Important dates in cuckold relationship. short sex stories

During the last months we had some important dates, and I want to tell you how we celebrated them according to our lifestyle.

These dates were January 20th our anniversary, February 14th Valentine’s day and February 28th her birthday.

For the first time we spent our anniversary at home, fore the pandemic restrictions. We took a day off from work and we spent the morning sleeping late in our bed, and then we ordered some food to eat at home for lunch. It wasn’t a day when I had my chance to cum ( every two weeks ), so in the afternoon we had some different fun. We spent the afternoon in our bed and I thought about her pleasure. We kissed romantically for a lot of minutes and then I liked every inch of her body. I licked her feet, her legs and I sucked her tits. I ate her asshole and pussy, and I went on fingering her and giving her oral sex until I made her cum in my mouth. I was really happy for being able to give her pleasure and for spending some intimate moments together. It was also a bit difficult, because I was so excited, but I couldn’t received nothing from her, but giving her pleasure, also with my tongue and hands is really beautiful too.

After that we had a shower together, when we kissed a lot more under the water, ( she never touched my cock not even for a second ) and we cocked dinner together spending the evening watching films and sleeping together in our bed.

It was a really nice day because I could stay with her for the all day and we were only me and her, a really good feeling. I’m also happy because I was able to give her so much pleasure during our afternoon and she told me that she really appreciated that and she enjoyed so much.

But she also missed the real sex to complete the celebrations she said, so the they after her bull come to our home to “ complete the work “, and he fucked her in our bed while I was at work. She said that she really loved celebrate in that way!

The second episode was on Valentine’s day, during the day we were a bit busy, so we celebrate the day in the evening.

We stayed in our home, me, my girlfriend and her bull. We all had dinner together and then we had some fun.

I had to be already naked and her bull stripped my girlfriend in front of me while they kissed each other and he touched all her body. Then my girlfriend was lying down naked on our bed and he ordered me to lick her feet while they were kissing. After that my girlfriend had positioned herself in doggy style, and he ordered me to lick her asshole while she was blowing him. Then he told me to lick a bit her pussy too and afterwards he said me to sit in a corner and to watch them. So he started fucking her asshole in doggy style, and then he sat on our bed and she sat on him, and he put his dick in her pussy and they started fucking in this positions, kissing each other for really a long time! He finished coming in her pussy, giving her a huge creampy, and after that he allowed me to jerk me off and to cum on her shoes. I was really so excited and when I got on my knees for jerking me off on her shoes I immediately cum, in less then 15 seconds I think!

Then they spent the night together in our bed, and I had to move in our guest room. During the night I clearly heard them fucking again. And in the morning when I left home for work they were still in our bed.

The last episode was on February 28th, her birthday, and I have to say that she received really a strong party.

In the afternoon her bull and his friend come to our home to give her their presents. Substantially the present was a threesome with them and her in our living room on our sofa while I watched them from an armchair.

They started all standing, and while my girlfriend was kissing his friend, her bull was undressing her, then she got on her knees and she started blowing them while they were seated on the sofa. After that they started fucking her, her bull in her ass and his friend in her pussy. Seeing that scene was unreal, one of the strongest emotions of my life!

His friend come first deep inside her pussy, so he passed in her mouth while her bull started fucking her pussy too. After few minutes he come in her pussy too, adding his cum to the one of his friend, giving her really an incredible creampy! I clearly sow huge amount of cum going out from her extremely stretched pussy!

Afterwards he allowed her to give me a hand job, while I fingered her pussy as she was still sucking her bull’s friend cock. I felt her pussy really wet and full of cum with my fingers, that was really a strange thing, really difficult to explain, and a few moments later I come on her stomach really really hardly!

At the end me and her bull stay in the living room taking some drinks, and my girlfriend and his friend went in our bedroom for a final round.

Finally they went home and we spent the night sleeping together in our bed.

I give you a really short update on how our second year of lifestyle is going.

In my chance to receive a release from her every 2 weeks, I had the chance to have sex with her on February 8th ( my birthday ), March 6th and march 27th. The other times I received releases by blowjob or foot job, and mostly by hand job.

In the last month her bull insisted a lot with his desire to put on me a chastity device, but I refused again for now, so in my 2 chances of April I received only 2 hand job ruined on the floor. But on May 3rd I fully come with a foot job on her feet.

How do you celebrate your important dates in your cuckold relationships?

Feel free to ask me what you want, D.

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