[M4F] Let me write erotica for you! short sex stories

**18+ only**

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to read a story with you as the main character? Something written specifically for you; every detail matching your deepest desires?

I’d like to do just that. I’d like to write an erotic story for you, with you as the main character! **Note: I’m male, wanting to write for a female**

So… Please tell me about your fantasy. Be as detailed as possible about what you’re hoping I’ll write, why it turns you on (kinks) and any other specifics you think are important.

Please expect some back and forth’s. On a more specific side, I’m looking for a muse. A muse is just like you remember from days of old. A woman that is interested in providing inspiration in many different ways.

I look forward to hearing about your fantasy, and hopefully your desire to be my muse!

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