I fucked my hot neighbor raw in a parking garage stairwell!! [FM] real sex stories

So i�ve recently started seeing a new guy. He�s new in town and just moved into my neighborhood. He�s also WAY out of my league: 6�2, fit as a fiddle (i think I�m using that phrase wrong � SUE ME [please don�t]), a dark mop of quarantine curls sitting on top of a head with a face that�s made for influencin�.

He�s from Colorado, but imagine your stereotypical surfer dude and you�re there. Honestly, he�s a little too pretty for me (and a little bit on the young side at 28), but you make compromises for a thick 7 inches and getting to fuck a dude with washboard abs for the first time. Seriously, I�m trying to get all the dick i can while i�m still the only girl in town he knows.

(As for me: 5�4, long and thick brunette waves; thicc girl on the hourglass side with big tits, baby makin� hips, and a fat ass. I�ve been told my face puts me on the cute-sexy spectrum with big doe eyes and a bright smile. I�ve also been told I�m a �Midwestern 8,� so when I say he�s out of my league, you know what I mean. Guy�s an 11 anywhere.)

Anyway, we�d been fucking like rabbits but playing it safe for a few weeks. Then a couple Saturdays ago, we took a drive to another part of town to grab coffee somewhere and walk around. Maybe get lunch. The dude was handsy right out of the gate, grabbing and spanking my ass any chance he got.

I mean, I was kinda asking for it in my short sundress; every stiff breeze threatening to Marilyn-Monroe me.

The sexual tension got thicker and thicker, but we somehow survived 90 minutes or so of coffee and meandering. We start talking lunch and the boy throws out a suggestion that�ll require a drive. I made a joke about coming to the neighborhood we did so we had a bunch of food options, but he shrugged it off as we made our way back to the car.

Well someone must�ve spiked my coffee with Dumb Bitch Juice because i really didn�t expect to be pinned against the stairwell wall in the parking garage.

He let me go up the stairs first, saying he wanted to get a look up my dress. I took my time as i did, teasing him a bit. Then he bounded up the stairs, two at a time, and pinned me against the wall. He pulled down his mask, then mine, and we started to make out. His hands went right up my dress, squeezing my ass.

I suggested that maybe we needed to swing by his apartment before lunch but he said he couldn�t wait. He spun me around and kissed my neck, asking if i brought a condom. Which, usually i do � and I had the other times we fucked in public. But this morning I just brought my wallet, not my full purse. Also: VERY unfair for him to expect me to be the one who always brought protection.

But he knows I�m pretty much putty in his hands (and again: Dumb Bitch Juice), so even while i�m saying i don�t have a condom, he�s whipping his dick out and rubbing it against my ass. He reminded me (woe is him) that he hasn�t been with anyone else since the pandemic started. It didn�t feel prudent to bring up that I totally had, so I just cocked my ass out and let him pull my panties to the side. Then he slowly pushed his cock into my pussy.

He let out a �Fuck yes.� I let out a long sigh as he slid his length in. He brushed my dress all the way over my ass, then gripped a cheek in each hand as he started to thrust in and out.

Once he got into a rhythm, he started talking dirty � not quite whispering, but i guess trying not to make his voice echo through the stairwell. Talking about what a slut i am for making him think about my ass all day. How he knows i can�t go an hour without his cock in my pussy.

I offered up the usual adulation at the alter of Good Dick: you�re so big. You get me so wet. I want you to fill me with hot cum. My heart was racing and honestly, my mind kept thinking about someone catching us. As much as I like the risk of getting caught, im not a huge fan of actually getting caught unless I�m trashed. I wanted to finish him quickly, then spend lunch a) letting him gush about how amazing i am and b) thinking about how i�d get him to make me cum later.

That�s not to say I wasn�t enjoying myself. Really, feeling his hands on me as we walked around and having him eye fuck me for an hour had sent me into a spiral. So each thrust of his cock made my knees weak. I was salivating. I wanted his hand around my throat and his mouth on my tits.

I settled for his fingers in my hair.

�Pull my hair,� I whined while I started squeezing my pussy around his cock in waves. �fuck me like you own me.�

That got him.

He grabbed my hair in his fist with one hand and arched my back. His other hand went to my waist. Both of mine went from bracing myself against the wall to white-knuckling the hand rail. I could hear his breathing get louder as he picked up the pace.

But bless his heart� he�s not all �slut� this and �whore� that!

�Feel good baby? I want you to feel good�� a little of the edge was gone from his voice.

�mmm�. so good� I just wanna make you cum� feel so bad teasing you all morning��

He laughed. �Don�t feel bad.� He leaned in to growl in my ear: �Just don�t be surprised if you make me do something like this.” He slowed down his pace to slow, hard thrusts. He gave me firm spank with a satisfied grunt; I think he liked the way he was making my ass jiggle.

Then that hand went back to my hip, and he picked up speed again. It was only a few seconds before the countdown started, like he was Cape Canaveral on rocket day.

3. �I�m right fucking there.�

2. �FUCK. I�m gonna cum.�

�Yes baby girl yes. Holy shit.�

Lift off.

I groaned in delight feeling his cock pulse inside me, filling me up. Between my hair and my hip, his death grip tightened as I milked his cock dry. He eventually let me go and pulled out. I lowered my dress while he stuffed his cock back in his jeans, then turned around, kissed him, and did a little abbreviated pillow talk standing up.

Back at the car he spent about 5 minutes in the driver seat �catching his breath� � for show or not, I don�t know. Then I got to spend lunch a) letting him gush about how amazing i am and b) thinking about how i�d get him to make me cum later�. while c) his cum leaked out of my pussy, keeping me wet and ready for the next round.

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