It was my [f] birthday last night and I got fucked.. non-fiction sex stories

It was my 25th birthday last night and shit got wild. I love to have fun and get loose but last night really got out of hand.

I’ll admit straight up. I don’t remember most of it. But the parts I do remember were, shots, shots, strip club and then waking up next to the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

I woke up this morning and immediately saw a room I didn’t recognize with a guy I didn’t know. I lifted the sheet up and had a peak and his abs ran down to this large sleeping monster. Its was soft and thick but easily 5 or 6 inches big. I just stared in disbelief untill that familiar tingle started to rise.

I duck my head under the sheet and immediately start worshipping this perfect cock. I went long and slow and soon it had grown to the most perfect size of 9-10 inch and he was clearly awake.

Whats his name reached down and grabbed one of my big tits and started pinching my nipples and then the wetness got to much in between my legs. I threw the sheet back and started climbing up his body. Looking down at it in lust and just dropped my tits in his face as I line up his perfect dick.

He pushes fowafd and I realise why I had woken up sore. He nearly split me in half.. I grabbed the headboard above him and just let him go inside me. After the baseball bat was finished and fully inside me I finally opened my eyes and just went to town. About 20 minutes and half a dozen orgasms later he had gotten me on my back, legs on his shoulders, and my screams waking half the building untill he finally came. In what was like a fire hose he shot rope after rope over my tits, stomach, pussy, I looked like a yoghurt truck had crashed on me.

I lay back, happy, satisfied and covered in cum. And then asked him his name. He just laughed and told me not to worry about it..

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Me before things got naked…

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