I fucked my boyfriend’s best friend while he watched [FM] real sex stories

Last year my boyfriend and I took a trip to Florida where his best friend had just moved after his divorce. It was a hot as hell afternoon and we were sitting by the pool drinking heavily.

They were talking about “the good old days” which happened a million years ago. I’m 15 years younger than my bf, so I was probably in middle school when all that happened.

I went into the house to pour another drink, and when I came out they were kind of laughing and being silly. I have to admit, I was pretty tipsy, but not drunk or anything. I jumped in the pool and they kept whispering and talking.

When I got out of the water, I asked my bf if he could put more suntan lotion on my back. He said while laying on his back in a chair, well, Steve is right there, let him do it. Which I thought was a bratty response, so I turned to Steve, and said in a joking way to make my bf nervous, “pretty please, can you lotion me ALLL over?”

Steve jumps up and is like, sure thing ma’am, anything to help. And my bf just laughs and sits up. He says, “This is your vacation, enjoy yourself!”

Steve is lotioning my back, and I lay down flat on my towel and ask him to get my legs. The suit I was wearing was pretty tiny because I didn’t actually expect to wear it anywhere public, my ass was totally out. But, Steve dives in and he’s lotioning me up and kneading my ass and having a grand time of it and I look up at Jake and he’s just smiling.

Now, to be clear, we’ve had a few threesomes, but we’ve always had a pretty solid rule of not fucking people we know. The closest we got was me inviting a girl I knew from work over for a threesome, but that worked out well and I never really saw her at the office.

Anyways, back to Steve literally running his hands all over my ass and inside the waistband of my bikini. He is absolutely going to town and Jake is like, “Hey, she’s pretty tight, huh?”

Steve says, “Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had my hands all over a 20 year old.” And I was laughing because it was kind of awkward.

Jake says, “Babe, this is your vacation.”

So, I embraced it and took off my top to let Steve have some more fun. He instantly goes to town and is massaging and lotioning up my pretty much nonexistant tits.

Then, he stops and says, “My neighbors are nosy as fuck, we should go inside,” and he walks off quickly pulling me by the hand and I’m just laughing my ass off, I’m trying to tell him to let them see, but he’s kind of freaked out.

Jake says he’ll be in in a second, and so we’re alone. We don’t even make it inside the house before Steve is untying my thong and rubbing my clit like he’s sex starved. We didn’t even kiss, he just started sliding his finger around my clit and joking about how dripping wet I was.

Steve is much bigger than Jake in every way. He’s like 6’5 and I can tell by the growing bulge in his pants he has a massive cock. Jake’s pretty much average all around.

Steve instantly has me against a wall and is finger fucking me and grabbing my ass, and I jokingly say, “buy a girl a drink first,” to him.

He instantly grabs me by the throat, which I have to say is a huge turn on of mine. And he just looks at me intensely and says, “this is gonna be fun, little girl.” Jake never spoke to me that way, so it was wildly different and really fucking hot.

“Get on your fucking knees,” he said in a loud whisper into my ear, and I was like YES SIR with every part of my soul. I dropped to my knees and he dragged his thick cock out of his bathing suit. The thing was easily nine inches and soda can thick.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and literally shoved his cock into my mouth making me gag. I grabbed his ass and held on as he started face fucking me with no cares at all. I was choking and drooling and he just kept at it until I started coughing. It was one of the hottest moments of my life.

I pulled back to catch my breath and he pulled me up by the arm and led me to the bedroom, that’s when I noticed Jake standing in the corner with a shocked look on his face.

He stepped out of his swim trunks and pulled my bikini bottom off my ankle as he tossed me onto the bed. I had no idea what to expect, but I was loving it and there for it. When I looked back, Jake was in the door way holding his phone, and I told him no pictures.

Steve was a monster, he was like a silverback gorilla, it was all instinct and power. I was shocked by the raw nature of it all. He lifted me up and tossed me facedown onto the mattress. He then grabbed my tiny waist with his massive hands and pulled his ass towards him, I felt him spit on my pussy before he started rubbing his dick along my lips. He was rough and immediate.

When he entered me, it was alarming and sudden. He didn’t slide in slow or work me up to anything, Steve just crammed his massive cock inside of me and I yelped and I heard both him and Jake laugh. I pushed back on his leg to slow him down, but he slapped my hand away and told me not to push against him. I loved how dominant he was.

I looked at Jake and asked if this was okay, and he just smiled and nodded. Steve was fucking me like I was some sort of doll. It was so intense I was drooling and could barely breathe. He was just owning every inch of me.

He fucked me for what felt like hours. Jake would last maybe 10 minutes, Steve wasn’t stopping. He’d go 15 minutes straight just pounding me as hard as he could. At one point, he grabbed my face and told me he’d been thinking about how he was going to fuck me for a year and it made me wonder what they’d planned.

Then he stopped suddenly and pulled me close to his face and told me, with no question, he was going to cum in my ass. I was a little shocked and very turned on by his confidence about it. He pushed me down face first and I heard him fumbling for something before I felt a fat squirt of lube plop onto my bare asshole.

He swirled it around with the head of his dick, then pushed the tip inside of me. I could feel my body flushing and he held me tight. I was literally shaking as he pushed deep inside my ass, it was the most intense feeling, and I was loving it. I couldn’t control my body, he had to hold me in place and I heard Jake laughing.

He fucked my ass for twenty minutes straight, just pounding and pounding and slapping my ass. I looked over and Jake was slowly stroking his cock in the corner watching us. I didn’t know what to think about that.

Then out of nowhere Steve growled and pulled me against him hard, burying his cock deep inside of my ass making me almost scream. He came like a fire hose, I felt it flood my asshole and I don’t know why, but I started crying a little. Steve shoved me flat on the bed and stepped back saying, “your turn,” and just walked out of the room and closed the door.

Jake rushed beside me and laid his naked body against me, I could feel his cock pressing against my legs. He started talking about how that was the hottest thing he ever saw and how savage it was. I let him ramble. Then he asked me how I liked it and I told him I needed a minute, I could tell he was eager to fuck me.

I finally caught my breath and told him that was amazing, but exhausting. I rolled over on my back and he laid on top of me, his cock pushing between my legs. I reached down and slid the head inside of me. Jake started slowly stroking.

In about 30 seconds he came, groaned, and laid his head against me. Then we just cuddled and held each other. My whole body felt like a raw nerve and I realized all my clothes were in the trunk of Jake’s car – all I had was a bikini and running shorts.

Jake was asleep pretty quickly, so I snuck out from under him and went out to the kitchen. Steve was standing in the kitchen, still totally nude, holding a beer. I had no idea where my swimsuit was so I was standing there naked.

“Can I get you a beer?”

“Sure,” I said, standing there a bit awkward.

He pulled one out of the fridge, opened it and handed it over. We both stood there, I felt awkward, he seemed confidant and proud.

“Was that fun?” he asked.

I laughed, and nodded, “yes, that was very fun.”

He smiled, very proud indeed, and he leaned in and kissed me. It was a huge surprise. It was an intense and emotional kiss. We wound up pushing against each other and making out hard for a few minutes. I caught my breath and stopped him. He asked if it was too much, and I told him the whole thing was too much.

Then we kissed again, this time for way longer and way more intense. He stopped and asked if I wanted to take a shower, I just nodded yes, and he literally picked me up and carried me to the shower.

I kept expecting him to go into a speech about how Jake does and doesn’t do that, but he never did, he was just confidant of himself and now, he was replacing talking with kissing. Jake and I didn’t kiss often, it was once in a while, Steve and I were making out like high school kids.

In the shower, he pushed me against the glass wall and kept kissing me, he was already rock hard again. His cock seemed larger in this enclosed space. I grabbed the bar of soap and started stroking his soapy cock, jerking him off while he smiled down at me. I felt like a little kid next to him – he was more than a foot taller than me.

We kissed more, and he sat on the little rock ledge in his shower, his cock standing tall. I climbed over his lap and slid him inside of me, it felt like a magic trick. I lowered myself slowly, breathing slower to ease my muscles. He kissed my neck and my lips. I was shaking.

I felt his huge hands on my ass, pulling me towards him. It was so intense. I finally got him fully inside of me, then started sliding up and down a little on him. He sat still and let me work. I felt like impressing him.

I started bouncing on his cock and kissing him. I grabbed his face and told him I was going to make him cum, he practically laughed me off. I ground down against him, pushing and kissing him. I needed this so badly.

He bounced my hips against him and I could feel his cock filling me up. It felt like it was filling my stomach. I was begging him to cum for me and he loved it.

Then he told me he wanted me on my knees, he wanted to cum in my mouth, and I stopped and told him I needed his cum inside of me. He said he knew I wasn’t on the pill, and I said I didn’t care, I needed him inside of me. He laughed and said sure, and leaned back a little and let me slide my entire body up and down on his cock. He was enjoying the ride.

I started changing up my pace and trying to get a reaction out of him, but he was just leaning back and smiling. So, I stood and turned and lowered my pussy back onto him and I felt him squirm a little, reverse cowgirl looked like it was the trick. I reached down and started playing with his balls while bouncing my ass against him.

I could hear his breath pick up speed. I looked back and he smiled again, I asked if he like that, and he laughed. Then I told him I wanted his cum inside my belly, and I felt his body pulse. I looked back and he was smiling wide.

“You want that huh?”

He looked down at my ass.

“You want your cum to fill my young pussy, don’t you?”

He nodded. I said, “tell me.”

Through gritted teeth he said, “I’m going to flood your pussy.”

“I want you to breed me you dirty fucker,” I said.

Without missing a beat he said, “I’m going to fuck this baby into you,” and he came hard pulling me deep against him. I gasped and we sat there panting.

He laughed and just said, “wow.”

We toweled off and wound up cuddling on the couch together.

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  1. Hot story. *Looks at post history* wait does this story explain your bump post? If so, damn. Elevates the hotness of the story even more.

  2. Holy shit! You must be a seriously experienced anal player if you can take a soda-can sized dick in your ass half as easily as you describe. It takes *me* 2 or 3 minutes to get Bad Dragon’s medium Archer in me, and I’m a total ass pirate!

    Also, from your pics, your tits aren’t tiny.

  3. While I’m nowhere near as big as Steve, I wouldn’t mind taking a turn. Wonder where the “middle of nowhere” is you said you moved to… 🤔 in your profile.


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