I[f] they have already seen me naked, what was the harm? non-fiction sex stories

This is another true story that I shared with my husband in the last year, and he always loves to ask questions. So I’ve been able to cobble together most of how I remember it, but I’m sure some of the quotes are a bit off.

In college, I dated a guy on and off for nearly three years. We met as residence assistants in the same dorm. It started out with some casual makeout sessions after a work meeting to full on friends with benefits (fwb) and then we hung out so much it felt more like dating, but with less baggage.

Anyways, that first year, the fwb and I grew very close and he also became close friends with residents on his floor. Such good friends that they decided to get an apartment together for the next 2 years, 4 guys in total. I was around so much those two years I was also adopted into the group of friends. Often the awkward third, fourth or fifth wheel, the only girl to join them at a movie or concert, or most commonly hanging at their place watching nerdy sci-fi shows or going to the bar. They all flirted with me, but the guy I fooled around with was the only cute one and the other guys were a bit nerdier and reserved. The typical flirting was a simple sexist comment or an occasional ass slap played off like I’m just another one of the guys, but let me clarify… I am not boyish, I’m actually quite the opposite. It was really more funny because of who his roommates were. They weren’t suave and picking up ladies at the bar, they were reserved and awkward around girls and I was one of the only girls they interacted with on a regular basis. In fact, I was the one always trying to push them to talk to a girl at the bar or give pointers on their outfits, etc

Over those three years, we had all grown very close and when it was time for my fwb to move out due to graduation, I still had a summer of classes to finish and his three roommates were sticking around because they had a full year lease on the apartment and jobs already lined up along with a few classes. Two of the roommates were a year younger in age, and the last was on the 5 year plan. Knowing it was only a few months and college housing is really odd in the summer, they asked me to stay in their apartment and take over my fwb’s old room. It felt natural and I was able to avoid subletting and moving in with a weirdo, so I accepted the offer.

The first few months of living with them was as expected, we had some parties and went to the bar a lot. More drinking than any other semester at college. Living arrangements were positive. The guys flirted a bit more because they would see me in a towel or watch me fold clothes and see my bras which would spur their comments. It helped my ex fwb was also not around. As an example, We’d often play beer pong to pre-game for the bars and without fail, someone would say it’s “strip beer pong”even though I was the only girl. I always brushed it off, but on one occasion I flashed my bra after getting demolished in a game 10-1 and feeling like I deserved a penalty. They all cheered like it was the best thing ever and couldn’t stop talking about it for a week. Outside of that, the first few months were pretty straightforward

As we hit august, and with only a few weeks of summer left along with my college experience, I learned something new and surprising that changed the roommate dynamic.

After getting back from the bar one night, we all were a bit drunk, but still pouring drinks at home and with “dumb and dumber” on in the background. I remember that specific movie playing because I remember it being awkward at one point. The guys were teasing me saying I should entertain them by stripping and that they had already saw me lounge around many days in my towel, which was true, and that they saw me flash my “sexy” bra when I lost beer pong that time, earlier in the summer. Per usual I just played it off like they couldn’t handle it and replied saying “in your dreams, boys”, and that’s when one of them chimed in with “or on our phones.” I immediately became alarmed and started asking what he meant by his comment, probably a bit drunk and a little aggressive. Cornered, he explained himself.

His story was that back in the dorms when I was starting to date their friend, my fwb had shared a couple of pictures with them. He continued explaining that they were just a handful of underwear selfies and nothing more. Curious and also wanting to know how exposed I was, I inquired to see what he was talking about. He took out his phone and fidgeted for a minute, then showed me his picture gallery. In it, there were 3 photos. All of the pictures were from a series that I was familiar with and I was very aware that there were more than just three photos in set, but these were the mostly tame, and the lingerie was full coverage. One was me doing a mirror selfie and the phone was covering my face. The next I had my waist turned and you could see the back was a thong and the garter straps in back holding up my pantyhose. The last was a close up of my chest. The lighting was actually really great on that one so I was proud of it and not ashamed they had it. I didn’t like the ones that had my face and asked him to delete. Which he quickly agreed to.

As he was deleting I realized the photos had just been downloaded from somewhere because they were in the most recent part of his photo library, so I asked him to show me the text chain with my ex sent them. As he gets there, I grab the phone and start going through it. Mostly it’s just talk from the summer and about him coming to visit the final weekend, which never happened . When I got back to the beginning of summer, I saw the first photo of me, and it was the one with my waist turned alongside a comment that said “enjoy her,” from the my ex fwb. This single picture was preceded by discussion of the summer housing plans and if everyone was comfortable with me moving in.

For a second I assessed the situation. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, the pictures were not bad, and not any more risqué than a bathing suit. Plus I trusted these three guys now that they were my roommates and I didn’t blame my ex fwb because it seemed lighthearted and more funny. Then I realized it was only the single picture again. So I continue scrolling and not too much further I came across the other two pictures, and about 5 more from the series, which included a couple topless pics.

I immediately called out my roommate and the other two knew they were caught. They all started chiming in that they “didn’t ask for them,” and that they “would never share them,” and how I “look great in all of them.” As I continued scrolling I came to learn there were dozens of photos passed of me in their text chain over multiple years. It seemed my ex fwb had some discretion as they all appeared to be basic topless photos or me in underwear and if I was topless, he cropped my face out of them. You could still tell it was me because the previous pictures in the set were clearly the same room and underwear. Either way, nothing could stop me from being furious as I learned more, but I didn’t know who to be mad at. I ended up storming off to my room with my roommates awkwardly silent as I walked away and dumb and dumber blasting …hence why I remember. I ended up texting and yelling at my ex fwb, which helped get some of my frustration out. I also realized I didn’t even ask for my roommates to delete any of the pictures they had, and the more I thought to ask, the more I realized it was futile with backups that im sure they had and maybe I felt they should do it if they thought it was “right.” Which was actually a possibility with these guys and the situation.

The next morning I woke up to the group making breakfast, not unlike many drunken mornings. As soon as I came out they started groveling. It was hard to be mad at them as they made light of the situation and continued to complement me and tell me how much they looked forward to my ex fwb sharing with them. And that it was all driven by their friend (my ex), etc. Things never went back to normal for a few days, but it got close. There were only a few weeks left so we made it work and it became more of a joke around the apartment, again often resulting in the request for me to strip or “feel free to walk around in my underwear now that you know we’ve already seen it”

The last 2 weeks pass and we decide to go out for a big final night on my last weekend as a roommate and in college. I start getting ready early which then has me sitting in the living room with a towel on between the shower I took and applying my makeup, but I had 20 mins to spare. My roommates are starting to drink and prepare for the night as well and one of them puts his camera on the table, which was uncommon. I asked what it was for which he responded by saying “it’s our final weekend as this crew, and I never use this enough…why, did you want to model off your towel”. I guess I should have seen that coming. This spurred the other two to chime in, reminding me they have already “seen me naked” and “can revisit them when they want,”which only reminded me that those dozens of images are in their permanent possession. They continued to push on the situation by stating “It’s the last weekend together and I’m leaving “forever”” or that “it would be funny to send something back to my ex fwb.” I lean into the teasing and tease back saying that he’d be so surprised, and I wonder what he would think. They continue to push and I finally dismissed myself. As I walked away, I hear them ask if I was annoyed or if they went too far, but I was actually entertaining teasing them with something.

In my room I decided to put on my sexier underwear and matching bra, which is what I would wear out for the night. I then re-wrapped myself in the towel. After a few minutes I walk back out to the main room, where I was met with another group apology. It appeared they errored on the side of offending me. As they apologize I take advantage of this and say, “it’s fun to a point, but can be uncomfortable,” and As they all are looking at me, ashamed, I decide to quickly pull my towel apart and flash my bra and underwear really quickly while saying “just kidding.”

This immediately changed the room back to the fun we were having just a few minutes earlier. They all commented with surprise and disbelief, all coming to the consensus I should do it again since it was too fast. One of them grabbing the camera from earlier. He then challenged me by saying, do the quick flash and he’ll try to get a picture, which we all agreed would be hard because of the speed of cameras and the how fast I flashed. So I agree, he holds up the camera they count down from 5. At 1, i pull the towel knot, exposing my underwear for only a split second. He quickly notes that he was too early and shows a picture of me in a towel on the little screen. They pleaded for a second try which i agreed to. At this point It was feeling fun, they seemed to really enjoy it and the first picture was so off I knew they couldn’t capture it. He again lifts the camera and they do a slower countdown. On time, I flash my underwear again, maybe slightly slower on my end this time. The two cheer again and the one with the camera fiddles for a second. We go look and he begins laughing as he shows a 6 second video of the last two second of the countdown and my underwear flash. While we all have a laugh and have fin for a second, I tell him it’s clever but make him delete it in front of me. They all laugh and groan, but it did get deleted. Now with the room immediately less jovial, I offer that they can take a picture that we can send my ex fwb as consolation. I had qualified it by thinking

1) They had pictures already
2) We were all having fun and I didn’t want to wreck the mood
3) I was curious what my ex fwb would say and wanted to make him a little jealous.

We set it up as the same picture, only this time I opened my towel in the middle of the living room and held it out with a smile on my face and a little leg tilt for a pose. I heard the camera shutter click , but held the towel out and decided to turn to the side and show off a little of the thong. The other two roommates immediately cheered and the one with the camera readjusted and I heard another click prompting me to close the towel again. We all walk over to the camera and he flips back and forth between them. They both turned out decent enough. At this point we decide to load them up and send them out to my ex with a comment to the theme of “[my name] has been a great roommate this summer”

Once sent we all went back to getting ready. The camera was on the table and a few times I would see one of the the guys pick it up and look at the pictures, which I thought was actually hot to see. I could tell it was hard for them to hide their excitement walking around.

We head out to the bars and have a great night. Everyone is in a good mood from the pre-game festivities, and midway through the night one of them says that my ex fwb emailed back and read the comment “she looks great, but I believe we’ve both have seen her in that before” and attached a photo of me in the same lingerie, but pulling a side of the bra down to expose my breast and he included my face for the first time. The guys all respond with awe and I see them individually pull out their own phones to take a better look. I’m embarrassed but at this point it’s been the topic for hours so I go along with it, and actually note that I was hoping he would be more jealous in the response. The roommates were happy no matter what, especially with the latest photo. The night continued and was really one of the best nights at the bar the whole summer. We all came home drunk and laughing down the street.

When we get back to the apt., two of the roommates pour a night capper and I changed into my pajamas. The other roommate couldn’t make it any longer and passed out minutes after getting home. Once comfortable we all congregated in the living room and continued talking about the night and summer. While casually chatting I notice one of the two has the camera and is focused deeply on the screen. I gasp jokingly and tell him to not be so obvious, and he responded asking if that bra was see-through as he was zooming in on the small screen. When I told him no, he asked me to prove it cheekily, which I responded that I changed into comfy clothes for the night, and I showed him the bra strap to my comfy “cherry” bra which is just a comfy white bra with cherries all over it. Being across the room, he responds saying he couldn’t really see, so I quickly lifted the bottom of my pajamas and flash my bra. I was shocked by my own quick response and so were they.

The vibe was winding down until that moment when they both perked back up. They asked for me to do it again, which I did and then heard a click and noticed that he took another picture. It caught me off guard, but instead of lowering my shirt top, I turned toward the camera and smiled while he took another, and then another. The other roommate said “we should wake up [roommate 3], he’d be mad if he missed this” which the other roommate responded with “you snooze you lose”. He then stood up and seemed more confident than I have seen him act before. With the camera pointed at me, he provided direction to lay down, I oblige while leaving my shirt lifted to my neck and my breasts filling out my bra. I hear a few more shutter clicks and then lower my pajama shirt again.

The next 15 minutes was the culmination of a long night of sexual tension, the right level of drunkeness and the timing of my college departure that drove my actions. As they groaned when I lowered my short top, I responded by saying “I’ll do a better one, but it has to be my rules.” I then outlined my guidelines

I’ll do a topless photo but you have to do the following
1) I get to choose one to share with the ex fwb to see if I can get a better reaction.
2) no additional sharing, even with the sleeping roommate unless I agree.
3) no video or tricks
4) try not to get my face which was still in the nights makeup.
5) no touching

The two roommates agreed as they would have to anything I offered and you could tell they were super excited.

I got up from the couch and moved over to the corner where my bedroom door was. I turned around to face away from them and lifted my shirt over my head and undid my bra which had a front clasp. The room was completely silent except for a rerun of Seinfeld on in the background. I turned my neck to look back, one was on the couch staring with a big grin and the other had the camera in the ready position. I used my hands to cover my breasts and turned around. Immediately I heard the shutter click, and I wasn’t ready. I reminded him to cut it below the face and give me a sec and then shifted into a couple poses. About 3 more clicks and I ask if him if we got a good one while I turned back around, still covering up. He responds saying “it’s a little weird to have your pajamas bottoms and then no top. You should take those off.” While it was clever I also could understood his perspective since the pjs were simple sweat pants with stains on them and not really sexy. Without a verbal response to him, I dropped my pants and kicked them to the side. This left me covering myself with my hands and only wearing pink cheeky boy shorts. They were pretty full coverage so it never really made me flinch. The one without the camera nearly fell over and the one with the camera immediately clicks the shutter. I pose a few more times and he provides direction to turn a little or stick my butt out, or push the boobs together more. What should have been a second felt like a minute of posing, but I was so comfortable at that point, I just sort of followed his direction.

When he finally said “I think we have it,” I responded stating “I have an idea for one” which I then repositioned my hair to replace my hands and slowly removed my arm. My hair was long but I knew that I was a bit more exposed than with a bra. A stayed really still to avoid my hair shifting. While he takes another couple pictures, the other roommate says “my perspective is great, you should get one from here” I realized that I was so focused on the camera I forgot that the side view could see almost everything except maybe the nipple. I readjust and tell him he got lucky. Blurting that it “wasn’t fair,” the one with the camera moved over to that angle and acknowledged the view improvement and then quickly snuck a picture. At that point I was expecting it from him and made the decision to let things progress. The shutter click suddenly got me to start posing again and he was giving direction like ealier. I smiled as he continued shooting, and started moving more, adjusting my arms and hands to cover me in different ways. Spinning and leaning against the wall. Pushing my boobs together. He had me use one arm to cover and then pull on the side of my panties. Being limited in my hands, he even asked the other roommate to move my hair one time and to adjust my panties so they looked better. While this was against the rules I allowed it as it wasn’t really sexual.

For the next ten minutes, I continued to pose and even moved to my bedroom after the suggestion to do a couple bed poses. I started on my knees but moved around a lot. Getting on all fours, leaning forward, bending over.
I did a decent job covering at first and doing “implied nude” poses at his direction, but I quickly became more relaxed as the shoot continued. The shutter just kept clicking and I lost track of the individual shots. I knew some were well timed enough to catch me uncovered, and my roommate without the camera kept walking around the room and I knew he was seeing everything that the camera couldn’t. He seemed very strategic and would give my roommate with the camera suggestions for angles , like when he asked him to come to the other side of the bed so he could get shots of me crawling away from them with my ass pushed out. Most of the time I just simply obeyed their direction and as we continued, I lost my inhibitions and stopped trying to cover myself while also getting a lot more into my poses, teasing by pulling on my underwear, putting my finger in my mouth and sucking on it, grabbing my crotch, squeezing my boobs together. Time flew by, I went through dozens of poses, and the camera had at least a hundred images on it

We started to repeat poses and I finally realized it was a good time to stop, which I told them, and then casually got up to put my bra and pajamas back on. While I walked back into the main room to grab my bra, I heard the camera shutter again. And him say “perfect,” while I shot him an angry glance reinforcing that I was done with pictures. He walked over and showed it to me as I was still trying to get my bra over my boobs. When I looked , it really was a great picture of me walking through the apartment topless and with just my boy shorts on. Because it was candid, we thought it actually was the best picture to send my “ex fwb” which we did with a caption of something along the lines of “ you inspired her this last month”

It was really late and we decided to call it a night. We all acknowledged it was a fun experience but that it stays between us. Per the rules. We agreed on 3-4 images additional images they could share with the ex fwb and sleeping roommate, but the rest had to remain between them.

The next morning we received a response from my ex fwb which is more satisfying and was along the lines of “holy shit…for real?” Followed by dozens of questions. Wanting to know more about the situation and picture. The sleeping roommate beats himself up the reeler of that week for falling asleep, but he doesn’t even know what he missed. The two that were part of the experience stayed quiet that week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have all shared the series and talked about that night now that it has been a number of years and they are all still close. That’s my husbands favorite part. He likes the idea that an entire group of guys is talking about me and sharing hundreds of photos and that I ever was willing to pose for anyone, much less multiple guys.

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