I sucked and (almost) fucked someone who isn’t my boyfriend sex stories

-This is my first post here and first time writing anything out like this so keep that in mind. Skip down to the “—–” if you only want the good stuff

Due to me recently relocating for work, my bf and I talked about the idea of a more open relationship. He isn’t able to join me yet and wants me to enjoy myself while I’m away. We never set strict guidelines for it, we are just depending on honest and open communication. This night was my first real experiment with it, and I loved it.

I matched with a hot guy on tinder and immediately asked him to come get dinner with me. I figured why beat around the bush, plus I’ve decided I want to start being more forward and assertive. Before we decided on the place I told my new match that I was in a relationship and my bf was ok with it. I said I wouldn’t know what the exact boundaries are until we get to them and to be understanding, which he was. I got ready for dinner putting on a very flattering sundress that was low cut enough to show off my breasts. (Theyre big, they’re natural, and I like to show them off. Sue me)

We got dinner and he was a complete gentleman, although I would catch the occasional stare at my cleavage. It was my first “first date” in years so I was a little nervous and awkward, but I think that helped ease the tension. We were really hitting it off well and once dinner was over I asked him if he wanted to go get drinks at a bar I like (I had been texting my bf during dinner to make sure he was ok with it) There wasn’t much hesitation to his response, a resounding yes. I asked if he would mind driving me to the bar, and this would be the first of many moves that I would make on him.

We got in his car and just kinda sit there. I always sit with my leg kinda like propped up and crossed, and I’m wearing a short dress so he can see a good bit of my thigh. He sets his hand down on it real gentle and whispers “so what do you want to do?” I let out a nervous giggle and simply gave him the kiss me eyes. He took the hint and immediately leaned in and planted one on me.

So we start making out and he’s a really good kisser. He reaches around me and starts to caress the small of my back and then down to my butt. I’m wearing my favorite black lace panties. He runs his hand across my ass, towards my thigh and gets to the bottom of my dress. He lifts it up real slow and runs his hand along the hem of my undies and looks at me and says “can I?” I just real shyly shook my head and whispered, “no let’s keep it where we’re at”

We kept kissing but I’ve kinda taken charg at this point, I have him leaning back in his seat and I’m the one pushing across the center console into him. I moved his hand with my own up my stomach and over my chest where he slips his hand inside my bra and started squeezing my boobs and playing with my nipples just enough to get them hard.

I finally pull away and kinda like rest my head on my shoulder and start giggling again. He asks “What’s so funny?” And I can’t find the words but I finally spit out “This is just so crazy. Do you still wanna get more drinks?”. He’s okay to stop, but I can tell he wants to keep going.

We get to the bar and grab a table. I sit across from him, but as I start to get a stronger buzz I decide I want him to be able to touch me, so I move seats to the one on the same side of him and kinda put my leg on top of his so he can rub it while we’re talking. We are really getting along and his hand keeps moving further and further up my leg. Its about then when I decide I want to suck his dick. I left for the bathroom to reach out to my boyfriend and run everything by him again. He’s into it. Given the green light I go back to the table and walk up behind my tinder date. I lean in and whisper in his ear, “I really want your cock in my mouth”


So we quickly wrap it up at the bar and we get back in his car. We head to a quiet little park where I know we will be alone. I’m nervous the entire drive but I’m also unbelievably turned on by what’s happening I can barely contain it. Once we arrive he asks me if I wanna get in the back seat, so we do. And then we start making out again. I start feeling on his dick through his pants and he’s hard as a rock for me. So while I’m still kissing him I undo his belt, and assist him in pulling down his pants and boxers. I get beside him, on my knees with my ass up in the air and I start licking on his cock, slowly at first just to tease him. I look up at him and see that he is just in fucking heaven. I go all the way down until his entire dick is down my throat, and he lets out a moan so I hold there and kinda swish my tongue around on him. I come up for air and cough just a little and then I ask him to hold my hair for me and that’s when I really start getting sloppy.

I’m basically fucking his dick with my face at this point. He’s got one hand on my ass and the other on the back of my head, pushing me down further and further. He asks me to hold his balls while I’m sucking his dick so I do. And then I start licking his balls too. Globbs of spit hang from my mouth, attached to his dick, as I tongue his balls up and down while stroking his shaft.

Then we kinda rearrange and he lays more sideways across the car where both of his legs are on either side of my body and I’m still sucking his dick. He has better leverage from this angle so he starts to thrust into my mouth ever so slightly, now he’s fucking my face.

I cup his balls with my hand again while I keep taking his whole cock down my throat and going up and down really fast. I know he can’t take this much longer. He asks me where I want him to cum and I tell him he can cum in my mouth. I start to moan and feel him tense up and shoot his load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his cum. I thought it might be over but I was wrong.

He grabs my face and pulls me back up to him and we start making out again and he pulls my boobs out of my bra. By this point I have taken my dress off completely, each step of the way it seemed to work it’s way down further and further. So as we are kissing again he starts touching my pussy and I am really wet. I adjust my boobs back into my bra and lay down across the seat and have my head in his lap looking up at him. As we lock eyes he reaches down into my panties and starts to rub my clit. He uses his other hand to play with my boobs over my bra and it doesn’t take long until I’m cumming for him. He kept going for a little until he knew that I was cumming again, my shaking legs gave it away. We start kissing again and then he kinda like lifts me and flips me around to where I’m on my back and he’s directly over me, kissing me and playing with my pussy. He slips a finger inside and me then asks me if I wanna fuck and I tell him that I probably would say yes under different circumstances, but I’m not ready to do that yet. He’s kinda bummed and honestly I am too.

We sat in the back of the car for a while just chatting becaue I guess I wanted to fill the awkward silence. The talk was innocent enough but I kept finding myself scooting closer and closer to him. I guess because I was still insanely horny and wasn’t ready to leave yet. Before I knew it I had crawled all the way into his lap. Seated facing him, pushing my boobs right into his face as he’s trying to talk to me. Neither of us could resist the urge as he pulled my boobs back out of my bra and started sucking on my nipples. I could feel his dick start to get hard against my leg and I adjusted it so it was sitting right against my pussy, the only thing separating us was the thin layer of lace in my panties. I’m rocking my hips back and forth, just gently grinding on his cock. I can tell this is driving him wild as I hear his muffled moans buried deep in my cleavage. I scoot back on his legs so I can pull his dick out and stroke it with my hand. He wants to fuck me so bad, the tension could be cut with a knife. I smirk at him and pull my panties to the side. Still stroking his cock I rub my pussy along the base of his shaft. Im throbbing for him at this point. I get closer and closer to sliding him inside of me but never can push myself to do so. Each slide along my lips gets him closer and closer to climax. He pushed his face back into my tits and I stroked him to completion, his cum shot into the air at rocket speed falling on his chest, and mine. There was another awkward silence until we both realized it was time to go. After we cleaned ourselves up and put our clothes back on he drove me back to my car. We talked about the fun we had and I put my number into his phone. I drove home with the biggest grin on my face.

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