I (F18) Ditched Mass To Have Car Sex With My BF (M19) sex stories

Holly here! Guess it’s my turn for a story this week. I know my grammar and stuff isn’t as good as Gwenny’s but hopefully you still like this one? Anyway, during the same summer that I met Josh and we’d been sneaking around to hook up we learned pretty quickly that it was going to be pretty hard to find places to have sex. We still went on dates and stuff but after having a whole week alone with my parents gone it kind of left us wanting more…

At the time Josh was staying with family and I was still living with my parents. Then Josh traded in the crappy pontiac he had for a ford explorer. I’m not really a car person but like…it’s a way bigger car. Which gave us an idea.

Sunday came around and Josh picked me up for mass. Though both of us were struggling with our faiths at the time we’d quickly discovered going to church together had a few benefits. We got to spend time together and it kept our families believing we were good christian kids that never did anything bad…

I don’t know if Josh had planned our quickie.We’d talked about car sex and that during mass would be the perfect time because no one would be looking for us, but we hadn’t exactly decided when we would try it out. I was excited about the idea of doing it in a parking lot. I didn’t know it at the time but exhibitionism has defs become a kink of mine!

We arrived at Josh’s church a little before ten. I liked Josh’s church because no one seemed interested in snitching on us. Everyone seemed to mind their business so we didn’t have to worry about someone noticing that we’d left mass early, skipped communion, or hadn’t showed up. Unless he was supposed to volunteer that Sunday Josh didn’t have to participate so no one would have noticed anything. He’d been stepping back from being a super active member in his church as it was so he didn’t really ask to be assigned to read and didn’t really sing with his choir anymore.

I made sure to grab a program in case my parents asked for proof and then in we went. Josh led me to the back row. We sat right at the end of the bench, usually the place where the stragglers go. I didn’t realize that Josh had done that on purpose. The service started like usual. After the first ten minutes even the late people stopped coming in. Our church being downtown meant that it had a small parking lot so that probably meant that it was now filled up. That was when Josh turned to me and whispered in my ear.

‘Go warm yourself up in the car.’ He pressed his car keys into my hand. He had a flirty look on his face and I didn’t get it right away. I just stared back. It was the middle of summer, it wasn’t like I was cold. He leaned back in and whispered again. ‘Give me something to walk in on.’

Catching on I moved out of our row and snuck out the back, trying to make it look like I was just going for the bathroom. Once I was outside I aimed for the parking lot that was completely packed.

Josh’s car was parked in the far corner, under some trees. I unlocked it and hoped in the back seat. I just sat there for a second, trying to think of what I could do for Josh to walk in on. There probably wasn’t anyone here to catch us but we were still down town. Anyone walking by might be able to see. The car was already getting a little muggy so I turned on the air conditioning.

I leaned back, spreading my legs slowly and closing my eyes. I couldn’t decide what I liked better. The idea that I was all by myself in here, about to touch myself, or that someone was watching it happen. I pulled my dress up, sliding a hand into my panties, feeling the wetness that was already building up there. Whatever it was, I was excited for what was happening.

The sound of the door opening scared me. I yelped a little and jumped. Legs spread on either side of me with my hand caught in my panties I probably looked pretty guilty. Josh climbed in and shut the door behind him, just grinning. I shifted so my back was against the other door while Josh pulled my underwear off. Shifting so he kind of fit on the seat he started eating me out. It was a bit of a tight fit but still way roomier that it would have been in his old car. I didn’t hold back my moans. I liked the idea that someone walking by might hear me, even if it was a little muffled.

Teasing myself had already gotten me pretty close so I came quickly, and pretty hard. I didn’t realize I’d clamped my legs around his head until I’d stopped. Mass being only an hour we wouldn’t have much time before the mass ended and people would start leaving so I unzipped his pants and got to work.

Church bells were ringing to signal the end of the service as Josh started cumming. I swallowed quickly, licking everything up to clean up and make sure we looked as innocent and virginy as possible! Fixing our clothes we caught our breaths and moved to the front of the car, pretending to get into it again for anyone that might just be rounding the corner.

We ended up having a lot of quickies in Josh’s car. Eventually Josh and I started researching kinkier stuff, started experimenting and tried some pretty interesting things…but I’ll save that for another story. Til then if you’re curious for more be sure to read the ones already on mine and Gwenny’s profile. Bye!


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