Making a Perfect Wife [Str8 bd Mdom fsub] PT1 The Beginning short sex stories

This is the first piece I’ve written and posted publically so please bare that in mind. Any feedback positive or negative (constructive please) then go ahead.

I hope you enjoy


It’s Saturday afternoon, you’re off and at home watching tv. Lazing around in your comfy grey sweats and a plain white tee. You rarely get a saturday off so you know I have something planned. Your tingling just thinking about what the evening and night has in for you… it’s the first time you’ve agreed to complete control weekend. It was one of the stipulations when we agreed to date. It’s still early days, but there’s something about this relationship that intrigues and excites you. This could be perfect.

Chilling out mind wandering and brought back to reality When there’s a knock at the door. A courier hands you an envelope. Inside it is some money and a small key and a note. nothing else. Following instructions on the note You put on a tiny black thong black bra tight jeans white top and black high heels and leave the house. Your definitely slightly out of place on the bus into town, but you know that’s the point.

People stare, and it makes you feel good. Continuing as instructed You go into that seedy shop we passed the week before shopping in town and buy those knee high boots. 8 inch platform heels with 6 buckles up each. It’s at this point it all makes sense why I’ve been telling you to wear your high heels around the house so much. It wasn’t just for my pleasure. When your paying for them the girl behind the counter surprises you with another envelope and a wink, the next set of instructions. It suddenly dawns on you the amount of effort, the amount of fun I must have had planning this. The first instruction is to put on your new boots. You roll your jeans up then back down over the top. Enjoying the sensation of each buckle tightening. The second is to put on the steel ring collar that’s also in the box. It could be mistaken for modern jewellery if you didn’t know better. As you leave the shop the girl shouts bye, see you soon with a giggle.

Finally you make your way to the hotel. On the bed is a padlocked bag. So that’s what the keys for. Your instructions say your not allowed to open it yet. You totally strip as your told then get into the shower to relax yourself. When done you get out and your next instruction is to rub baby oil all over your body, you do so, then open the bag. You start to dress for my arrival. First is a Red Latex halter neck dress. You put it on, and immediately you notice your erect nipples through the latex. That explains the baby oil, it’s so tight it’s tough to get into position on your body. Next in the bag is a pair of stockings, black fishnets. You roll them up your leg to the top of your thigh, brushing your hand across your mound you can feel how wet your getting with anticipation. Next body harness. A load of straps intertwining tightly over your sexy dress, black, real leather. The smell is unmistakable. you like the restrictive feel. next your boots go back on. 6 buckles up each leg from ankle to knee. Again all done nice and tight. You dig back into the bag for whatever’s next. You find a pair of leather straps, for your ankles. You sit on the end of the bed and strap them on tightly… They’re red. To contrast against all the black. You then find the bar that goes in between them. You clip it on and realise your legs are spread so far it’s almost impossible, especially in the heels.

Now all the stretching for the last two weeks also make sense. You suddenly realise that the thought and preparation that’s put into this is more than you could have imagined You make an agreement to yourself to follow instruction without question from this point forward, Even when it’s not ‘loss of control weekend’ Next out comes a collar. It’s big and thick. You put it on. Again nice and tight. Your worried about being punished for things not done right. The light BDSM we have played with let you know that’s definitely a possibility. You can feel it just pushing against you thoat. You almost miss the cold metal of your other collar, it’s your favourite because it can be worn in public, but you know it’ll make a reappearance. The new one is Restricting airflow ever so slightly. You then also realise that it’s not just any collar. It’s a posture collar. It holds your head in one place. You can’t move your head at all. You dig back into the bag and pull out the gag. A big red ball. You set it deep into your mouth and flick your pigtails over the straps as you strap it in nice and tight. You can’t get it out of your mouth at all. Finally the wrist restraints. You put them on tight and clip them together being ur back. You then notice to tape x’s on the floor. You slowly make your way over to that point. One foot on each and wait. Patiently. Very patiently for my arrival.


I’ve a lot of ideas for where this story is going to go next, but again, open to anyone’s thoughts to see what others think

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