I had the naughtiest night sex confession

I’ve had such a naughty night tonight I just had to tell someone and I thought where better than on here. Me and my boyfriend got into a massive argument he always likes pictures of my friends or people I know that are half naked, it got more heated and we ended up breaking up, I really wanted to get back at him so I put a picture up of me in my thong and hoped I’d get some of his friends liking it to show him how it feels.

I went and did some other stuff for a while and came back an hour later to exactly what I expected all his friends liking it but I was completely taken aback by something else I got, I had a dm from my now ex boyfriends dad saying his son had told him what happened and he thinks he’s an idiot for letting me go and he had also liked my picture, I didn’t know what to think as didn’t know he had an account let alone that he’d been looking at my pics.

I said thank you, he then said it was his loss and then went on about how I’d left a coat at his house and as he was already going for a drive in his new car did I want him to bring it round, I was going to get it another time but thought I’d let it play out. He came round 20 mins later and gave it to me, I told him his new car looked nice and he asked if I’d like to go for a spin. I put the coat in my house and got changed quick.

He took me on a drive for about 30 mins then I said let’s pull of in the lay by, he was going on about how his son was an idiot and how he’ll be begging for me back but I wasn’t interested in that I said to him so you liked my pic then, he got a little embarrassed and started to apologise but before he could finish I took off the long coat I had on to reveal just the bra and thong I had on in the picture I sat up in the seat on my knees and started to lean over he was saying how sexy I was as I could see his hard dick in his jeans I unzipped him and took his dick in my mouth, his hand went straight for my arse smacking my bum as I sucked him, it didn’t take him long before he finished but I swallowed it all up, we was just about to get in the back seat and then his wife rang asking where he was and he had to get back, so he took me home and said he’d message me tomorrow. I’m still so turned on by it all it was so unexpected but so hot!

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