I [F19] finally got my guts rearranged by a long time friend at a party erotic short stories

It had been a while since I’d had sex and godamn was I missing it. I’m a bit picky about who I let inside me and let’s just say I hadn’t run into any outstanding nominees in the past several months. That is until recently. I have to admit I’m truly a bit of a shy person, especially around people I’m interested in. For context, I’m quite petite, (5,3’ specifically) and have long red hair that goes about down to my shoulders. Anyway, in comes Matthew. He has short dark brown hair, with the kindest and brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. He is by far the sweetest boy I have ever met. We were all part of a larger friend group and I loved hanging out with him, but I didn’t think he was really into me. We ended up all leaving for college, up until this summer when we came back and finally all got to see each other again. Fast forward to last night, when we were going over to a friends apartment to drink and party together. I drove there with my friend Andrea, and as we walked through the door I felt livened by the party atmosphere. The lights were dimmed, music blaring through some speakers that I couldn’t see, and lots and lot’s of people. A couple of minutes later, I found myself sipping away at something that had to be some sort of jungle juice. Everyone was enjoying themselves as I began to wander through the crowd of people, ending up at a large sectional couch with a fancy coffee table to accompany it. It was there where I ended up running into Matthew the first time that night. I sat down right beside him, a smile forming on his face when he saw me.

“Oh my god hey Emma it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve gotten to see you!”

I couldn’t help but smile back at him when he said it. His warmth was just so contagious.

“Oh my god I know, I missed you so much! Hopefully, you didn’t forget we were friends!” I said with a joking tone in my voice.

He let out a laugh and I couldn’t help but shoot a glance at his stupidly white teeth. God, I wanted to scream. The night began ticking away and a few drinks later we were all tipsy and having a good time. He and his friends were playing a card game and he stopped to show me a little magic trick. I was in an amused-drunk state of awe when I remarked

“Wow, pretty and he knows magic? What else can you do?”. I suddenly bit my tongue at letting that slip out.

“Well I mean I really like cooking to so….”. Thats right I remembered. He did like cooking.

I could tell he was very entertained by my drunk attitude, not in a condescending way, but more of an endearing having fun teasing way. Maybe I was just feeling the drinks for the night but godamn it was I starting to get turned on. Flashes of us exploring each other’s bodies kept sweeping through my mind as he spoke to me. I could feel my panties beginning to soak until I could barely take it anymore.

“I think I’ve had too much to drink I think I should go home,” I said to him. His face changed from amused to concerned.

“Oh hey that’s totally okay you have a way to get home safely right?”

That’s when I played my trump card.

“No I think my friend already left do you think you could walk to me my apartment?” I said.
If he said no I might’ve just ripped his clothes off right then and there but he said of course and off we walked to my apartment. I was resting my body against his taking in the scent of his cologne as we chatted back and forth. We finally arrived at the apartment complex and stood with each other at the entrance. I took another gaze into his eyes and knew right then I wanted him inside me desperately. I grabbed his face and pressed our lips together, our mouths moving together as we had a slow and sensual kiss. Suddenly he pulled back from our alcohol-fueled makeout.

“Wait is this ok right? You’re okay with this?” he said.

I put my hand over his mouth.

“Shut the fuck up and come kiss me”.

I grabbed his hand as we got whisked away up to my apartment, the door getting pushed shut behind us as he slammed me against the wall and we began making out again. I managed to get his shirt off before he grabbed both my wrists with his hands, pinning them up against the wall as we kept making out. His mouth moved down to my bare neck, and I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. His head slowly moved lower and lower until I could feel him undoing my pants, my hands frantically trying to slide my panties off in assistance. His mouth latched right onto my pussy, and I almost started to cry at how good it felt. I stood there, my back against the wall with both hands pressing him down onto me, his tongue mercilessly gliding into every point of my being. All I could do was let out moans in between quick breaths as my legs began to feel weak and my body flushed. He had both his hands gripping my thighs and ass, and I could feel myself about to cum. I started to moan louder and louder, biting down on my shirt to contain myself as I came. He came back up to kiss me and I begged him to fuck me as I murmered softly in his ear.
We made it about 5 feet to the kitchen counter before I got bent over and could hear him undoing his belt. I watched him pull out his cock from his pants and line it up as he put it in my pussy. I gasped as he began putting It in. He slowly sunk himself deep inside me, and I let out a loud sigh of pent up sexual release as he placed his hands on my hips. He started to thrust himself in and out, my pussy tightly gripping his hard dick as he fucked me. I sat there biting my lip and moaning as I got impaled, purely enjoying the fact that I was getting roughly fucked and filled up by such a hard cock. I didn’t even realize it but I was stuttering for him to keep fucking me, begging him to go harder. He began picking up even more speed, and I winced in pleasure as I got my guts rearranged over my kitchen counter. He was sinking himself so deep inside me that my ass would press up against his stomach, the loud and wet slapping sound mixing in between his moans and me begging him not to stop. His dick was so incredibly hard, that I realized and shouted I was about to cum again. This was enough to make him moan even louder, and I begged him to cum inside me. I started to quiver as I began cumming all over his dick, him sinking his cock deep into me right as I could feel my legs tighten.
My hands were on my ass spreading it wide as he released himself all the way inside me, letting out a huge moan as he did so. We stayed there for a moment, savoring the satisfaction we both just gained. He slowly slid his dick out of me and I lowered down on the floor, my legs too weak to support me as his hot cum began dripping down the side of my leg. He came down to join me on the floor. We both just sat there on the floor, out of breath and smiling like idiots until we eventually fell asleep.

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