Like a Good Neighbor – Part 11 – [M/F][Fingering][Teasing][Oral][Begging][Creampie][Anal Fingering][L-Bomb] short sex stories

*The week following Amy’s birthday…*

“Hey baby?” Riza asked as she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Yes, my love?” I asked her as I flipped our pancakes on the griddle.

“Can you take some time off of work?”

“For what? Something wrong? You feeling ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said meekly, leaving me not feeling fully convinced she was feeling ok.

“You don’t sound like everything is fine,” I said as I turned around and kissed her, noting the distracted look on her face, “Come on Riza. I can see something is bothering you.”

She looked into my eyes, and I could tell whatever she wanted to say was bothering her, but she was afraid to spit it out. Twice she opened her mouth to speak and then closed it before something came out. I reached back and turned off the griddle and set the pancakes on a plate. As I turned back around, I reached behind Riza and grabbed her thighs as I lifted her up onto the counter. She whooped with surprise at the unexpected moment, and I noted with interest she wasn’t wearing panties under her sundress this morning, and her plug was in.

I nestled myself between her thighs as close as I could manage and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear as I looked into her blue eyes, “Okay, if you don’t feel comfortable telling me, I have no choice but to guess then.”

Riza’s head tilted to the side and she looked conflicted but affectionate as she held my cheeks in her hands.

“Hmm… After watching me fuck Amy, you are having second thoughts and now you want permission to fuck someone else?”

Riza giggled and shook her head.

I tapped my chin, “You’re having second thoughts about what happened and fantasize about getting fucked by someone else while I watch? Or possibly myself and another guy with you at the same time?” I asked.

Riza seductively bit down on her bottom lip, “No, but I do admit getting double penetrated has always been a fantasy of mine. But, no. I can’t even look at another man and think of his dick anymore. Your dick has literally ruined me to the point it’s the only one I want anymore.”

“Okay then, let me guess what else it could be,” I said as I tapped my chin, “Perhaps you and Amy want a weekend alone together?”

Riza shook her head, “Amy is great and all, but she isn’t *that* great.”

Now I was stumped. Riza and I were only a few months away from becoming new parents, and a few months after that, newlyweds. After all these years, I thought I knew her better than this.

“Something with the baby? Something about the house you don’t like? I know nesting is a real thing when it comes to pregnancy. Her crib and dresser! You don’t like how her room is set up? I can move thi-” she cut me off with a kiss.

“Kurt, her room is fine. You did amazing with everything in her room. From the crib construction to the paint job. It’s perfect,” she told me softly as her eyes displayed fondness.

I tapped my chin and wracked my brain thinking about what it could be. We had baby-proofed the house already, and the nursery was as ready as it was going to get. There were enough diapers stuffed into her closet to last her until her 1st birthday, and more baby wipes than I even knew what to do with. Riza was determined to breastfeed, so her aunt bought her the best breast pump and bottles money could buy. The legal stuff with the $300,000 was long since over with and in Riza’s bank account. Riza paid off the house, bought me a brand new truck, and other than monthly utility bills, we lived completely debt-free. Her mom left a couple of weeks ago after making a trip to meet me and see her pregnant daughter, so it couldn’t be that.

Absentmindedly, my eyes focused past Riza, and I stared at the wall as I thought long and hard about what was bothering my beautiful, pregnant fiance. The wall. It was the fucking walls. Not just the walls. The house. No, the whole neighborhood? Did she feel trapped? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I never actually remembered Riza and Ronny asking me to watch the house while they went on a trip. I mean, Ronny had taken her a couple of hours away to a nice restaurant a couple of times, but not in a long time. Family always came to visit them, they never went to visit family. Shit, that had to be it. She feels trapped because she hasn’t been out of this neighborhood in years. This house, the neighborhood, everything made her feel walled in and caged like an animal. Son of bitch, if that wasn’t what was eating at her, I didn’t deserve her. I must have been wearing the realization of the moment on my face because the start of a smile started to stretch across her cheeks.

“You…” I started as I pressed my forehead to hers and rubbed my nose against hers, “Need some time away from here. You have been cooped up in this neighborhood for years, and you are quietly screaming for a change in scenery. You want to have some fun, have some adventure in your life before you give birth, and settle down again? And you want me to take some time off from work so we can go somewhere together and just enjoy the moment?”

I watched as Riza’s eyes started to well up, her bottom chin starting to quiver. As a tear rolled down her cheek she shook her head up and down. I could see the pain and desperation in her eyes. It broke my heart to see her like this, but at the same time, I felt inspired.

“Let me guess, you want to spend a few days away from here, but you have no clue where you want to go?” I asked her as I scooped up her face into my hands.

“Hey, I am not that indecisive! I know exactly where I want to go!” she said as she wiped her tears away, and I glared at her as I tilted my head to the side.

“Uh-huh. So where are we going then, Riza?”

Her eyes flicked back and forth as she studied my face. She knew she was full of shit and had no idea. I knew she was full of shit, and she knew that I knew she was full of shit.

“Okay fine! I have no fucking clue where I want to go, all I know is I just want to go, somewhere, and soon,” she finally admitted as she rolled her eyes.

“I have a pretty good idea,” I told her as my mind started to race and I took off towards the garage.

She held onto my hand with both of hers and yanked me back before I could get too far away.

“Where are we going?” she asked with hope sparkling in her eyes.

I had a huge grin on my face as I got real close and whispered into her ear, “It’s a surprise.”

She slapped my arm and was frustrated, “Kurt!”

“Nope,” I told her as she started to give me her sad puppy dog face, “You can make that face all you want, and you can deny me as much sex and blowjobs as you want. I am not going to reveal the surprise this time! You’re just going to have to love and trust me on this, Babe!”

She huffed and crossed her arms, “Fine.”

“First, I have to make some phone calls. Go eat your breakfast because you and I both know our little girl is going to get cranky if you don’t feed her soon, and Daddy’s pancakes are her favorite,” I told her as I put my hands on her belly and leaned in for an affectionate kiss.

As I pulled away from our kiss, Riza’s hand brushed my face, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Riza,” I told her as I stole another kiss and dashed off into the garage.

No sooner did the door close, I was scrolling down for my boss’s personal cell number in my contact list. It was Thursday, and 7 am, so I knew he would be up. The phone rang twice before he picked up.

“Morning Kurt. What has you calling me this early on my personal cell?” my boss asked.

“Sir, I need a huge favor. And I know it’s last minute, but I will drive to your house and beg on my knees if I have to,” I groveled.

My boss laughed heartily through the phone, “Ok Kurt, what can I help you with?”

“I need today and Friday off,” I said quickly.

There was a pause on the phone, “Uhh… sure, I guess. Is everything alright with you and Riza? I know you said the pregnancy was kicking her butt.”

“Yes and no. The baby is fine. Riza, on the other hand, is going stir crazy. I realized this morning she hasn’t been out of the area in almost three years, and she is desperate for some adventure and fun before the baby gets here and she and I get married. I have the perfect spot, but her birthday is Saturday, and I am going to need most of today for travel,” I explained.

My boss chuckled a little, “Yeah, I remember those days with my wife before our first was born. Ended up taking her to Hawaii before she got too far along. Go for it. Just remember, first thing Monday morning to get the leave request sent to me and backdate it for today.”

“Thank you so much, Sir! I can’t thank you enough!”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t mention it. You just be sure and spoil the hell out of your beautiful fiance before that baby gets here. After that, it’s going to be hard to get out and do stuff like this. See you Monday,” and with that, he hung up.

I looked around the garage for a few moments, wearing the biggest smile on my face. I dashed to the door leading into the kitchen and scared Riza as I barged through.

“I’m going to pack up the truck. When you get done eating, pack us some bags. Towels, toiletries, toilet paper, and enough clothes for three days. Preferably something you don’t mind us getting dirty. Oh, and boots and socks,” I said excitedly before I ducked back into the garage and got to work.


Riza was quietly snoring in the seat next to me as I came around the sharp turn at the top of the hill. I had to roll down the window and take in the fresh air. It had been almost eight years since I’d been up this way. For the most part, the landscape was more or less the same. Some old buildings had been torn down, some new ones built in their place. The area still had the same rural, homey vibe to it. The scent of pine and cedar trees filled my nose as turned off onto the dirt road. The road was uneven, most likely the result of years of rainwater eroding it, and a bit bouncy. This shook Riza awake as I took another sharp, ascending turn up the road. The forest on either side of the truck was thick with trees and overgrowth as it cast a dark shadow on the road.

She took a moment to wake up and look around, “Kurt, where are we?”

“Tennessee, Babe. About an hour-ish north of Chattanooga,” I explained.

I turned the truck down the turn at the top of the hill and followed it down, to a dead end. The truck came to a stop and I put it into park. Riza’s eyes looked around with bewilderment.

She checked her phone and looked up at me, “Kurt, we have no signal out here.”

“I know, it’s going to be great!” I told her as I helped her down from the truck, “Come on, you’re going to love this.”

I held her hand tightly as we walked down a small embankment. Her growing pregnant belly had made her a little uneasy on her feet, but she managed the embankment with little issue. A few yards at the bottom, our feet crunched on old pine needles that carpeted the ground. I pushed through some thick bushes and emerged into a small, covered clearing at the edge of a fast-moving stream. I heard Riza gasped excitedly as she saw it too.

“Baby! Where did you find this place?” she asked as she caught up to me and hugged my arm. “This is beautiful!”

“I, uh, kind of own it,” I told her as I rubbed the back of my head.

“Own it? How so?”

“My Dad bought a couple of acres of land here after he got out of the Marines. He always had plans to build my mom a house out here. Never happened because he learned with the terrain and remoteness of the property, the cost to build a house out here was way more than we could have ever afforded,” I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her to me before continuing, “So, instead, my dad has been bringing me here on camping trips since I was about six years old. The last time we went camping together, about eight years ago, right before I got out of the Marines, he and I stood at the edge of the river and gifted me the land. He handed me the deed, put a hand on my shoulder, and looked me straight in the eyes. He told me that one day, he will be gone, and this place will be all mine. He hoped I would meet a nice girl, bring her here one day, and share this wonderful place with her. And now, I have.”

I heard a sniffle and looked down at Riza as a tear rolled down her cheek. Before I could say anything, she slapped my chest, hard.

“Shut up! I’m not crying. It’s these damn pregnancy hormones!” she protested.

I laughed lightly and kissed her, “Love you too, Babe. Sit tight, explore a little maybe. I am going to grab everything from the truck.”

Two hours later, I had to truck empty and everything set up. The tent was staked in, I had a small campfire area dug in and cleaned up with a small fire going in it. Darkness started to set in and we settled next to each other in camping chairs. Riza was wearing just a pair of panties, and lacy see-through panties at that. She was enjoying the heat of the fire on her skin and finished off the last of her fire-roasted hotdog. I was rubbing moisturizing lotion on her legs and feet, and currently, I was using the lotion to give her a foot massage.

With a belch and a giggle, she finished off the last of her hot dog, “Oh Kurt, I was hoping for a beach with warm sand in my toes, but this is so much better than that. It’s quiet, peaceful, and romantic. I could get used to this.”

“I’m glad, Love. I haven’t been up here since just before my Dad died. I was too afraid to come back here and be alone with just my memories of him. But now, this is our place. I want to make new memories here. Memories of us, and our family.”

Riza smiled sweetly at me, “I never got to meet your Dad, but I have no doubt if he were here right now, nothing would make him happier.”

I’d like to say that Riza and I had a mad, lustful night of crazy sex by the campfire, but that would be a lie. Truth is, I spent the next couple of hours with her snuggled up with me in my lap as we watched the fire burn. When I heard her snoring softly, I picked her up, carried her into the tent, and gently placed her onto the air mattress I’d filled up. I headed back outside and put out the fire, took a piss on a tree, and climbed back into the tent with her. At some point, she had taken her panties off, so I stripped down and laid next to her. Her naked body felt so great against mine, and I quickly joined her in a night of restful sleep.


I awoke slowly, opening my eyes and realizing Riza was still sound asleep. I was tempted to wake her with kisses and tease her into some good morning sex, but she was so peaceful looking, I just didn’t have it in me. She was my beautiful angel who needed sleep. Carrying and growing our daughter inside of her was taking a lot out of her little body. Gently, I rolled off of the mattress and crept out of the tent. Sliding on my wranglers and a pair of boots, I stepped out and crunched the damp pine needles beneath my feet. The morning sky was starting to get bright. I did a full-body stretch, releasing the tension of sore muscles from sleeping on the stiff air mattress all night. First things first, I need to get some firewood this morning to make some coffee and breakfast.

I wandered through the woods near the campsite and picked up several decent-sized twigs and fallen branches suitable for a morning fire. Arms full of kindling and firewood, I started to head back to camp. No sooner do I turn around, this blur of a vanilla-colored dog flies past me in the general direction of the campsite. I look back to see where it came from, but I see no one around. I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t think much of it. We were out in the middle of nowhere, but we weren’t off the grid. I couldn’t help but assume one of the locals had a dog that got out and was having the time of its life running full speed through the woods. For a moment, I could have sworn I heard a voice behind me. I paused for a moment and heard nothing. I kept walking and then heard it again. I definitely heard it that time.

“Lucy!” I heard as the voice got closer.

“LUCY!” a moment later, much closer than before.

A guy emerged from the trees up the incline. He was slightly younger than I was, maybe a bit taller, and in good shape. He wore tennis shoes and cargo shorts, chest was toned and a faint hint of a six-pack. He waved at me and ran over, breathing hard.

“Hey, sorry. You didn’t see a white lab run through here did ya?” the stranger asked.

“Yeah, I saw it run that way,” I told him, nudging my elbow in the direction of which way the dog went.

“Thanks. I gotta fix that fence, that’s the third time this week she’s gotten out,” the stranger said as he started walking in the direction of our camp.

An eagle, globe, and anchor tattoo on his back caught my attention. On his shoulder was a red circle with a white spade in the middle. Below that were two names, “Griggs”, and “Richards”.

“Hey, hold up,” I said quickly, “You were Marines? Second Tank Battalion?”

A smile crept across his face as he turned back to me, “Yeah, how did you know that?”

“I was in the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. Fallujah, 2004,” I said as I held a hand out to the stranger, “I’ll never forget that white spade. Your people saved my life and the life of six of my guys. What’s your name, Marine?”

The stranger reached out and took my hand, “Lance Corporal Duval. Yeah, I was in Fallujah. I remember working with the 5th. And you are?”

“Sargeant Renolds. Man, I am grateful to you boys in the second. If I ever meet the crew that covered my squad while we were getting evacuated, I owe them a couple of beers.”

Duval tossed his head back in surprise, “I mean, I am in touch with a bunch of the fellas from Falluja still. You remember the number of the hull?”

“Four-two-something. I don’t know. I was pretty doped up on morphine by then. The only real detail I remember is something painted on the barrel of the gun. Something-Devil? Dust-Devil I think? There was a badass painting of-”

“The Tasmanian Devil. Hull number four-two-seven,” Duval cut me off.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s the one. Word has it the crew told their platoon commander to get fucked and pushed up to provide fire support and hardcover for my squad.”

Duval swallowed hard, “We saw your squad get hit with an IED, and then three RPGs hit you guys immediately afterward. Dust-Devil was my tank. I painted the Tasmanian Devil on that tank a few days before we rode into Fallujah. That was my crew. I was the gunner. I was returning fire before we even got the order to.”

My heart stopped as I looked my hero in the face, and the wood and twigs fell to the ground.

Shamelessly, I walked up to Duval and hugged him, “Thank you. Thank you so fucking much for what you did. What you and your crew did saved my life.”

Duval held me at arm’s length and squeezed my shoulder, “Oorah.”

“Oorah,” I replied and started to pick up the wood and wiped a tear from my eye. “Hey, your dog ran off in the direction of where I am camped out. If you don’t mind following me, I’d like to get your information and whatever info you have on the rest of the crew, if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, no problem, but it’s just me and the loader left,” Duval said.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

Duval pointed to his shoulder, “Four days after we helped you out, we were RTB for refit in an area thought to be secured already. Griggs, the tank commander, and Richards was our driver. The three of us were turned out as we drove back. Our loader, Willard, was tearing open some MREs for us to snack on. As he handed me a pack of crackers, an IED went off damn near on top of us. Griggs and Richards were killed instantly. Willard and that pack of crackers saved my life.”

“Fuck,” is all I could manage to reply.

Duval squeezed my shoulder, “I know, Bro. I know.”

We arrived back at my campsite and I set down the firewood next to the campfire. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a pen and paper and gave it to Duval to write down his contact information and the information of his loader. Handing it back to me, I stuffed it back into my backpack. I heard movement in the tent and I assumed Riza had woken up.

“AHHHH!” she screamed as she ran completely naked out of the tent, “WHAT IS THAT!”

In her moment of panic, she didn’t even pay attention to where she was running, tripped on a camping chair, and fell right into Duval. Duval caught her and she looked relieved until she realized it wasn’t me. She looked up, and her eyes went wide. She looked over and saw me and then back to Duval. I noticed her eyes glance up and down Duval’s body and she bit the bottom left of her lip. She does the same lip bite when she sees a hot guy on TV that she really likes. Her eyes looked over at me and she knew I saw the lip bite, and she turned a dark shade of red. Embarrassed, she covered herself with her hands as best she could manage.

“Don’t be shy, Babe. This is Lance Corporal Duval. He and his crew saved my life in Fallujah back in 2004,” I told her.

There it was again, that lip bite. *Naughty girl,* I thought to myself as I watched her hands fall to her side and she let Duval see her, *Look at you, Babe. You are practically fucking him with your eyes.* *I bet you already are wondering what his dick tastes like.*

“Duval, this is my fiance, and the mother of my unborn daughter, Riza,” I introduced

Duval nodded, “Morning ma’am.”

I watched again as Riza blushed. My attention was drawn by rustling in the tent, and a white chocolate lab emerged, panting and looking happy as can be.

“Lucy! There you are, girl!” Duval said excitedly as he knelt.

Lucy ran right up to him and he clipped the leash around her collar, “It was a pleasure to meet ya. Sorry to have disturbed you.”

“Stay! Have some coffee and breakfast with us?” I asked Duval as I leaned down and started to set up the campfire, “Please, I insist. After what you did for me, it’s the least I can do.”

Riza took the momentary distraction to slip back into the tent and get dressed. I glanced up and watched as Duval’s eyes tried to discreetly follow her into the tent. I can’t blame him for watching Riza. As sexy as she is, it’s hard not to look.

“I mean, if you insist, I guess I can stick around. I just don’t want to be rude,” Duval said as he petted Lucy.

“Nonsense! We’d be happy to have you! Ain’t that right, Riza?” I said as Riza came out of the tent wearing a bikini top and skin-tight breakfast elastic shorts with tennis shoes.

She blushed again, “Um, yes. Please join us, Duval.”

I got the fire going and placed the grating over the fire. I set two cast iron pans across the grating and let them heat up. Riza was reading a book as she sat back in her camping chair. I glanced up every so often and caught Riza’s eyes looking at Duval, and not her book. I grabbed the campfire coffee maker and realized I forgot to grab the water in the back of the truck.

“Hey Duval,” I said.

“What’s up?” he replied.

“Mind doing me a favor? I need to make some coffee and I forgot the gallon jugs in the back of my truck up there,” I indicated with my finger, “Mind grabbing one for me?”

“Yeah, no problem,” he said and took off towards my truck.

I added butter to the cast iron pans and called Riza over, “Hey Love, can you come here a second?”

She set her book down and stood next to me, “Sup, Baby?”

“You want to fuck him, don’t you?” I accused.

I watched her eyes go wide with surprise as she swallowed hard, “No. I told you that your cock is the only one I want.”

I forced my hand under her shorts and felt her swollen mound, and a sopping wet pussy coated my finger when I slipped it inside of her.

“Your pussy says you’re lying. You biting the side of your bottom lip says you’re lying. The peeking at him just above your book when you didn’t think I was looking says you’re lying,” I challenged.

I watched her swallow hard. She was caught, and she knew it. And she knew I knew it.

I smirked at her, “What if I told you that I can almost guarantee he would be down to fuck you?”

She bit the bottom corner of her lip again. Quickly, her hands flew up and covered her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Baby. Please don’t be mad at me,” she said, her eyes full of fear and concern.

I held her face in my hands and planted a soft kiss on her lips, “Riza, my Love, I’m not mad. I don’t care that you find other men attractive. All I care about is that at the end of the day, your heart still belongs to me, and your pussy is only touched by my cock and my cock only.”

She smiled up at me, looking relieved. and kissed me quickly, “I love you so much, Kurt. You’re so good to me.”


The breakfast was great. It was simple bacon and eggs with some coffee, but sometimes the basics hit the spot just right. I cleaned up, gathering paper plates and plastic silverware into a trash bag. As I cleaned up, I was extremely amused watching Riza and Duval steal a peek at each other when they didn’t think I or the other one was looking. Duval and I caught up a bit and discussed our time in the Marines. Riza was entertained by the conversation and tried to follow along, but she just couldn’t keep up with the jargon and soon went back to her book.

After eating and cleaning up, Duval and I took a walk down to the stream and started to skip rocks across the water. Lucy was having a ball splashing around in the water. I couldn’t help but notice Duval glancing back at Riza.

“So, Duval, got anyone special back at home?” I asked.

“Used to. Two years ago my old lady took off on a business trip with her boss and never came back. At least the bitch left Lucy to keep me company,” Duval said as he launched a rock into the stream that skipped twice before sinking.

“I’m sorry to hear that. After what you did, you deserve better,” I told him as I patted him on the shoulder. “You’re a fucking hero. She didn’t deserve you.”

“I’m no hero. We just did what we felt was right at the moment,” he said as he kicked a stone into the stream. “At least you did alright in the love department. You’re engaged to a beautiful woman who is crazy about you enough to have your baby. You’re a lucky guy.”

I glanced back at Riza, who looked up from her book, gave me a wave, and blew me a kiss.

“You have no idea. I’d move the heavens and the earth for that woman if she wanted me to. She was married when we met. It took a couple of years before I found out she felt the same way. We spent months sneaking around before her husband found out,” I said as I let out a long sigh, “It was all worth it in the end though. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how the fuck did a 311 infantry shithead like you end up with a knock-out bombshell model like her? I mean, dude, your girl is sexy as fuck,” Duval gushed.

“Easy,” I said as I looked at him sideways, “I love her as I’ve never loved anyone ever before. Which reminds me. You got plans for tomorrow morning?”

“Not really. What’s up?” he asked.

“Her birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to do something special for her, and I need some help,” I explained.

“Yeah, sure. I’d be happy to help,” he said as he tossed the rock down on the ground and scratched Lucy behind the ears. “That said, I need to get going. Apparently, I have a fence that I have to spend the rest of the afternoon fixing so a certain little lady doesn’t escape again.”

“Alright, Duval. You take care and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Duval waved to me and then to Riza and disappeared back into the woods. I walked back towards the campsite, and Riza set her book down as I approached.

“Have fun catching up? Duval seems nice,” she asked as her smile made my heart melt.

“I did. What are the damn odds that a crew member of the tank that saved my life in Iraq would randomly run up to me in the woods? I’m still trying to wrap my head around that,” I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

“I agree, that’s nuts. I feel like we should go buy a lottery ticket or something,” she giggled.

“I don’t know, Baby. I feel like I’ve already won the lottery with you. Millions of guys out there for you to choose from, but I am the one that got lucky. I’d rather not tempt fate more than I have to,” I told her as I knelt between her thighs.

“That’s because you’re the only man that has ever sweet-talked me like that,” she said as she pulled at the collar of my shirt and pulled me closer into her. “That and you have a one-of-a-kind dick. I swear your dick was made just for me. It’s the perfect fit.”

“Is that so?” I teased Riza as I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips repeatedly.

“It is so,” Riza giggled as my kisses moved down to her neck and she softly moaned. “If I didn’t know any better, Mr. Renolds, I’d say that you were trying to seduce me.”

I tugged on the waistband of her shorts, slowly sliding them down her thighs, “Oh Babe, I am going to do so much more than seduce you.”

Pulling the shorts from around her ankles, I tossed them into my chair. Riza spread her legs and placed one each on the armrest of the camping chair. My face was inches from her beautiful pink mound, and I could already smell her excitement. As her legs separated, her beautiful pink blossom bloomed in front of me. My mouth watered with anticipation as my tongue reached out, aiming for the growing puddle of her juices building up at her opening. I made a long, slow lick from her opening to her clit. She gasped and moaned loudly as my tongue touched her. I moaned as well, loving the flavor of her as my taste buds dance with the sweetness of her. My tongue came back out as it flicked up her clit. Riza gasped again and gripped my hair.

“Fuck,” she moaned loudly. “Oh Baby, keep eating my pussy like that and you can do whatever you want.”

Something about her sweet-sounding moans always got me hard as hell, and this time was no exception. I was rock hard and pushing hard against the fabric of my wranglers. I locked my lips around her sensitive pink button and sucked gently as I let my tongue play across it. I was driving her wild with my mouth as her body jerked and shuddered with pleasure. Every lick and swirl of my tongue made her moan and gasp. Her fingers gripped my hair tighter and tighter as she got closer to orgasm. My fingers played down along her thighs, tracing the curve of the bottom of her buttocks until I felt the soft wrinkles of her ass. I had only been eating her pussy for a couple of minutes, and already her ass was soaked with my saliva and her juices.

Very gently, I pressed my middle finger into her ass. Riza loved to use plugs and toys in her ass all the time and loved anal sex. She loved the full feeling it gave her. Her ass was soft, but tight around my finger as I slid inside of her. I could feel her pussy pulsing from the pleasure of my finger in her ass. She let out a long, quivering moan as my finger slipped inside of her.

“Oh fuck that feels so good, Baby,” she said through clenched teeth, “Don’t stop, please. Fuck you’re going to make me cum already.”

I sped up my tongue flicking and licking her clit. I fingered her ass, letting the thickness of my knuckle tease and please her sensitive pink asshole. I love the things Riza did when she was on the edge, the way her legs and hands tremble as her thighs tighten around my head. I love the adorable moans and whines of pleasure and euphoria she makes. Most of all, I love how she pulls at my hair and pushes my head and tongue harder against her pussy as she screams out in a release of pleasure as her orgasm ripples through her petite, delicate body. On top of all that, I love the look of pure ecstasy she has on her face after I finish making her cum with my mouth, especially when my lips and chin are still dripping with her wetness. All of that happens now, with the bonus of her tight little asshole pulsing around my finger. Riza grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me up to her. She kissed me deeply, affectionately, as she sucked on my bottom lip, tasting herself on my lips.

“God I need you to fuck me right now, Kurt,” she told me, licking her lips as she tasted herself some more.

I leaned up and unzipped my pants, letting my cock fall out as it landed on the soaked pink folds of her pussy with a wet slap. My hands were even off my zipper when she grabbed my shaft and pressed me into her. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she sank me all of the ways into her.

“Oh, God yes!” she screamed through clenched teeth. “Fuck I love how you stretch and fill every inch inside of me.”

I pulled on the string of her bikini freeing her swollen breasts and watched as they bounced with every deep thrust into her. She was pulling at the arm of the camping chair as the tip of my cock kissed her cervix with every thrust. Her pussy was soaked as I slid in and out of her. My cock glistened with her juices in the afternoon sunlight. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I moaned as her tightness and labia gripped my shaft greedily. Riza moaned and tugged at her nipples as I rammed in and out of her. I could feel her juices tracing down my shaft and dripping off of my balls as her little body craved more of my cock. The soft, velvety feeling of her walls teased every inch of me and I could feel myself getting close. She was moaning uncontrollably now and I knew she was getting close as well.

Her hands reached out and she grasped the back of my neck as she pulled me to her, kissing me greedily. The kiss didn’t last long and she had to breathe, every breath an adorable moan of lust and euphoria.

“I need it, Baby. I want it so bad,” she begged.

“You want me to cum?” I said softly.

She nodded her head, “Yes! I want you as deep inside of me as you can get. I want to feel you explode inside of me. Fuck, I need it so bad. My body craves your cum. Give it to me!”

Riza’s eyes rolled back as she moaned loudly and deeply. She was sucking her lips in as she tightened her legs around me. Seeing her so needy and desperate for my cum pushed me over the edge and I yelled out as my hips pushed her into the seat of the chair. Her poor little body was pinned between my cock and the seat as my cock pulsed and started to fill her with my seed. She screamed out as the first rope of cum spilled into her pussy and she went over the edge into her orgasm as well. As my cock pulsed and throbbed deep inside of her, her walls pulsed around me. It was a surreal experience and a rush of stimulations as she orgasmed while I was filling her pussy. It felt like her pussy was draining my cock of every last drop. My leg was shaking as the last bit of my cum filled my fiance, and yet my climax was still going. I held on until my climax subsided and collapsed onto Riza as we both started to come down at the same time.

For minutes, I held her and she held me to her. We were catching our breaths as we both started to giggle uncontrollably. Both of us had cum so hard, we were having sporadic shudders as our nervous systems came down from the rush of our climaxes. She would have one, and I would laugh. Then I would have one and then she would giggle about it. This went on for a few minutes until I lifted her, and spun her around, and sat in the chair with her sitting on top of me.

For the next hour, we kissed, slowly, sensually, and deeply and took turns staring into each other’s eyes. We said nothing to each other. Our love for each other spoke for us.

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