Made to Submit | Diary entry from a submissive [M/F] short sex stories

“You’re mine,” he said. Love is unconditional and freeing, but I feel so much pleasure when hearing that phrase. I’ve been told that possession isn’t healthy but fuck, I love feeling like I belong to somebody. His hand is on my throat. Firm and unmoving, but never suffocating. He’s fucking me, on the edge of the bed, in the dark with the moonlight on our faces. His dick is hitting the back of my pussy, at a spot that feels electrifying. “My pussy is yours” I say, as my voice comes out breathless and I feel like a porn star.

“Can I cum?” I ask beggingly, feeling crazy while desperately craving for release. I like holding my pleasure and giving up control. To be able to let go on a mental level is another state of pleasure and relief. I squeeze his dick with my pussy, egging him to let me cum. His breathing becomes more and more irregular as he loses control. “Cum,” he commands. I let the buildup take me to ecstasy as I fully let go, allowing my pussy to get even wetter. I squeeze him tighter, wanting to keep his dick where it belongs—inside me. He puts his mouth on my right ear, sucking and licking as he continues to fuck me. My ear is hypersensitive at the sudden intrusion. His mouth feels aggressive and determined, and I know if I attempt to pull away, he will only come on stronger. That very thought turns me on. So, I’m on the bed with my legs open, getting fucked. And I surrender to the only choice I can make, which is to give myself the freedom to enjoy relinquishing my control to a man I trust completely. I feel myself get wetter. *Is it dripping out of me at this point?* I can feel another wave of pleasure coming. My mind is still reeling from my last orgasm, but I have no time to process. The combination of his relentless mouth in my ear, and his dick sliding in and out of my dripping-wet pussy is just too much to bear. I give up on fighting it. He always tells me to let go and release, so I do. I barely hear myself scream as I grab a handful of the bedsheet to cope with my intense orgasm. He doesn’t stop as his balls continuously slap against my ridiculously wet pussy, creating an erotic beat.

I feel greedy at this point—I want more. “Please cum inside me,” I beg. The thought of him branding me in this way turns me on. I want him inside of me in the most intimate way. I squeeze him as hard as I can. I want to give him the pleasure he gifted me. He groans. I can tell he’s close. I squeeze him several more times until I feel his dick twitch inside me. Feeling proud, I squeeze him harder after he came. I can’t help but feel a little possessive knowing his cum is inside me. *My cum*. I milk him dry.

He once told me my pussy swallows all his cum, and I laughed. I’m proud of it though. I know he finds it sexy, and that’s empowering as hell. He stays on top of me for a while until our breaths calm. I put my arms around him and hold him, feeling happy, satisfied, and sated.

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