I got a surprise dp from cousins!! [FM] non-fiction sex stories

So I dated this guy for a summer. He was a lot of fun and wealthy in the �I got it from my parents but I pretend I earned it� sort of way. So as you can imagine, a major douchebag, compounded with massive drunk and other extra curriculars.

Anyway, I was out with him and his friends at a bar he was a part-owner in (I may not have been 21 so it was perfect for me). By the end of the night, we get back to his place. He is black out drunk and out cold on the couch, and it is just me and his cousin who is visiting. One thing leads to another and we�re naked with me riding his impressive but not enormous cock. It was fantastic sex. My �bf� had a slightly less than average size dick And horrible stamina. His cousin�s girthy 7� and alcohol fueled stamina was giving me the pounding I needed. Moreover the kink of how wrong it was; fucking my �bf� cousin in his living room next to his unconscious body was making cum with all the rage of my inner slut.

Suddenly, while I was back on top of cousins cock riding, I felt a new but familiar body behind me. My bf had roused some fragments of functional consciousness, but not enough to make what most would consider a rational response. The douche had been trying to get me to let him have anal for months now, and he decided to take the opportunity. I felt the burning pain off a nonlubricated cock being roughly forced into my tightly clenched rosebud. Thank goodness for the mixture of alcohol, sexual arousal, and his small endowment that I was able to endure, because instead of recoiling, cousin helped hold and position me so his relative could find his way into my ass.

Holy shit is the best description here. I was sandwiched between two sweaty men clumsily thrusting their dicks into my body. It felt like my insides were getting pulverized and the simultaneous stimulation we�re so differ, almost confusing and even wrong. But that was nothing compared to sounds. The grunting and sounds of smacking flesh, especially when I realized one was of their nuts smacking together. It was perverse, the though of these cousins grinding their thighs and balls together so they could share the experience of fucking my body. Even more so, I could feel my bf continually slip out and in his drunken state would occasionally rub all over his cousin and me. Until in his poking he rammed into my pussy with his cousin. I screamed as the pain of the shock caught me but I came hard! Two cocks of one family were squeezed tightly together in my pussy. It was so taboo and I was going wild! My orgasm racked my body and I was trying to squirt but there was no place for it to go. The pressure was too much for the cousins and they were both cumming pretty soon. And they were both shooting inside me. Two loads from two cocks. Massive loads, emptying into my pussy.

In the morning…it was awkward, lol. We ended things shortly after, because sober in the day of light, they were not as cool with what happened.

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