Losing It – Part 2 [F/F][futa][bi][fdom][fsub][prost] erotic short stories

**﴾Content: Intersex/Futanari, Bullying, Verbal Abuse, Prostitution, Domination, Handjob, Outercourse, Big Dick, Virgin, Excessive Cum, 18+﴿**

I followed the sound of opening cabinets and clinking glasses to the spacious kitchen, finding Millie filling a glass of ice water from the refrigerator. Seeing an opportunity for some petty vengeance, I crept across the tile and stood a foot or so behind her. Not easy, but I have a lot of practice sneaking across all kinds of surfaces. Usually in the dark, admittedly. Either way, she didn’t notice.

I wasn’t expecting her reaction to be that slow, though. Millie turned around—looking at the glass instead of where she was going for some reason—and ran into me, dumping the whole glass down my front.

I shut my eyes and took a few deep breaths through my nose. Cold water dripped off my chin and down the front of my shirt, which was already sopping wet itself. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass. My skirt, my stockings, and even my sneakers all felt waterlogged.

Millie didn’t move a single muscle for about five seconds, clearly hoping I operated by Jurassic Park rules. When I opened my eyes and stared daggers, she sprung into action.

“I—I’ll um… I’m sorry… I’ll get you a-uh… towe—EEP!”

Millie tried to slip past me like you might an aggressive stray, but once she felt my hand on her arm, she obediently turned back to me. At first, I was just going to call her a clumsy little fuckface or something, but then I had a better idea.

“Where the hell are you going?” I fumed.

“To um… get you something to dry off with?”

“And leave me here in these sopping wet clothes? Help me get these off!” I whined, lifting my arms.

She obliged, and grabbed the hem of my shirt, rolled it up over my toned stomach, across my hand-and-a-half-full breasts, and over my head. I turned around and leaned my shoulders forward so she could unhook my bra. Her hands were starting to shake already. God, she’d already taken my dick, but she was getting flustered at the idea of seeing a nipple? This was going to be easier than I thought.

Once my bra was off, I made sure not to turn around just yet, popping my bubble butt out so she could unzip my skirt. At my direction, she slipped it to the floor along with my underwear, leaving me naked save my stockings and sneakers. My nipples pressed against the cool table when I leaned forward, pointing my toes back in her direction.

I made sure to spread my legs juuuuust enough to give her a view, but only if she bent down at a very obvious angle. It was a little trap I always liked to set, just to see how far they’d stoop to see the Goddess’ temple. Surprisingly though, she didn’t take the bait. Maybe she was too afraid of my response.

Either way, she soon got my stockings and shoes off, leaving me completely nude on her kitchen table. I shivered, looking over my shoulder to Millie. Shockingly, she was trying desperately to keep her eye level above me, and mostly succeeding. We were going to have to change that. I put my feet back on the floor and turned, but not before enticingly covering myself.

“Millie? Could you cover your eyes, please?”

She complied immediately, and it became *pretty* obvious that Millie was firmly on the T-side of the T&A debate. She was still getting flustered by my breasts *after* we had fucked. I suppose she hadn’t seen them yet though, and let’s be fair—I have great tits.

“O-of course, sorry. T-tell me when you’re decent, and I can put your clothes—” Millie squeaked in surprise as I lifted her shirt, “HN…M—Mia, what are you…?”

I smiled to myself, slipping the hem of her gigantic anime shirt over my head. I slipped up through the sweaty fucked-in fabric.

“Thank you, Millie. I’m covered now, you can look,” I cooed sweetly, my head popping up through the neck hole of Millie’s shirt. With another exaggerated shiver, I wiggled my ass against her soft cock.

“M—Mia… um… wh…” Millie trailed off, sinking back slightly against the countertop as I pressed my flesh to hers.

“Brrr… I’m so cold, Millie. Look…” I whined, slipping my hands under the hem of the shirt to grab her hands, and place them on my stiff nipples. “See?”

Millie swallowed hard in her throat. I don’t know if she’d realized what I was doing yet, but I don’t think she cared. She tested the waters with a tiny squeeze.

“Mmmm… your hands are warm…” I hummed, leaning back against her.

The nerd quickly grew bolder, which I encouraged with my heavy breathing and soft moans. I could already feel her soft prick starting to ooze pre-cum just above my ass.

“Enjoying the over-the-shirt action, Mildy? Is it your first time for that too?” I teased, reaching behind me, and pressing her cock against my ass. “You warmed them up pretty good. I think they’re hard for a different reason now…”

Millie bit her lip, and I felt her half-flaccid cock twitch wildly. She squeezed my tits one last time before I felt a throb and a spurt against my back. I laughed and shook my head as a few more drops leaked out onto my ass. Millie’s face was red and sweaty. God, she didn’t even *get hard* before she blew her load? Disappointing.

“Millie? You’re not *already* out, are you? You were only at second base…” I whined sweetly, giving her my puppy dog eyes.

“N—no… no, I can keep going… I—I just… I really um…”

“Yaaaay!” I cheered and snuggled my face against her neck. When she opened her eyes again, I lifted the T-shirt’s hem to my chest and put it in my mouth. “*Cause there’s something on third that needs some warming too…*”

Millie’s entire demeanor was becoming a lot like an engine without any oil in it; overheating, grinding, and occasionally misfiring with continued use. Which was fitting I suppose. I *was* trying to get her to throw a rod, after all.

I felt another dribble on my ass as she stared at my truthfully *very* cold equipment. Shrinkage was a factor, but I think it just enhanced the tease I was pulling. My suspicions were confirmed with another dribble of pre-cum on my ass while she kept staring, her face getting warmer by the second.

“Hey…y’know… that goo you’re drooling all over my back feels *pretty* *warm*. Why don’t you use that?”

Millie swallowed hard.

“Y-you mean on your… um… you want me to… rub your um… with my—”

“What? You don’t want to rub your filthy, drooling, dick slime all over my sweet little softie? Pweeeeeaaaaase, Miwwie. My widdwe peepee’s so cowd…”

At this point, she *definitely* knew that I was making fun of her, and it showed in her face. Her twitching boner *kind of* narced out her true feelings about it, though. I felt pre-cum shoot halfway up my back when I pulled out the uwu-nese voice. Fucking weeb.

She hesitated, but my sugar baby stare is basically mind-control, so it was only a matter of time. Soon enough, I felt her hands move around between our bodies to scoop up a handful, and then her warm, slimy grip around me.

At this point, I have to admit: I think I’ve been a little dismissive of small packages up until now. Teenie weenies may not get much on the top-side, but I have to say… her hands completely enveloping my whole kit at once felt pretty great. Unfortunately, I warmed up pretty quickly, so I didn’t get to enjoy it for long.

Big surprise here—the weird, kissless virgin was *pretty good* at masturbating, so it wasn’t exactly a stretch to pretend I was into it, no pun intended. She reached around me to stroke my shaft with one hand, and between my legs to caress my balls with the other. combined with the copious lubrication, and her skilled touch, it was pretty hard to keep still.

So instead, I laid it on thick enough to give us both diabetes. I moaned her name. I leaned back into her chest like my legs were weak. I let out muffled screams into the hand I clasped over my mouth. She ate it up.

“M-Millie… I’m gonna cum…” I looked up at her sweetly, wrapping my arm around her neck as I bucked my hips into her hand. It was just too easy. I had her eating out of the palm of my hand again. The balance had been restored. “Millie… you’re gonna make me cum!”

Then she kissed me. She didn’t ask, she didn’t hesitate. She just shoved her tongue in my mouth as she did before, only now she had an increasingly firm grip on my grapes, and a pretty excellent stroke rhythm too.

Why didn’t I push her away to save face, you ask? Well, two reasons, really:

1. I was literally inside her shirt, dipshit.
2. Did I not mention *she had a hold of my nuts?* Rather firmly?

I realized that I had checkmated myself, as my squirming and moaning gradually became less performative. Not as exaggerated, not as loud, but even a virgin like her could tell it was more genuine. The bitch definitely noticed too, because she switched to the kind of jerk that you only do when every door in the house is locked.

I could feel my heartbeat in my dick, and my sack steadily tightening against my shaft. Each firm, gentle caress of her fingers sent goosebumps across my entire body. I tried to hold it in, but it was far too late. I learned my lesson fucking on her couch though, and deciding that tapping out on my terms was better than having it milked out of me again.

I started bucking my hips again. I came so hard, I think I nutted Inuyasha’s twinky face off of that ugly T-shirt of hers.

Thick, pearlescent seed bubbled up through the cotton fiber like crude oil. Millie’s stupid horse dick was squirting up my back, but her hands still had a death grip on my meat. She kept jerking it like a maniac for what felt like years, abusing my post-nut hypersensitivity until I was completely soft and *achingly* empty.

My face was on fire, and I tried to lean forward with feigned exhaustion. Millie caught me and pulled me up tight against her. She kissed me on my unmistakably rosy cheek and hugged me tightly.

*“Ish yew widdwe peepee wawm enough nyow, Mia-chan?”*

I was so embarrassed that I forgot how to speak. Because it wasn’t just that she was a gross fucking weeb. It wasn’t just that she called my dick little just after her fleshy billy club nutted all over my back. It wasn’t just that she’d given me three of the best orgasms I’d ever had in my life.

It was that now—after that moment—I knew. I knew that *she knew*. Because you see, I’d convinced myself that I had pulled off the disinterested super-cunt act that I was so practiced at; that I’d masked my enjoyment enough that my only conflict would have been internal. That was *still* kind of new for me, but I felt like I could manage it.

Now though? Oh my god, I was going to be a meme. The dumb little cunt was *for sure* going to post about how she asked the hot bitchy girl out, sucked her entire soul out of her body, and then made her cum buckets all over this stupid anime T-shirt. She’d probably have the thing framed in her dorm.

“Pffft… should’ve known you’d have a lot of practice with your hands, *Cheesu-senpai*” I mocked, giving up on trying to preserve my dignity, and settling for trying to undercut hers. “Don’t worry, though. Some people like getting dicked by horses, and you’ve already got the face for it.”

She hummed contentedly and snuggled me again. Well played. That got me better than anything she could have said.

Have you ever realized something obvious? Something you knew on a basic level, but didn’t *fully* comprehend, for some reason? Because it only really hit me after I felt her extra-prominent chin on the top of my head, and her giant harpy claws close around my body: Millie was kinda… *bigger* than I was.

Like… I mentioned before that she was sort of tall, but it kind of weirded me out *how* tall she suddenly felt. I entertained the possibility of her pushing me over the table and cramming her beastly fucklog up whatever hole gave in first. I’d just have to take it because it’s not like I was going to *admit* to chickening out, even if I did get cold feet.

You know what? Part of me kind of wishes she’d had the guts. Cause even though she’s not the easiest on the eyes, that would have been *pretty hot*, right? I mean, if she hit it from the back, I wouldn’t even have to look at her hideous pizza face.

“Could you get that nasty thing off my back already?” I huffed, rolling my eyes, “I know you’re probably used to marinating in gross virgin cum, but it’s just not me…”

“Oh, I haven’t cum yet…”

Fucking *what???*

“Um… I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, you weirdo, but I can feel it all over my back. Let go already, I need a shower… and a priest,” I seethed.

Millie let go of me and rolled the tent of a shirt off of us. God, it felt even grosser when the open air hit it. I started to turn around and ask Millie where the shower was when I felt her hands underneath my arms. I grimaced for just an instant—assuming I was going to have to deal with *that* kink now—but let out a short, surprised scream when she lifted me.

I felt her fucking siege weapon sliding down my crack as I rose, and my entire ho-ing life began to flash before my eyes. I thought she was going to drop me on it—which, admittedly—definitely would have shut me up. (Also, *still kind of hot, right?*)

Instead, she just let it flop through my legs and set my feet back on the ground. I didn’t get it at first, but a bump in my thigh gap drew my attention downward. My eyebrows practically jumped off my skull.

My soft cock and painfully empty balls rested on top of an extremely excitable, decidedly unspent behemoth. Her gross foreskin had finally pulled back, revealing a bulbous, almost purple head at the end of her vascular, angry-red slab.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t even take my eyes off it, let alone deny that I wanted it. My body was stunned into honesty, and my neglected pussy began to salivate. All I could do was stand still, and try not to start grinding it like the juicy peach was begging me to.

“You see, Mia? Still hard! I haven’t cum yet…” She giggled in my ear.

“Wh… b—but… my back… and in the living room…” God, I was starting to stutter like her now. Kill me.

“O—oh, no. You made me cum *so* hard. I just didn’t… y’know… ejaculate,” she corrected.

I still hadn’t taken my eyes off the monster between my thighs. My cock couldn’t stand up anymore, but it had joined my pussy in drooling with anticipation, leaking a steady dribble of clear precum.

“You can—… you can cum without blowing your load? H—how—”

“Oh, just with my pussy. Is that not how it works for you too?”

I think I preferred her smug teasing to her genuine curiosity. That somehow felt worse.

The obvious answer was, “No.” When I came, it kind of just turned everything down there into a sexy mush. On the rare occasion that I masturbated alone, I usually couldn’t tell which one of my parts peaked first. So I had assumed that Millie had blown her load a couple of times. Apparently not. All pre-cum.

Holy *fuck.*

“I—if you would cross your legs… I think I can finish like this. I’m very close…” Millie suggested, her breath heavy with lust.

I don’t like admitting that it was very hard to resist bending over the counter and demanding that Millie split me like a soggy piece of lumber. If we had a condom in the kitchen with us, I probably would have. But I wasn’t going to wait for her to go get one, so that sealed it. Do you think I was going to let her disgusting genes fraternize with my divine eggs? I still had standards, for the moment at least.

I crossed my legs, and popped my round ass out for her, resting my fingers on my thighs.

“H—hurry up. I need to go take a shower before your disgusting precum gives me back acne or something…”

“Thank you…”

She hadn’t even finished the “Th” part of “Thank you” before her hips slapped against my ass. Millie bumped my arms from my legs in a mad dash to dig her fingers into my breasts. I almost fell forward but wrapped an arm around her neck to steady myself.

“H—hey, easy on those, you fucking virgin! That hurt!” I growled.

She did ease up, but she was far too lost in her lust to form a verbal apology. With my free hand, I pressed her thrusting cock against me, eliciting a soft moan from Millie, and an increase in pace. I bit my lip as hard as I could stand, trying to stop myself from moaning while she beat the fuck out of my clit with her slimy thrusts. She was close, though. If I could just get her to cum, then I could take care of this in the shower and preserve what little dignity I had left. I could do this.

I couldn’t. I really couldn’t. I whined like a stray cat in heat. Rubbing that giant freak dick across my pussy was like letting a starving person lick the sauce off a rack of ribs. It wasn’t fucking fair! I didn’t *want* it, I *fucking needed it!* I couldn’t fucking take it anymore! It was probably a safe day, right? What fucking day was it, anyway? I didn’t care. I moved my hand, rolling my hips to guide her next retreat into my starving cunt.

The Instant my will gave way, Millie let out a moan as desperate as mine through clenched teeth. One final shallow thrust and she came along with me. I’m still not sure if I was relieved, or heartbroken.

Even going through my thighs first, her cock nearly reached my belly button. It seemed even bigger right before it blew. And holy fuck, did it blow. The first rope didn’t just *reach* my face; it *slapped* it. Like, it actually made a sound when it hit my cheek.

I could feel every shot of her disgusting, yellowish nut-slime as it bulged through her urethra, squeezed past my fingers, and erupted onto one part of me or another. If it didn’t hit me on the way up, it got me on the way down. Trying to avoid it was like trying to sidestep the tide.

I swear this stuff was so thick that it didn’t even drip off. It just stuck where it splattered, dangling off in viscous strings. I managed to keep it out of my mouth, but the musky scent was so strong that I could pretty much taste it anyway. It was like a shot of tequila or something; strong, nasty, and unpleasant to experience… but I still found myself wanting another soon enough. It was like the scent of her rank nerd jizz hooked into my brain. It drove me nuts.

Do you know what I did about it? Do you know what I did when that virgin fuck blasted her nut all over me with no warning?

Yeah. I came my fucking brains out grinding that cock. I screamed her name for real. My legs got weak for real. It slopped this disgusting snot over my face, my tits, my dick—even my pussy, and I did everything but smile and ask for more. My completely spent cock twitched and sputtered out some clear liquid, being driven to orgasm with nothing left to milk out. My pussy spasmed like it was trying to give her mutant elephant cock a sloppy kiss, squirting even more surplus moisture onto it as I climaxed.

After it was over, I was grateful for the hug this time. My nose and fingertips felt a little tingly after that one, and I might’ve just busted my skull on the tile if I were left unsupported. Millie turned my head and gave me a softer kiss. She still wasn’t great, but it was… nice, at least. A moment later, I came to my senses and pushed her away.

“Ew… god, what the fuck *is this*!?” I screamed, my post-nut clarity finally arriving. “It’s like buttermilk and cottage cheese! What the fuck is wrong with you!? I said you could screw my thighs, not drench me in chunky liquid paper, you fucking freak!”

“Let’s… get you to the shower,” Millie smiled, ignoring my blind rage, and took my shoulder gently.

“Fuck off! I’m not walking across the whole house coated in—“ I screamed, rather aggressively.

I was cut off by Millie picking me up again, and starting towards the downstairs bathroom. I balled up a fist to put across her face, completely livid.

“Who the hell do yo—“

“Well, you don’t want to walk, and I doubt you want to stand in the kitchen while I run to get towels, right? So… is this okay?” Mille asked, deflecting my venom with her stupid, buck-toothed smile again.

The idiot didn’t even pick me up correctly. She just lifted me into a front carry and squished my jizz covered torso into hers. I rolled my eyes at her question but really couldn’t find any reason to refuse. Begrudgingly, I lowered my hands.

“Whatever…” I scoffed. resting my chin on her shoulder.

^(﴾ hello, everyone. i apologize for the delay. i intended this to be a simple two-parter, but i got a lot of feedback from people who wanted to hear more about these two. so this went through a bit of a rewrite.)
^(i’m probably going to take a break before i come back to this story, as i’ve got a few other projects i want to get out there, but i’ll be taking suggestions in the meantime. thanks! ﴿)

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