It’s 3am, I must be lonely erotic short stories

I woke up in the middle of the night and found my mind…drifting. Getting over a messy breakup. Feeling frustrated and alone. Instead of leaving it in my head this time, I wrote it down. Was it for me? Was it for her? Who knows. Now it’s for you.


I want to see you again. I want to hold you and cuddle you and make you feel safe and protected and loved. I want to lay in bed with you and feel your weight on me as you’re wrapped in my arms. I want to bury my nose in your hair and inhale you and let you fill all of my senses up and silently rejoice in being yours again, if only for a little while.

I want to hold you there against my chest and kiss the top of your head, your hair, peppering you with slow, soft kisses. I want to run my fingers through your fine hair gently drag my nails over your scalp until I can feel the goosebumps starting to raise. I want to twirl your locks around my fingers and gently tug on them. I want to pull more firmly, raising your head and tilting your face toward mine so I can lean down and kiss your lips. I’ve missed feeling your lips on mine. I want to pull your bottom lip into my mouth and gently bite down. I want to cup your face in my hands while I kiss you. I want to push my tongue between your parted lips and let it play along the inside.

I want to drift to the corner of your mouth and then down your jaw to your neck. I want to kiss your neck and nibble at the tender flesh. I want to gently suck and pull the skin into my mouth, but not hard enough to leave a mark. I want to trace little circles with the tip of my tongue as I work my way up your neck to your ears. I want to flick your lobe with my tongue and pull it into my mouth, holding it between my lips while my fingers run through your hair again. I want to kiss your ears, nibbling up the outer edge and running my tongue down the inner ridge. I want to whisper into your ear, a quiet, wordless growl that teases at my longing for you.

I want to slowly kiss my way back down your neck, stopping off at your lips again to probe your growing desire before continuing my way down to your collarbone. I want to press my tongue against your skin and slowly draw it down the line of sensitive skin toward the valley of your cleavage, leaving light trails of saliva along the way. I want to cup your tits in my hands and feel their soft weight, flicking my fingers over your soft nipples while I kiss the space between. I want to squeeze them slowly and scrape my nails over them. I want to kiss the edges and slowly make my way toward the center while I roll one of your nipples between my thumb and forefinger, tugging lightly on it. I want to nip and nibble the soft skin on your tits, licking and sucking the on the skin as I make a circle all the way around. I want to run my tongue along the underside before finally making my way to your nipple with my mouth. I want to kiss you tenderly and circle your pink areola with my tongue and flick your nipple with the tip. I want to hold your nipple between my lips and tug on it once, twice, and I want to hear you gasp when I finally suck your tit into my mouth and baste it with my tongue. I want to keep playing with your other tit with my hand, slowly squeezing it in my palm and slowly pressing into the flesh with my nails. I want to hear you breathing harder as I begin to tighten my jaw while I suck as much of your whole tit into my mouth as I can, rapidly licking and flicking and pushing on your nipple with my tongue.

I want to hear you whimper when I release your tit, leaving a light indent of teeth marks behind as I kiss my way lower, slowly crisscrossing your soft tummy and leaving more glistening trails of saliva. I want to stop off at your bellybutton, lightly licking around the inner ring and poking my tongue inside, kissing your stomach while I fondle your tits some more, scraping my nails across the surface and pulling my hands toward the sides.

I want to keep making my down to your hip, gently nipping the skin with my teeth as I move down to your thigh. I want to slowly kiss all around your upper thighs while I drag my hands further down your torso, scraping my nails across the ticklish spots on your sides. I want to kiss my way down the front of your thigh as I keep raising goosebumps on your whole body with my nails. I want to kiss and bite the skin of your knee as my hands turn from lightly raking with my nails to gentle massaging around your hips and upper thighs. I want to kiss my way down your leg to the top of your foot, reversing course, and licking my way back up your leg. I want to draw my tongue over your skin in one long, smooth motion as I come back up, gently pushing your legs apart so I can access the soft flesh of your inner thigh. I want to lick and nibble the skin along the inside of your thigh, biting with more intensity. I want to kiss my way up to the sensitive fleshy spot below the hip joint and bite down, hard enough to leave bite marks and elicit a low yelp from you. I want to suck on the inside of your thigh, making a vacuum with my mouth. I want to leave a single mark in that secret place, dark enough not to fade for a few days at least, something for your eyes only so that you’ll be sure to remember me later when you’re gone again. When you first catch sight of it tomorrow or the next day, I want you to shiver involuntarily as you remember what comes next.

I want to kiss my way from your thigh inward, making sure to get just close enough to your outer lips to make sure you know I’m teasing you as I make a circle up and over, kissing that soft patch of fine fuzz as I make my way to your other leg, kissing the inner thigh and making my way down your leg again, raising goosebumps with my nails as I go. I want you to whine with impatience as I reach the top of your other foot and lick my way back up your leg again, even more slowly than before. I want to hear you sigh as I rub the outside of your thighs with my hands and dig my nails in, raking them across your skin while I kiss your inner thigh back up to the join where your legs meet your torso.

I want to kiss and lick that little thatch of peach fuzz again while I take a moment to fondle your tits some more, reaching my arms all the way back up to tweak your nipples. I want to slowly run my tongue down that crevasse between your legs. I want to roughly push your legs open, spreading them apart to expose as much between your legs as I can, kissing and licking and nipping at every centimeter as I make my way toward the middle, agonizingly slowly. I want to pause and inhale, taking in the smell of you, letting it fill me. I want to nudge your labia with the tip of my nose with slow stroking motions while I scrape the insides of youth thighs with my nails. I want to lay my face against the skin of your inner thigh, tickling you with my beard. I want to lick and suck on every bit of skin around your outer lips, gently sucking the skin into my mouth right up to the edge of the labia.

I want to kiss you there, pressing your glistening lips against mine. I want to hear you gasp as I lick my tongue up the outer edge of your exposed labia in long stroking motions. I want to put my mouth around both of your lips, pressing them together with mine before gently forcing my tongue between them. I want to finally taste you as I lick inside of you, just barely probing between your labia with my tongue. I want to kiss your labia again, puckering my lips against them and massaging them as I exhale my warm breath against them. I want to lick back around the outside, running my tongue up near the hood of your clit, just gliding over it with my tongue and back down the other side, warming it with my breath. I want to kiss your lips again, and I want to hear you gasp as I finally plunge my tongue all the way in-between them. I want to lick the inside of your pussy, exploring your tight, wet hole. I want to nudge your clit with my nose, rubbing it back and forth while I lick you inside, greedily drinking you in.

I want to look up and watch the expressions play across your face while I hold you down, keeping your legs splayed open even as you push back, trying to clamp your thighs around my ears. I want to feel you running your fingers through my hair, desperately searching for something to hold onto while I lick you mercilessly, massaging your outer lips with my tongue and rubbing your clit with my nose. I want to hear your deepening moans get louder as I find the perfect rhythm and your wordless gasps turn to cries of pleasure, telling me right where you like it. I want to slide my arms under your legs and lift your hips up, feeling your thighs finally closing around my head. I want to feel your legs flexing against the sides of my face, steering me with your thighs as if you were riding a horse. I want to find the perfect rhythm, working my whole head in concert with your body. I want to feel you holding onto me, trying to bury my face in you almost like you’re trying to suffocate me in your pussy. I want to let you be my whole world in that moment as I lick you and kiss you, rubbing you with my nose and thrusting into you with my tongue.

I want you to ride my face while you’re lying on your back. I want to lower your hips back down and take one gasp of air as I tilt my face up, readjusting so that I can clamp my mouth around your clit. I want to feel your fingers clutching and pulling at my hair and hear you crying out loud enough for the whole house to hear as I lick and suck on you, I want to feel you throbbing and pulsing in my mouth as a familiar sensation starts to grip you. I want to hear your rapid breathing, telling me not to stop, to stay right there. I want to stay there for what feels like forever as the pressure and heat builds in you. I want to hold onto you while you hold onto me as the feeling mounts, deeper than anything you’ve ever felt when you were alone with just your hand, more intense than when we were holding each other together and I would use my hand. I want to rock your whole body back and forth as I keep up that perfect rhythm with my tongue, pushing and pulling with the vacuum of my lips. I want to feel you shudder when it finally breaks, the climax ripping through your entire body and rolling over you in spasmodic waves of pleasure.

I want to release my mouth’s hold on you as your legs release their vise on my head and your trembling fingers relax their death grip on the fistfuls of my hair. I want to slide back up next to you as you lay panting on your side. I want to wrap my arms around you and spoon with you from behind as you bask in the afterglow. I want to feel the tension knotted throughout your body relax as you settle into my arms to recover. I want to hold you and stroke your hair as you calm down, mewling softly.

I want to let go when you’re ready, then move my face back down to your feet. I want to look up the length of your body, glistening with sweat. I want to lick slowly up your whole leg. with the flat of my tongue in long, smooth motions. I want to lap up all the sweat with my tongue, making sure this time not to leave trails of saliva in my wake, up one leg and then the other. I want to bathe you with my tongue, up your belly, around your tits up to your neck. I want to run the flat of my tongue underneath and then over your tits. I want to roll you onto your front and start again from the bottom I want to lick up the back of your calves and thighs, gliding over your butt cheek up your back, all the way to your shoulder. I want to lick the whole length of the back of your body in long, smooth strokes, from one side to the other.

I want to roll you onto your back again and lay down beside you. I want to nestle my face in the crook of your neck and nuzzle you for a few moments. I want to slide my arm under your neck and prop myself up to gaze into your eyes. I want to bend down and kiss you, softly at first. I want to hold the back of your head with my other hand and pull you deeper, pushing all of my pent-up desire into my lips. I want to wrap you in my arms and hold you, biting down on your lower lip until I can feel your nails digging into my arm. I want to release all of my frustration, my resentment, my hurt into your lips and let it pass from me. I want to let go, and pull back, and kiss your forehead. I want to lay back down and hold you. I want to stroke your hair as you lay with your head on my chest. I want to gently play my fingers across your skin with my other arm as we both drift off to sleep.

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