Kidnapping fantasy short sex stories

(I’m unable to post to the sexual fantasies subreddit for some reason, so I hope this is welcome 💕)

I love being blind folded. The thought of someone tying me up, blindfolding me, and just.. touching me makes me wet. I also love the fantasy of getting kidnapped and raped. (The FANTASY of it, the reality of it would traumatize me for life, because I’ve already been assaulted, that being said…)

I want someone to scoop me off the street and blindfold me, maybe stuff me in a van and take me to some motel in the middle of nowhere. He would shove me on the bed and bind my arms up by the bedpost. I would tremble and whine and try my best to back away from him, but he would roughly hold me in place, legs forced open.

He would pull off my leggings, revealing the fact I don’t wear panties, and the fact that while I’m terrified, I am very very turned on. He would then bunch up my shirt over my head, revealing my large, heaving chest. He would slice the thin part of fabric between the cups, my black bra falling off my breasts, hard nipples exposed. I would squeal in fear and lust, my traitorous nipples desperate to be pinched and licked and sucked.

And boy he would comply. I would feel breath over my trembling nipple, causing my pussy to ache, and then a warm hot mouth, sucking, licking, sending electricity down my spine. His other hand would squeeze and abuse my other nipple, bordering between pain and pleasure, all of it making my head spin as my senses are heightened from the blindfold. I never know where he’ll be next, and it makes me squirm with excitement.

After teasing my chest for what seems like an eternity, my pussy now drenched, he pulls away, and all I have hear is rustling. I would pant and wiggle, nervous as to what is about to happen next. I feel the bed dip, a presence entering my sense of surrounding. Then a hand on my leg, and another! He’s forcing them apart, bare thighs touching my own. I would seize up, knowing what’s coming.

His cock teases my weeping pussy, a chuckle from above as he calls me a slut, and who could blame him, I’m so horny for this. He won’t stop teasing me, barely entering me, laughing at my desperate whines, now so lost in the haze of needing dick to be shameful. He reaches down, playing with my chest again, causing my pussy to tighten, wanting to be full.

And then he enters me. He slams into me really, pressing against my crevix, but he won’t take time to savor being inside me, he’ll instantly start pounding away, strong hands on my hips, rocking me back against him. I would squeal and whine and beg for more, each thrust causing a new sound to escape my lips. I’m shamelessly loud, moaning like a whore when there’s a dick inside me. He pets my head, and my mind melts, an even sluttier sound leaving me as my gush around his cock, any thoughts except dick leaving my brain.

Eventually I would start to beg for his cum, hips grinding, voice whining, wanting to be filled. I want so much cum in me, I want to be stuffed with cum. Please cum in me please, I want to be dripping. My cries would send him over the edge, giving me exactly what I’m begging for. He would explode inside me, built up over years of dry shores, filling me so much it’s already spilling out of me. It would drop down my ass, making my twitching asshole wet. I would cry out yes cum yes! Squeezing my pussy around his cock to milk him dry, pulsing it as he cums.

Afterwards he would remove my blindfold and I see it’s my boyfriend and we kiss and make dinner and snuggle 💕

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