I hooked up with a random guy I met at the gym!! sex stories

So I’m a night shift nurse and for the last 15 months it’s been real tough to meet people and have them stick around.

I got off work last Sunday morning and for the first time in a very long time I wasn’t totally exhausted so I decided to go to the gym. As you would expect, it was basically dead. One or two staff, a couple “early birds”, me, and Thomas. I don’t remember if I’ve seen Thomas around, but I was lonely and he was hot.

I decided to do some lifts near him, and then offered to spot him on the bench. I decided to lean over him in case he wanted to get a good look up my shirt. I was still wearing a sports bra underneath, but it was a start! I caught him trying his hardest not to look, I just smiled and played dumb and complimented his form and muscles. Boys love dumb girls and I was just looking for a good time.

I sparked up an invite to get coffee after the gym and he obliged, there was a shop right down the street. We didn’t talk too much, it was early and we were both working nights, but he bragged about living in the bougie apartment building above the gym and I stupidly blurted out “oh man I’ve always wanted to see what those are like”

I said the quiet part loud. But he invited me up anyways.

There wasn’t a lot of foreplay, he sat on his bed and I immediately straddled him and removed my shirt and bra. He kicked me off because he was already getting too close, he got naked and put a condom on and we both came way too quick and then fell asleep for like ten minutes.

He woke me up like “shit I had plans today I gotta wash up quick” but then wasn’t even in a rush, and invited me into the shower with him after a few minutes. We made out in the shower, he groped me, I played with him a little bit, and then we dried off and went back to the bed. This time he was fully ready. He fucked me from behind, he rolled me over, he came all over my chest and then had the audacity to get pissed again because “now I have to wash up again”

I don’t think I’ll ever fuck him again, but it was nice to unleash what’s been cooped up for so long.

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