[M] having edging contest with wife [F] to earn relief non-fiction sex stories

So both my wife and myself enjoy edging each other. We didn’t even know it was a thing until I read about it on Reddit, we both just knew patience was rewarded with more intense orgasms.

When we’re both in need of some tension being worked out, we’ll get competitive with it. It started out as “whoever needs to cum first loses” but since she can have multiple orgasms and I can’t (so jealous) it turned into “how many times can I make her cum before I can’t stand it.”

Sometimes, there’s a reward if I can make it long enough. My wife gives mind-bendingly good head, but I only get it 2-3 times a year, so sometimes she’ll tease me with an offer of a blowjob if I can impress her.

We start off with her giving me a slow, gentle hand job while I’m fingering her. If I’m on my game, I can usually get it to where she’s too distracted by how close she is, and she takes her hands off me to hold my other hand as she just rides the wave. If I’m lucky, I can get her off the first time then. If not, at some point she pushes me over and starts focusing on me.

The first time she loses it and orgasms while I hold her trembling, naked body, that always bumps me up to 9.9 out of 10. The moment where she recovers, gets a mischievous smile, and gently starts to stroke me is so tense … she really doesn’t play fair.

Sometimes, she’ll insist that for “her turn” I need to be inside of her, so I don’t even get a break then! If it gets to be too much, I stop thrusting and reach for her clit while I’m in her. Holding back when I can feel her going over the edge is not easy.

After 3 or so of her orgasms (teasing me turns her on, or I’d never stand a chance), I’m a complete mess, and she’s utterly satisfied. She’d keep stroking me gently while I can’t keep my hands off of her. When we first started doing this, she’d gently offer to let me cum however I wanted, and that moment – tense as hell, with a beautiful, satisfied, naked woman next to me offering relief however I want it – is heaven.

Is she’s feeling devious, though … sometimes she’ll kiss her way down my chest, take me in her mouth for a second as I grip the sheets, white-knuckled, and then stop. She’ll lay back next to me, and tell me that if I want more of that, I have to hold out another 15 minutes. She’d do everything to make me beg in those 15 minutes, and if I couldn’t stand it anymore, she’d tease me about missing out on another blowjob before making me cum.

Sometimes, though, she takes mercy on me and sucks me like a champ before those 15 minutes are up. Either way, my god that is an intense orgasm, the type where you’re trembling and laughing uncontrollably for a while.

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