[M/F] [F/F] Lady of the Forest pt.1 fiction sex stories

*Note: This is a fictional fantasy story about [Enya](https://imgur.com/a/pNoDhmd), that contains love, lust, friendship, but also violent rape and gore. I certainly don’t take it lightly and didn’t write it for the sake of it as it progresses the story. Any criticism is welcome.*


Greece, Messenia. Deep in its forests, where mortals did not try to thread, by the largest lake, or ‘Avanos’, where the most beautiful creatures lived. They looked human, yet carried such beauty, such grace and divinity around them. Mortals called them Nymphs, though did not know whether they were kind or dangerous. They actually were neither. The Nymphs were led by a creature different from any other. She was unique, almost as if she was a goddess. She was the embodiment of nature and not even the Nymphs had seen her true form. They only heard her voice whispering to them.

At daylight they would dance in circles in her honour and to praise nature itself. They would often dance just around the forest in bliss, which made the forest bloom just by their presence. The world of mortals was unknown to them, not caring for any material objects. As they were born naked in the world, so they carried out their lives in the purest ways, not caring for clothing. Why hide what nature had provided them? They showed grace through character and through beauty. One of the most beautiful was known by the name Enya. Nymphs were not infallible. They could be jealous and more.

Many were jealous of Enya’s beauty, yet she didn’t seem to be aware. Only her deepest friend Ashla showed no sign of jealousy. They were often seen dancing together in the forest. Ashla would take Enya to the most beautiful spots in the forest. She knew it’s secrets well. By dawn they would often hang out together by a spring at the largest cliff and a large waterfall, blue as the sky. The waterfall reflected their beauty and their laughter and joy echoed through the forest. They were bathing. Enya ran with her long legs to the waterfall and leapt into the spring. She washed her long blond hair under the waterfall and heard Ashla’s voice just three feet from her. She laughed watching Enya, biting her lip.

“You seem very happy today, Enya.” She said, her finger curled inside her mouth, her cheeks wiggling in curiosity, a sense of anxiety and of desire. Enya walked out of the waterfall and giggled,

“Why shouldn’t I be?” She said to which Ashla only laughed in return. Walking closer Enya took Ashla by her hands, pulling her closer to her. She planted a kiss on her friend’s lips. Ashla’s face turned slightly pink and she offered her friend a beautiful smile. She felt her body stirring, her legs crossed to hide her feelings. Enya noticed and smirked, pulling her friend closer to her by her arms. They only stood a few inches apart. Ashla felt her friend’s hand on her leg and instinctively she calmed down and opened them. She felt Enya touching her vulva. This wasn’t the first time she experienced this, though Enya always took the first step. She took the initiative and Ashla thought her friend was brave to do so. Enya didn’t think it was bravery. It was maybe even her weakness to give into her desires. Ashla felt two fingers inside her flesh. Once again she bit her lip, her cheeks turning even pinker. She gave out a large moan and Enya planted another kiss on her lips, though as she did they locked together and the innocent kiss turned into a passionate one, their tongues intertwining, dancing around each other, massaging, caressing. To that Ashla’s nipples hardened. Enya let her tongue go from Ashla’s and she bent her head down to push her lips on Ashla’s perky breast. Her tongue sucking on her nipple. Enya moaned, her fingers still inside Ashla’s flesh. She curled them slightly, pushing them deeper inside. Ashla groaned, her clit pulsing. Her whole body shook, only wanting more. Enya knew all too well and took her friend’s hand walking out of the spring, where Ashla lay herself on the warm grass. Her legs opened and before she knew it, she felt Enya’s tongue on her clit, stroking it with every lick. She kissed it, sucking on it, feeling her own clit pulsing. She lay herself down on the grass close to her friend and before Ashla knew their legs interlocked, feeling her vulva touching, pressing against Enya’s. Ashla gasped feeling a burst between her legs. All this time every muscle in her body felt so tight and now she finally felt the warm juice of her flesh flowing. Enya wasted no time and drank from her vagina, leaving a sweet taste in her mouth. She moaned and kissed Ahla’s thighs, her belly, her breasts. Her tongue sliding underneath the curves of them, leaving a taste of salt as she had been sweating under the warm sun. Enya licked her own lips to which Ashla raised her body leaning her arms forward, bending her knees. Enya did the same, locking their lips into a passionate long kiss. Both closed their eyes and let out a long moan. This was Enya’s favourite moment during this sensual experience, yet she was not finished with Ashla yet. She walked gracefully besides Ashla, lowering herself behind her, kissing her buttocks. With her hand she spread her cheeks apart and kissed her ass, pink as her lips. Sliding her tongue at first across, she pushed her tongue inside, swirling it which made her feel even more aroused. Enya pressed her legs together groaning as she felt the climax between her legs. Ashla laughed, her brown eyes looking back at Enya, her hand toying between her friend’s legs. Afterwards she licked her hand, tasting the juice from Enya’s flesh, the taste sweet as she was. The beautiful Nymph took Ashla by her hand and both danced around the forest again.

The following day one of the Nymphs sat by a large trunk of a blooming tree. Enya took a look at the girl and saw that she was very sad. With her kindness Enya approached the girl and smiled, “What saddens you, sister?” She asked placing her hand on the girl’s shoulder, “What’s your name?”

The girl looked up at Enya and her cheeks flushed just by the sight of her fellow sister, “My name is, Liatha. I’m… The others don’t like me. They think I’m strange.” She sighed, sweeping her hand aside, which covered the left side of her face, revealing a large birthmark, a port-wine stain, “I had this as long as I can remember. I didn’t want this. Why would the Lady of the Forest curse me like this?” She sobbed.

Enya gave a comforting smile, “She didn’t curse you; she blessed you!” She giggled, “I think it only makes you more beautiful.”

Liatha shook her head, “No! You’re mocking me!” She groaned, folding her arms and turning her head away from Enya.

Her kind smile did not fade however and with her finger she tilted Liatha’s face closer to hers. She kissed her lips to assure her of her true intentions, which made her sister gasp in shock. No one had ever been so kind to her. Why was Enya different in that regard?

Enya kissed her bosom then she turned her gaze back to the girl’s eyes, “Your birthmark compliments the colour of your eyes.” She whispered in a gentle voice.

Liatha blushed and kissed Enya in return, Thank you. I-I don’t know what to say.” She blushed. Enya put her finger to the girl’s lips,

“Don’t say anything. There’s no need to talk, only to share.”

“Share what?” Liatha asked a little confused.

“Love…” Enya smiled, kissing the girl again, only longer and with passion. Little did she know that they were being watched. Behind another tree Ashla watched both of them with envious eyes. A tear dropped down her cheek, however she scowled in anger, a sense of betrayal clouding her mind of any other thoughts or moments she had with Enya. She ran away, tears still flowing from her eyes.

Enya heard the rustling of leaves, catching her attention, yet she saw nothing, Ashla had already disappeared in the woods. She took a deep breath wondering whether it was just her imagining things. She stretched her legs and stood up before Liatha, offering her hand. The Nymph smiled and took Enya’s hand. They held onto each other dancing through the forest wandering to a nearby cave. There they took shelter from the wind as it slowly started to rain, dark clouds forming above them. Enya’s eyebrow dipped watching the clouds carefully, before she turned her attention back to Liatha, “Rest, I’ll be right back.” She said, kissing her sister’s forehead. Just beside where Liatha sat, there was a large black bowl, decorated with golden figures that represented the Nymphs themselves dancing for Mother Nature. Enya took the bowl outside, letting the rain pour into the bowl. Carefully she stepped back into the cave and offered the bowl to Liatha, “Here you go. Drink and quench your thirst, my sister. It will make you feel better.

Liatha felt loved, finally accepted and chosen by Enya. She never felt this special, a feeling no one could take from her. Enya bend her knees. Her eyes gleaming as she watched her fellow sister. Liatha finally kissed Enya with great passion in her heart and most of all desire. She pushed her lips against Enya’s only to feel that same love Enya had offered her when they met and still felt deep inside. She cupped her breast and Enya kissed it gently.

Deeper in the forest Ashla had sat herself down, with her head buried between her legs. sobbing because of what she had just witnessed and unlike Liatha she didn’t feel loved anymore. Why had Enya done this? Had she just traded their beloved friendship on a whim? Was she not good enough for her anymore? All these questions filled her heart with mixed emotions, jealousy, anger, though she could not deny that she still felt love for Enya. Behind her she heard the sound of footsteps closing in on her. Ashla recognised one of the Nymphs that now stood before her. She tried hard to remember her name. It was on the tip of her tongue.

“You’re Maya, aren’t you?” She asked, her voice slightly trembling.
Maya nodded, “You remember me. I was afraid you wouldn’t, since you’re often prefer to dance only with… Enya, right?”

“Well, Enya… She… she…” She sighed, tears dropping from her eyes, “It doesn’t matter.”

“Hush, sweet sister. Don’t cry.” Maya lowered herself to her level, “It’s just not worth it. Enya, well… she always thought she was special, better than all of us!” She scowled.

“No, she’s kind and sweet. She-“ Ashla tried to finish her sentence, however Maya silenced her.

“Is that why she traded you for another? You know I speak the truth.” Maya sighed, “Don’t despair. Rejoice in what Mother Nature provides.”

“You mean…” Ashla felt unsure what Maya tried to imply, to which she simply nodded, “ I don’t know, I… it’s too soon,”

Maya shook her head and offered a smile, “
No, it’s not…” She placed her hand on Ashla’s knee, nudging it to prompt her to open her legs. Hesitantly she did so to Maya’s pleasure. For a moment she reached her hand closer between Ashla’s legs, however she held her other hand behind her back and in one swift move she stabbed Ashla inside her sex with very long sharp rock. She screeched out in pain in torment. Blood flooded from her flesh and she felt a firm grip on both her arms by two Nymphs appearing behind her, using ropes to keep her captured to the tree behind her. Maya grinned sadistically as she pushed the sharp stone deeper inside Ashla, turning it in all directions. Maya clenched her teeth, licking Ashla’s breast. The captured Nymph shivered in pain and fear,

“Why? Why are you doing this?” She cried out.

“Because you, like Enya, always thought you were better than all of us. She, like you, will feel the same pain you’ll suffer…” She teased Ashla’s nipple, before she bit it so hard, she ripped it from her breast. Ashla cried out harder, panting and feeling like she could faint. Maya stood up victoriously, looking at her sisters, “Hold her by her legs. Lift them up.” She said in a firm tone. Both Nymphs obeyed and lifted Ashla’s legs up. While holding them they watched Maya, holding the same rock in her hand. The vixen stepped closer putting her hand to Ashla’s buttocks, spreading her cheeks as she looked at the Nymph’s ass. Ashla shivered feeling lightheaded and trying really hard to withstand the pain. Her torment wasn’t over unfortunately as she felt the rock piercing her ass. Maya kept turning it, pushing it deeper, blood splattering as she continued. The blood from her breast poured all down her stomach and legs onto the grass. Maya stil held her nipple between her teeth, spitting it out against Ashla’s own face.

To be continued…

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