[MF], A surprise purchase leads to an evening of fun non-fiction sex stories

First time poster, long time lurker, so I hope this post is not too awful 🙂 having re-read it is a lot of text, so skip to the part marked with *********** if you wish!

A week ago I was bored, whilst my wife was at work, looking for something to pique my interest.

Out of habit, I check my email to see the usual spam alongside an email from lovehoney stating they had a sale on, safe to say at this moment the evenings boredom ended and I had found something to keep me entertained.

Despite my wife and I having been together over 10 years, i had never delved into the world of buying her underwear, for fear of getting it wrong, or being seen as a cliche. A couple of hours and many clicks later, this had changed.

A week of waiting for the postpersons knock on the door followed (trying desperately not to tell my wife what I had done), before finally getting back from a day trip to see my parcel had been returned to the sorting office awaiting my collection (which was now closed until the next day).

Whilst out doing some chores the next day, I retrieved the parcel and excitedly returned home to present the parcel to my surprised wife. When I suggested she nip upstairs to open away from the kids, she happily did so, acknowledging my request to take a picture or 2 whilst she was gone.

Before continuing it may be the perfect time to describe my wife. She is 31, around 5’7 and a uk sized 10, with great E cups and is just about the most freckled person I have ever met. To this day, imo the single sexiest person I know, despite her protestations to the contrary.

She returned with a smile on her face (my first purchases had not been a massive letdown) and confirmed that she had taken a couple of pictures on her phone, that she would delete when I had viewed. With this warning fresh in my mind I did the only thing i could do and told her to watch the kids whilst I went and studied the pictures for 5 minutes. Upon returning later, she confirmed she had a similar idea earlier, but knew if she disappeared for too long madness may ensue in the house.

Later that evening we casually watched some tv, with me stroking her legs whilst paying very little attention to what was on screen. Eventually my fingers ended up rubbing her pussy outside of her knickers and as she spread her legs to give me better access I asked her again if she liked the new underwear. After 10 minutes of confirmation and my teasing of her pussy, we made the decision to go upstairs, to check what it looks like in real life.

Out she stepped in the first outfit (of 2) I had bought, a see through mesh type body suit, with nothing but a couple of straps on the back and her fantastic breasts on display at the front.

At this point she asked me how she looked and with me unable to form a sentence, asked me what I wanted her to do.

As i had been teasing her for a while, with my boner pressing on my shorts, I thought that taking the time to enjoy the view would be best and so as I knew that i was over stimulated, sex may end in seconds, I asked her to play with her dildo whilst I sucked her nipples through the body suit.

As she laid there, pushing the vibrating dildo further and further into her tight pussy, arching her back, she stated that she needed use of her other hand and began rubbing her clit while fucking herself harder and harder, with the 8 inch plastic dick. Eventually she came hard, gasping audibly, with a few ‘oh fucks’ thrown in.

After watching this, she knew I wasn’t going to function without some kind of release and so asked me what to do next.

I told her to lay next to me and gently caress my nipple with her tongue whilst I stroked my now painfully erect cock. Having mirrored wardrobes in the room added an extra element as I could see her gorgeous freckled back, shoulders and bum whilst looking down to see her gorgeous face.

Tentatively, as I got closer to coming I asked whether I could use the knickers she had discarded earlier whilst I stroked my cock and to catch my load. Before passing them to me, she pulled down the bottom of her new underwear and wiped them around her freshly orgasmed pussy, ensuring they were now wet with her and smelt incredible. She held the knickers over my cock, leaving me no choice but to unload masses of cum into them as I looked at her. We then kissed and proceeded to get ready for bed.

I can’t wait for her to try on the other new set tonight, I am a very lucky man!

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  1. It’s pique not peak, people. Not peek either. Wouldn’t care if it was rare, but I swear a quarter of the stories use the phrase and damn near all of them wrong.


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