I(F18then 22now) sucked off my bf(19then 23now) while he was on the phone with his mom adult confession

(I’m a long haired ginger, size D tits and a bit tall with curves in all the right places)
So this was a few years ago with my bf of the time. I was 18 and he was 19. I went up for the weekend to visit him at college and his mom had no clue I would go visit him every other weekend. To this day she has no clue I’d fuck him every time I went up there. She still thinks he’s a virgin (bless her heart).
So now the fun part! I was sitting in his dorm with him play video games with only a tank top and black lace panties on. He then gets a call from his mom (who has no idea im there) and she starts yelling at him because she found a condom in his car(had to leave car at home, college rules). She thinks he is having sex before marriage, lol, and she’s a southern Christian. He’s on the phone telling her he’s never had sex before, lol, and that it was just given to him randomly. We always raw dogged it, so who needs a condom anyways!
Well I had a devilish idea…. I pulled down his boxers and started kissing up his thigh and playing with his balls. He gives me a “what are you doing look?” And I just held my finger up to my lips and mouthed for him to stay quiet… he was already getting hard from me kissing on him so I started licking his shaft up and down and put his head in my mouth softly sucking on it. I looked up at him and he’s biting his lip and trying to sound normal on his call. I then take all 8inchs in and deep throat him, he sharply breathes in a tries to hide his moan. I start bobbing up and down on his cock trying to get him to moan loudly. He’s trying so hard to end the call, but she won’t stop talking! Im deep throat throating him and gagging on his big cock, and he grabs my hair and guides my head up and down while sometimes holding my head down while I deep throat him till I have to come up for air. Finally his mom is saying good bye to him and is convinced that he’s still a virgin, and he shakily says bye and hangs up. I look up at him and smile and lick his cock from the base all the way to the top. He growls at me, pulls me up, and pushes me against the table. He pulls my panties off and gives me a sharp slap against my ass. He laughs and said, “you are so fucking naughty, do you want me to fuck you till you scream kitten?”
I moaned out, “oh fuck yes, show me what this virgin can do…”
He laughed and quickly pushed all 8ins of his cock in me from behind. He starts fucking me hard and rough and pulls my hair while having one hand firmly on my ass. He slaps my ass as he’s pounding my pussy, then pulls me up by my hair, grabs my tits and bites on my neck. He puts his hand on my throat and whispers in my ear, “do you want me to come deep inside you, my naughty girl?”
I moan out, “oh please baby, I want you so fucking badly!” He then pushes me back down on to the table and starts slamming me from behind. He has both hands tightly on my ass, and I feel him getting close. He thrust in me a few more times and then fills my pussy full of cum! He slowly pulls out and slaps my ass one more time. I stand up and feel some of his cum dripping down my leg, and I look at him and laugh saying, “wow your fucking amazing for a virgin!” He smiled and said, “well I guess I get a lot of practice…”
To this day I bet his mom still thinks he’s a virgin, and I have fucked him while his parents were in the room next door…..

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