[MF] No Lunch Break is too Short to Meet You erotic short stories

I glance down at my watch as I step up to the front door, 12:15, my lunch hour is already a quarter over because of the time it took to drive here. Pulling the key out of my pocket I can’t help but smirk, no matter how much or how little time I have… spending my lunch hour with you was always worth it. Pushing the door open I set my keys down on the hall table, quickly kicking my shoes off before I turn left and head towards the bedroom. You had mentioned that you were going to take a nap the last time I spoke with you, and I hoped I would be able to wake you from your nap in one of the handful of delicious ways that sped through my head.

Pushing the door open I was greeted not with the site of you wrapped in the comforter, or of it pushed partway off of you exposing your body to the mid-day sun, but instead my eyes moved over and empty bed. The comforter and sheets pushed back and the spot you slept now empty. I took a moment and inhaled deeply, your scent filling my nose, my being. Once it hit me I could feel the electricity flowing through my body, my cock, which was already half hard, twitched and began to grow more. I needed to have you, I thought as I turned and made my way back down the hallway towards the kitchen.

Passing by the living room my eyes fell on the dining room table, thick and sturdy, before turning to step into the kitchen. My mind played out a hundred scenarios but I pushed them aside as a smile spread across my face. Why bother planning it out, I know that as soon as we touched we’ll both end up where we want to be, orgasming intensely together, and the heat of the moment always made things better than a step by step plan.

Before I’ve properly stepped into the kitchen I feel a set of hands grab my dress shirt and push me against the wall next to the refrigerator. My eyes shot open in surprise but the smirk on my lips didn’t change, I knew who this was… I always loved when you took a bit of control… even if we both knew it would only last as long as I let it. As soon as my back hit the wall I felt your hands slide up my chest and wrap around my neck, pulling me down into a kiss. The kiss isn’t soft, nor is it tender or teasing. The kiss silently screamed how we were both feeling right now. The kiss is aggressive, hard, and filled with more passion than many people get to experience. Any sound either of us could have made in that moment is lost as you kiss me, your tongue sliding over my lips before dipping into my mouth.

I let out a low growl against your mouth as my hands first grab your shoulders before sliding down your back. I don’t need to see you to feel what you’re wearing, one of my t-shirts, the ones that don’t quite cover your ass, and as my hands continue downwards before firmly gripping your ass I can feel the thong that is the only other thing you’re wearing with it. I pull your body tightly against me, adoring the contrast between hard plains and soft curves. I can feel the need in your body as you begin to slide over me, feeling all the parts of you I know so well, every inch of the body that I’ve come to know better than my own.

Your hands begin to move on my body, over my shoulders then running down my chest, grasping and scraping against my torso. Another low growl escapes my mouth, a growl you know well, one that says I need you now and nothing is going to get in the way of that. Almost as if in answer your hand moves down over my zipper and my now throbbing cock jerks against your touch, pulling a soft moan from your lips. My own slide free from your kiss and move to your neck, kissing along your jaw to get there, before nibbling and nipping at your exposed neck roughly.

Slowly I begin to back you into the kitchen table, gripping your ass and lifting you off the ground, your legs gripping my waist until you bumped into the table. The table begin at the perfect height I dropped you on it, and you fell less than an inch. Your legs still wrapped around my waist lets me feel the warmth between your legs emanating through the thin fabric of your panties and my charcoal dress pants. My hands grip the bottom of the shirt you’re wearing as your hips begin to move against me, an almost desperate motion, as if you were in such need you were attempting to get any sensation. The shirt ended up getting dropped to the side in a puddle, leaving your hard nipples to scrap against my chest, your eyes half lidded with lust staring up in to mine, silently pleading for more.

Your mouth begins to open but before you have the chance to form anything my hands grip your waist firmly and spin you around eliciting a gasp from you before I bend you over the edge of the table. Your toes barely touching the floor as I press one hand to the middle of your shoulders, firmly pushing your down into the cool table. My free hand moves to my pants, my belt giving a soft tink as I undo it and you can hear the zipper on them before I push both my jeans and boxerbriefs to my thighs. My cock springing free and forward as it slaps against the warm flesh of your ass.

“Please,” the first word either of us had uttered since I walked in leave your mouth in a soft, desperate whimper, “please I need you, I need it.” But instead of giving you what you want, what we both want, my hand moves quickly and slaps the bare part of your ass, hard. The sound echoes off the walls of the dining room as the red hand print blooms quickly on your ass. You let out a delayed gasp, then a long, low moan as your ass begins to move causing the precum beaded on my swollen head to paint the new red hand print.

My fingers snake into your panties, feeling both the heat and wetness that have increased exponentially since you first touched me, and pull them to the side. My tongue snakes out and wets my lips as I look down at you, your pussy glistening with wetness, hips moving desperately, your entire body waiting to be taken by me, claimed. Gripping my hand around my shaft, my thumb and forefinger barely touching, I begin to caress your lips with my swollen head, spreading your lips around it as I trace up and down your sex. I watch your hands reach forward and grasp the opposite edge of the table, fingers curled around it as I hear you panting for breath.

“Please,” you whimper once more, “take what’s yours.” As your words washed over me I felt my control begin to slip as I let out another growl, lined up my cock with your sex, and pushed my hips forward… burying myself inside of you with one long, smooth stroke. Your back arches as you let out a long moan, your walls gripping my shaft like a vice. I can’t help myself as I begin to slide in and out of you, hard, fast, and rough as the sound of my hips slapping against your ass fills the room around us. The table begins to slowly inch forward with the force of each of my thrusts.

The sounds you’re making, combined with the way your walls are spasming around my cock tell me you’re close. “Don’t hold back, cum for me.” I say in a gruff voice as my hand moves from your back to your shoulder, gripping it and using it to pull you back into each of my thrusts. I watch your body arch further, your breasts pressing harder into the table as I feel your walls begin to clamp down on my cock.

“Oh fuck,” you almost screen, “fill me, please fucking fill me, “I can feel my balls beginning to tighten, my cock swelling even more as that telltale cliff of my orgasm begins to approach. Your walls quivering and spasming around me as I continue to pound into you. I let out a long, low growl through gritted teeth as my cock swells and finally jerks inside of you, sending the first rope of cum deep into your bare, unprotected pussy. I don’t break my rhythm as I continue to cum, filling you as your entire body shakes under me, before going limp. Finally, after I’ve felt the last drop of my cum empty into you, I slow my pace and come to a stop, fully buried inside of you.

I look down at you, melted into the table and gasping for breath. Leaning forward I place a soft, longing kiss on your temple, my own breath coming in gasps, tracing kisses over your shoulder. “Mine,” I whisper softly into your ear, your lips curling up into a smile, eyes still closed as you answer back, “Yours, always.”

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