[MF] I (30m) was collared and leashed by my girl (29f)…and loved it non-fiction sex stories

So one night we decided to have a bit of fun. I asked her if she needed her boy toy, to which she replied “absolutely.”
I put on this the is leather posture collar and come out to see she if wearing some of the sexiest red lingerie I’ve ever seen with red latex stockings, 6” patent leather heels, and this black leather micro skirt.

We goof around for a bit playing games and drinking, when suddenly the mood changes. She straddles me and pulls this rose gold chain from her bra and hooks it on to the d-ring on my collar. She pulls me up and we make out…HARD. We’re basically sucking face and our tongue are fighting.

I go to put my hands on her hip, to which replies by smacking my hands away and saying “no touching.”

I comply for a little while but couldn’t resist it, and went to grab her hips again. This time she pins my wrists to the couch and repeats herself, “I said no touching.” Then she bit my lip hard.

So she continues to rub herself all over my body, tongues fighting, breasts smothering me- and I’m loving it .she moves her hands off of mind and starts rubbing my dick though my jeans. At this point I’m basically tearing at the couch with my hands, almost ripping it.

I can take it for only so long. I go to grab her ass. To which she backed off immediate and smacked my hands away. I try to go back in to make out but she grabs me by the neck and pushes me back into the couch. I voluntarily moved my away and put them on the couch above my head.

She grabs the front of my shirt and lifts it over head exposing my chest, but covering my face. She grabs some edible spray lube and sprays it all over my chest. Then she cleans it up with her long, flat, warm tongue. Once the lube was gone she started biting me hard. Like really hard, I ended up having about 6 bruises from her. (Worth it).

I finally have enough of that, that I get the rest of my shirt off and then pounce on her. I pin her to the ground, and press my body against hers. I start to lick and suck all over her body. We almost have sex right there in the living room, but I pick her up and carry her to my room. I throw her on the bed, and she grabs my leash and roughly pulls me towards her. We make out for a bit more tossing and turning on the bed.

Now usually I’m the type of guy that loves foreplay and LOVES giving oral. But not tonight.

I’m able to pull my face away and say, “get on all fours.” To which she complies.
Its great seeing her like this. On all fours, ass up, still in most of her lingerie and, high heels.

I just start pounding, the moans of pleasure from us both fill the room. She reaches back and find the chain/leash and grabs hold and pulls it hard. So much so that I go from kneeling behind her to an almost standing spooning position.

It was amazing. How even I was the one pounding away, she had the control with the leash. So as she pulled in it, I pulled her hair causing her to arch her back. We started to make out roughly while she was pulling my leash and I was pulling her hair. We continued on for a while until we both came.

A few minutes later, like 10ish, I was rock hard again, and she was game. She got in cowgirl position and started riding. I was feeling all over her body.

I guess I was still her boy toy for the night because she grabbed my hands and pinned them to the bed above my head. This made me harder knowing I was completely hers.

I screwed like this for a few more minutes until we both finished.

She collapsed on me, and I said, “best sex ever!” And she was getting her breath back and said, “yeah best sex ever, you really like wearing that collar don’t you.” To which I replied, “absolutely! It’s fucking hot!”

So yeah- I now have a thing where I love being collared by her. It’s one of the best experiences!

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