I(f19) was gropped on my bus last Friday sexual confession

I (f19) got groped on my bus ride home today, I kinda liked it..

So I take the bus to and from work, today it was super packed so I was standing in the back, slightly twords the middle. When I felt a hand rub my ass. I realized I was probably being nuts and someone’s bag bumped me or somthing…then I felt the hand squeeze and then put his hand between my thighs, up against y crotch. I it gave me goose pumps and I looked backwards it was a older man in his like 40-50’s with a smile. I wasn’t sure what to do,but he starts rubbing my crotch. I reached down to grab his hand to stop him. But once I grabbed his wrist he started grinding up against my ass. I let go of his hand and kinda froze? I wasn’t sure what to do..but it was starting to turn me on a lot. I felt him getting harder as he dry thrusted against my ass…I stood there and let it happen getting more wet and more wet. Still I felt him cum…it was such a turn on. Photo is of what I was wearing


19 thoughts on “I(f19) was gropped on my bus last Friday sexual confession”

  1. Yo wtf… That’s sexual assault and this man should have been called out the second he put his hand onto you

  2. Ma’am, that’s just sexual assault, please reach out to family members or someone you trust to talk about and get some help

  3. I was on a bus once sitting and a women who was standing came over snd put her clit right on my knee. I too was so unprepared for it I just froze. Got majorly turned on but was too shy to act on it. She got off at her stop like it was nothing.

  4. I love it! Spark that kinky wild side! Now we gotta see the view from the back! Those leggins look pretty irresistible!

    Check out my post of a different but similar public situation! Makes ya feel alive doesn’t it! We are naturally sexual beings! I say express yourself!

  5. That’s so hot. I’ve always wanted to do that but didn’t want to get arrested! Very cute outfit and you’re very sexy.


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