I [M26] got carried away with a girl on tinder [F19] when my intention was to delete my account .. [MF] non-fiction sex stories

I just broke it off with my gf, we’ve been dating for about 1.5 years.

To preface why I just gave in and did this act, I was an ugly duckling until about 22 to be honest. It took me a while to gain the muscle, figure out a haircut (longish but not too long hair, think Adam Driver, and finally realize that growing a beard helped my jaw line immensely..) I had an old friend tell me I went from a 5 to a solid 8 and a 9 if she was drunk.

Slowly gaining this attractiveness over time kind of turned me into a sex addict from 22-24. Being able to go to the college bars and just drink confidently and smile was enough for groups of girls to gather around me and my friends, and I had a lot of drunken one night stands during that time.

Anyway, after graduation I was using tinder but eventually didn’t need it as a reconnected with a friend and we started dating.

I realized my tinder was still active earlier this week and downloaded it just to delete it.

I logged in and immediately got rushes of adrenaline and dopamine when I saw that I had 99+ likes and a few unread DMs from over 1.5 years ago. Tbh my profile was good for a guy, and showcased my body and self in a non overly masculine and genuine way.

I was about to hit my settings to delete my account but the first girl that popped up on my feed…… Was a ridiculous sexy 19 year old blonde with ridiculously big boobs and the tightest body I’ve ever seen, her name was Katy. I’m sure you see those tinder chicks all of the time, basically a super model. She was less than a mile away. Ive always been a huge boob guy. My current GF at the time had very small boobs but a huge tight ass.

My younger self that was sex deprived and had never had any opportunities with girls that age took over. I was getting turned on and excited looking at her profile and without thinking swiped right. It was a match.

My heart was beating fast and I messaged her “hey, let me know if you want to cut the tinder bullshit out and get to know each other. Text me if you’re interested — **********”

For reference: http://imgur.com/a/2tnIjCW

I was crossing a line here, and cheating on my GF. It was weird how I didn’t care. These dating apps have this weird power over you, and how affirming it was to my ego that this super model like 19 year old woman saw my profile and decided that I was good enough looking to have a shot with her, even if it was just to fuck. That entire thought process drove my lust. I deleted the app but kept my account active. I was hard as a rock and leaking pre cum.

I got a text message about an hour later saying “hey, it’s Katy! How are you?” … My heart was racing. What the fuck was I doing… I texted her back “hey, I’m great! Just hanging out with the new kitten” and sent her a selfie with my new kitten, he’s very cute.

After some more small talk, I eventually asked her if she wanted to have some dinner at my place tonight and to meet my cat. She agreed, and that was that. She lived 2 minutes down the road at an apartment complex near my condos and actually knew someone in the condo complex as well, so she wasn’t worried. I couldn’t believe this shit.

Later that night I’m finished making just a normal chicken dinner with some veggies when she knocked on my door. She was so sexy. She was wearing those yoga pants that kinda look like theyre textured and giving a girl a wedgie when she took of her jacket, her giant boobs were basically popping out of her tank top. I knew I was ending my relationship with my gf right then and there when this girl walked in. To be truthful, I was unhappy anyway, and I regret doing it like this, but life is life I guess. Sometimes you just handle situations poorly, especially when my stupid monkey sex brain gets in the way.

I set the mood right and had some decent music going, lights dim, and my kitten purring around our legs while eating dinner. I could tell she was into me. Just kept smiling and laughing when i wasn’t trying to be funny.

After we finished eating, I put the kitten in his room with the litter box and toys, and I grabbed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, she followed me into the kitchen and complimented my ass. I walked up to her, smiled, and took her hands and placed them on my ass, while placing my waist against her stomach. I’m sure she felt my boner against her stomach. She was smirking and with pretty wide eyes and gave my ass a squeeze while I leaned in to kiss her. My hands went to her neck and then down to grab her giant boobs, which were more than a handful. She lifted her leg, wrapping it around my side and I took the hint and picked her up, both of my hands on her ass and legs around me. We were kissing rather sloppily, I would stick my tongue out and she’d flick it, swapping spit in our mouths while also moaning. It was obvious we both needed to fuck. I hadn’t had sex in about a month. My now ex had recently lost her sex drive and just didn’t want to fuck anymore.

I carried her to the couch and threw her on the couch where I started to strip. I grabbed a condom from my wallet and she looked at me and said “honestly, I got tested a few weeks ago. I’m clean, and I have an IUD” I said that id only been with my ex the past 1.5 years and that I was clean.

With that knowledge my cock was already pre cumming. I knew I had to get her off first. She was stripped down to her panties and underwear, and I slowly worked her body. I probably teased her for 15 minutes, licking around her pussy but never making contact. She was soaked and frustrated, which is when I finally took her panties off and admired her pink pussy. I slowly licked up from her labia to her clit, and when I made contact with it she moaned, and then I clamped my jaw and tongue down right in that spot and slowly started to apply pressure until she started to moan and tell me to go faster. I picked up the pace and slowly inserted my pointer finger into her and then started working her g spot. She came hard, and with her head still back in pleasure, I positioned myself over her and slowly inserted my throbbing cock into her while slowly pulling my finger out at the same time. Once she realized what was happening she looked right at me and gave me a submissive “yes daddy, please”

I’d never been called that before. I inserted myself fully, brought my face to hers and stuck my tongue out, which she met with her tongue. I then reached around her and grabbed her hips and ass with my hands and pushed her into me as deep as she could go. While I was deep in her i started to slowly move my hips and grind my pelvis into her clit, while also controlling her hips and ass with my hands. She looked deeply into my eyes and soon enough said “oh my god I’m cumming” and started to grind her hips into me. I had such a firm handle on her ass, it was sensory overload. Her ass felt fatter than I expected, and I told her I was going to cum soon. She looked right at me and said “you can cum inside me” with that, I flicked my tongue on her nipples and instead of the grinding started to thrust deeper strokes with my hands still on her ass. I started to cum and said “Katy I’m cumming” and with that she wrapped her legs around me and slowly started to thrust a tiny bit. Idk how she did it but it perfectly aligned with my pulsing cumshot, and it was probably the hardest I’ve ever came.

Afterwards Katy was just smiling and had her hand on my thigh while we recouped and recovered from the fuck. I’m actually still seeing her right now and have some pretty crazy stories with her.

10 thoughts on “I [M26] got carried away with a girl on tinder [F19] when my intention was to delete my account .. [MF] non-fiction sex stories”

  1. Omg, i second the other comments here: we need more stories and pics of her. So so hot a girl that gorgeous told you no condom was necessary, and got you to cum so hard!

  2. I understand the sex drive in us guys can take over our better judgement and make us do dumb things, just learn form this and never cheat. It seems you and your gf weren’t happy so weren’t betraying her love so much as just moving on, but never cheat.

    On the other hand, nice story, hoping to hear more since you have more.


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