dropped down to her knees and threw her arms around me – kissing me hard on the mouth. I don’t know if she started crying because in case I haven’t mentioned it – it was really fucking raining and we were soaked. But she said yes. I pushed the ring onto her finger and then we rushed back into the tent where it was dry. With the towels we dried each other and then we laid there against each other, naked and arms wrapped around each other – and we spent our first night as an engaged couple.

For the rest of the camping trip we were on cloud nine. We never laughed and kissed and fucked so much. We barely saw another person for the entire rest of the week and when we came out the first thing we did was call every friend or family member we knew to tell them about our news. We told them that I had asked her by a waterfall – not when we were naked and freshly fucked in a rain storm. And life then continued on. We got a bigger apartment. We got married two years later. We had a honeymoon in the Caribbean where it was a miracle that my dick didn’t snap in half on several different occasions. We moved out of the city – we had kids.

And then when quarantine hit and the world got crazy again we got drunk and I started posting the stories here.

And that’s the Saga of Sally – the saga of how I met my wife.

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  1. This is the end of the original saga as it was posted. I hope people who are rereading enjoyed it – and people reading for the first time liked the twists and turns.

    This is the end of the Saga but Sally and I both plan to add new stories here when the mood strikes. It won’t be as regular as I posted these however.

    But we hoped you have enjoyed reading this.

  2. I read this series the first time it was first posed and really enjoyed it. It got the point where I wasn’t even reading it for the sex, I was just invested in the story. I enjoyed reading it a second time just as much and I’m glad you re-posted it. Looking forward to more!

  3. I’m so glad to you guys got together in the end! Your story reminded me of an Enya song, “Hope Has a Place”:

    Look to love you may dream
    And if it should leave then give it wings
    But if such a love is meant to be
    Hope is home, and the heart is free

    Looking forward to reading stories from her perspective.


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