Me (18m) and my best friend (19f) we was caught [MF] non-fiction sex stories

So here is some context I’m 18 she’s 19 we are both bi, our families have been close we was born. We have been best friends since we was 2 and inseparable. We went through school together and have always been open in our friendship.

Now onto the actual confession, one day we was relaxing in the sun and as we have been friends for life we don’t care if we see each other naked, so we was sun bathing naked and I looked at her and straight away got a huge boner, (At the time I had started to gain feelings for her) I played it of like it wasn’t there and pretended not to realise.

She saw it and came closer and started stroking it, I was shocked as we have never done this. She then kissed me and I stood up and picked her up and took her inside, I bent her over against the table and started fucking her pussy. It was so tight and turns out she is really kinky.

She asked me to take her to the bed and tie her down and spank her, so that’s what I did, I came all over her face and out of no where she asks can she eat my ass. I said yes and she started eating my ass (full shaven for hygiene reasons) and strokes my semi hard cock and it instantly went hard again.

All of a sudden her parents got home early and walked in on her eating my ass as I start to cum all over her as she is still tied down, her parents was confused but it was kinda funny but embarrassing too.

She invited me back over the next day and as I entered her house she was there on the couch ready for me already naked and now we fuck consistently and in front of our families it’s now normal for them to see us fucking, kinda strange but oh well. Also we are in a relationship and have been for about 2 months now.

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