[MF] i fucked my classmate in the university real sex stories

Some background: im a married man who is in an open relationship but my classmate didnt knew it.lets call her L. She thought its sexy that we are flirting and thought that cheating is hot so i didn’t blew her bubble… Im an emergency medicine student on my third year she is on her second year and we have one class together. We started to flirt and text on a daily base two months ago. She is a bad news girl that getting turn on by hitting on married men so i took the opportunity.

After a long week of texting and teasing over the phone she found out that my biggest turn on is short skirts. She texted me tommrow i will come in the shortest skirt that i have to class so be ready my goal is to give you a boner. I played along and replied ” this is dangerous everyone in my class know my wife and this is wrong”. Ding *L sent a pic* opened my phone and a pic of her ass peaking under a short White skirt like a tennis uniform from porn. My dick started to wake up.

*8 am class* im setting in the last row and she came and sat the row in front of me without saying a thing. She wore the same skirt from the pic and a tight gray tank top that left no room for imagination. *Bzz* my phone vibrated, like what you see?”. “Show me some more”, she looked back at me and winked than stood up and lifted the skirt a little bit showing me her white thong that was a bit wett. “Fuck L im getting a boner” i texted her. “Come to the simulation room i want to show you something” she replied. (We have a hospital simulation room in the university and its open most of the time and in it there is alot of beds). She stood up and went outside, i waited 3 minutes and went out too.

I got in the simulation room and locked the door after me. She was on one of the beds with her legs open and was masturbating under the skirt. I got closer to her she took my hand and put it under her skirt, i felt how wet her pussy is. She took her panties down left the skirt on and i went down on my knees. Her pussy was soaked and dripped down her thigh, i licked the grool from her thigh up to her little pink and thight pussy. I was enjoying so much going down on her she moaned quitly so no one will hear us, but she could not hold her moan anymore after i put my pinky in her asshole she was squirming and i knew she came. “Ok now put your fucking dick in already!!!”. “Ok ok shut up i love your pussy its so tasty”

I took my dick out of my pants but without lowering them down and he was rock hard. “Blow me a little will you?”, She smiled and started to suck my dick as if it was a cold popsicle on a hot day, she knew what she was doing. She did some tricks with her tongue OMG fuck it was so good. I came closer to cum and told her” im going to cum” she stopped sucking and told me “dont you dare you need to fuck me” Ok get a hold of yourself i thought and relaxed a bit. “Turn around” I ordered her, she did and i started to fuck her from behind. She was so tight it was hard not to cum. I managed to last 6-7 minutes in doggie style and stopped one second before cumming inside. I took my dick out ” turn around” I ordered again. She replied ” shut up and sit on this chair”. Pointing on a chair next to me. I did she sat om my dick her big but firm tits on my face and started to ride like crazy bouncing on me like she is on a horse race!

” Im cumming wow you are crazy” i spilled out of my mouth,
“Me too cum inside me” “u on the pill?” “Shut up cum already”. I tried to pull out but she clinched me on the chair with her legs i didnt have a chance. I came so hard inside her ifelt like all the fluids in my body is going straight to her, almost passed out after i came. She kissed me and told me “oh i just want to do this all day why the hell are you married and its not to me” ” i will speak with my wife maybe you could join us” she was shocked a bit. She kissed me on my nose pulled my beard playfuly and pulled away from my dick. She dripped a bit cum out got dressed and we went back to class.

Hope you liked my story! Sorry for my English im not a native speaker. I have more stories on my page for you enjoyment!!

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