I [M25] made two of my friends squirt for the first time and now I can’t get enough of it! (1st story) [MF, Squirting] short sex stories

This is the story about the first friend. If anybody wants to hear about the second, I’ll post that too later lol.

A long while back one of my friends (we’re fwb and have known each other a long time) and I were sexting like we do and in the middle of it she mentioned how cool it would be if she could squirt, but didn’t think she could. We already know each other’s bodies and likes pretty well so I figured I’d try to make it happen for her since we’re already so comfortable with one another.

I have some sexual experience and would say I’m pretty decent in bed lol so I looked up a few techniques and studies and thought I’d just listen to her body and wait for the opportunity to present itself (i didn’t tell her, i wanted it to be a surprise 😌).

And it worked like a fucking charm!

The next time we saw each other we got hot and heavy pretty quickly, just after a few minutes she was dripping wet and practically begging me to finger her. I obliged, spending time teasing her entrance with my fingertips and licking her sensitive nipples. Starting with two fingers, i worked her up like i usually do, sliding in and out of her, angling up to push and pull against her gspot. I held her cradled in one arm and used the other to fuck her until she was squirming and whimpering and thrusting her hips against my hand. Then I switched the angle inside her and instead of passing her gspot i hooked my fingers to put pressure up against it and began to finger her harder and faster the way i know she loves it.

The effect was IMMEDIATE. Her moans got louder, her body tightened like a coiled spring, her pussy flooded with her juices and the delicious sounds of my fingers inside her filled the entire room. And then she squirted in waves, coating my hand and arm, making a puddle on the sheets and drenching the pillow next to us. It was the hottest and most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

We love to experiment with each other and did for this too so only after a couple more tries we found that I can basically make her squirt on command 😏. And after that, I absolutely could not get enough and now i want to do it all the time. She’s certainly not complaining lol

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