Lust Experiment: Performance Evaluation (workplace) (female boss/male employee) short sex stories

The leader dictated to a note taker, “Positive results so far. Lust has overtaken the office. While some were resistant enough to leave the office, most of the remainders are experiencing expected symptoms. Will continue to observe.”


John’s sexy secretaries continued to enjoy each other, bodies thrashing in their aggressive kisses and touches. John was enjoying the show, but somehow knew they would be around if we wanted a round 2.

John pulled his clothes back on and went to explore. It wasn’t long until he discovered another group. In a corner of the floor, a handful of men were crowded around a female duo. The women’s skirts were bunched at their waists, shirts removed, and their bodies grabbed and proved by their excited followers.

John was unsure how to jump in so he watched the duo pleasure all the men. One woman stood bent at the waist, getting plunged from behind and he mouth stuffed. The other woman on her back getting drilled while stroking both men. Soon, John watched, stroking his hard cock, while the woman on her back received dueling cumshot blasts. The third man moved to fuck the plastered woman’s mouth, allowing John to take his place in her pussy and bring the woman to orgasm while her mouth got filled with cum.

John itched to keep exploring and soon moved on. On the executive floor, he found the floor mostly deserted, except there was a light on in the office of his boss, Stacy. Through the gap in the blinds, he saw an amazing sight. Stacy was a strict, uptight woman, who typically dresses conservatively. Whatever was going on in the office was clearly affecting her too. She reclined in her chair, her dress hiking up to show her legs in the desk. One hand ran through her hair while the other disappeared up her dress.

John watched in amazement as Stacy pleasured herself, until he stumbled against the window. Her eyes flew open and she swung off her desk, getting to the window in an instant. “John, get in here.”

Once settled into chairs, strict Stacy was back. “How dare you spy on me! You deserve to be punished for this!” The warm feeling had overtaken John, assuring him what to do. “Stacy, I think the best punishment right now would be to provide the pleasure that I just denied you, and more.” “Silence!” She appraised him. “On your knees, crawl over here.” John obeyed. As he rounded her desk, he saw her dress pulled up again. “Remove my underwear, and lick. If you can’t make me cum better than my fingers, you might as well pack your desk.”

She couldn’t see the wicked smile on John’s face as slid her panties down, but she immediately felt his fingers and tongue technique on her pussy. “Very impressive,” Stacy stated with a hint of a breathless moan. John attacked her clit with his tongue while driving his fingers inside her. Stacy grabbed the back of his head and forced him deeper between her thighs as she came against his face. Her hips lifted as her thighs closed around John’s face.

She let him come up for air briefly, but said, “you aren’t done with your oral examination yet.” He proceeded to bring about a few more orgasms with his tongue. Faintly, he wondered where this stamina came from, but his desire to blow his boss’s mind overwhelmed such thoughts. Eventually she gasped, “stop.”

John reluctantly backed up, but at her next command, he pulled out his cock and sheathed it inside Stacy. She pulled her dress up over her head and demanded harder strokes. John obliged, as she unsnapped her bra. Surprisingly large tits spilled out and bounced in tune with his strokes. “Wait, let me show you how it is done.”

She shoved John into the chair and climbed onto his lap and began to ride. She bounced on his cock like an animal, bringing herself to euphoric heights. John sat back in amazement as his seemingly prudish boss rode his cock like pro with incredible endurance. Her perfect tits hypnotized John with their supple bounces, as she came over and over again.

Eventually she slowed and said, “see, now it’s your turn again.” He bent her over the desk and drilled her from behind, using the bubbling warmth and his frustration from a recent meeting with Stacy to drive in for more force. She quickly began to drench the desk and the floor as orgasmic electricity shocked her over and over. Suddenly, he ripped her off the desk and onto her knees. “If you are going to do it, you better do a good job.” John laughed as he sprayed his load all over the strict Stacy.

Stacy’s usual glower didn’t look as imposing on her knees, covered with cum, but she still demanded, “you have served your purpose and have done a exemplary job. I’ll let you know whether you will be needed again, but until then, get out!” John hastily pulled his clothes on, snapped a mental photo, and left.


“This must be a potent batch. They are still going strong.” His fellow observer shrugged. “Maybe there was just a lot of sexual tension in the office.” They all laughed.

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