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***This is a fictional erotic story written by me, about me and from my point of view. You should not be reading this if you’re not of legal age, 18 in America, 21 in some other countries. I do not preface or end any of my stories with the explanation of how consent was given. Go to my page and read my pin with a full explanation as to why. This is my fantasy, not yours. You are not beiniim rg forced to read this, so if you choose to then be nice and enjoy. ☺️***

I have been looking for a part time position for a while when I finally get a notification to my email from LinkedIn saying “part-time paralegal needed.” I excitedly opened the email and clicked the think that took me to the post.

Part time office assistant needed – pay varies


*Must have office assistant experience
*Formal office wear required
*Needs to be able to work evenings and the occasional weekend
*Proficient typing skills
*Must be in need of money

Contact me at my email below with your resume and I will contact you if I am interested in doing an interview.

This all looks great to me so I clean up my resume and send it over to the email on the ad. About five minutes later, my phone lights up with a notification. I already have a response for the job, how exciting!

The emails says:

“Good afternoon, I have received your resume and looked at your LinkedIn. You seem to fit the requirements. Please meet me at my office, tomorrow at 11am.”

I quickly responded agreeing to meet and went to pick out my outfit for the interview. I could tell that professionalism would be important so I picked out my nicest pencil skirt, with a blue button up blouse, some black nylons, and heels.

The next morning, I pull up to the office building and get out. I walk towards the building, hoping the doors will be unlocked. I’ve never been asked to come in for an interview on a Saturday so I am not sure the doors would be unlocked. When I get to the door, they are locked but there is a speaker box and a button so I start there and press the button. Over the speaker I hear “come in” and the door clicks. I pull the door open and walk inside. I see a sign on the desk that says “interviewees go down the hallway, take your first left. Go up the elevator to the top floor. Once off the elevator, take another left and the interview will be in the conference room on the right.” I quickly pull out my phone to take a picture of the directions and then head that way. I walk into the conference room and see two men sitting and chatting with one another. They both stop and look up when I walk in and I freeze, “oh um, hi, I’m here for the…um I’m here for the interview at 11am. My name is -“ I was cut off by the man on the right “we know, welcome. Take a seat please.” I sat down in the chair across from them and got comfortable.

The second man said “hi there” flashing a huge smile. Neither one of them are necessarily attractive but they aren’t revolting. I think they’re in their forties, slightly graying. Both are taller, one has a beard but the other is clean shaven. “Hi” I respond back with a smile. “We are going to take turns asking you a series of questions, just relax and be honest.” I smiled again, assuring them to continue.

“Okay, so please give us a time when you followed directions without hesitation.”

I was really unsure how to answer that, I don’t really do anything that someone else wants me to do without hesitation. I had to think. I was taking too long though because I heard one of them clear their throats to clear the silence.

“Um, well I hate to burst your bubble but I don’t really have a good example for that. I ask questions and I don’t always complete tasks blindly. I like having information.”

One of them smiled at the other mischievously. “Okay. Would you say that you are a hands-on learner?”

“Oh yes. Definitely. I need to do it hands on to be able to do it correctly.” Again, they smirked at each other. “Is there something funny?” I was very confused.

“We are going to be honest. We want to fuck you. We are looking for an office slut, not an assistant. We know you’re desperate for the extra cash, in exchange for your silence & body, we will pay you very well.”

I was offended but curious, I say there unsure of what to do or say “I don’t understand. You posted a whole job seeking venture for this?! How would you even know that you would find someone you would interested in, you guys are crazy.” I started to get up and leave but the other guy said “you will be paid more then you make at your full-time job. Only one rule – you are free-use to us when you’re here.”

“What does that mean?” I asked. “It means that when you are here for a shift and when we want you, individually or together, you will make yourself available. We can discuss limits before sessions and you will sign a non-disclosure.” I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. On one hand, I really needed the money. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be their object either. “I need to think about it.” I responded. “Unfortunately the offer expires when you leave. So you need to decide. We will give you ten minutes.

I was now in the conference room alone. I thought about. If I talked to a lawyer and left all the information with them, then if anything happened to me then the lawyer could contact the police. I would have to hide it from my husband but he would be happy about the extra money. He was so excited about the interview. I decide that it can’t be that bad and decide to agree. They come back in and I tell them my requirements and that I agree. They smile and say “perfect. Come here.”

I walk to them and stand in front of them. “Take off your clothes, starting with your shoes, then your shirt, skirt, panty hose, bra and last your underwear.” I bent over and took off my heels, then stood back up and started to unbutton my shirt. It came off and they both were shocked to see that I didn’t have a bra on. My breasts are small enough that it doesn’t matter and isn’t very noticeable. “Such small titties” one of them said to the other, who laughed back. I glared at them. “Get used to it. We love degrading and humiliating a bitch. This is just the beginning.” I pulled down my skirt and stepped out of it. I pulled down my panty hose and took off one leg, then the other and finally my underwear. I’ve never been shy about being naked. I like it actually.

“Come sit on my lap.” I walk over and sit on his lap, while the other one hands me a phone. “Call the other people that had an interview and let them know that the position has been filled. There are two people.” I was kind of upset. “Wait, you were trying this with multiple people?!” They laughed “you didn’t think you were special, did you? You’re just a piece of meat for us to use. You’ll learn.”

I start to call the first one and as it begins to ring, the man who’s lap I’m on begins to reach his hand around to the front of my pussy. He begins playing with my clit. I squirm and the other picks me up and places me on the desk on my back when the woman answers “hello?” I quickly reply “hi there, I just wanted to call and inform you that the position has been filled. You won’t need to be here for an interview. Thank you, bye!” Then I hung up. The one that handed me the phone grabs the phone “that wasn’t very polite of you.” I was taken by surprise, laying on my back. The man in the chair stood up and put his hand on my throat “the next call will be much more professional and polite. Understand?” I nodded in agreement and was handed back the phone that was already ringing.

“Hello?” I was squirming through there wandering hands, just trying to focus. “Hi there, I’m with the company you have an interview with tomorrow.” She responded politely, waiting for me to explain why I’m calling. I was getting more wet, feeling one of them fingering me while the other played with my nipples. “I’m…calling to um, to let you know that I am unable to. I’m sorry I mean that, um the position has been filled.” She didn’t seem to mind which I was incredibly thankful for. “Okay, sound good. Thank you.” “You’re welcome, have a nice day.” Click.

“That wasn’t the best but at least you weren’t rude. Here sign the non-disclosure.” I did and they gave me a copy and $500. Great, I’m officially a prostitute. “Get dressed and get out. We will email you the contract and discuss your limited and the expectations.”

I got dressed and left, still very much taken back by the whole situation. However, I have another shift tomorrow evening.

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