I [F] lost my virginity when I was 18 in the computer lab of my high school while class was in session. real sex stories

JUST TO CLARIFY, we were both 18 when this happened! 🙂

So I was a super sheltered kid growing up. Was never allowed to hang out with boys alone, boys didn’t really like me because I was ugly until around 16, etc etc the list goes on. I was a noob.

I started ‘going out’ with this guy and we got along super well. My parents never let us be alone together aside from in public places, like the movies. He fingerbanged me at the movies, but that was the extent of the action I got. Regardless I felt like a raunchy little harlot each time my parents picked us up.

So anyway, one day on our 3 month anniversary, we concocted a plan together to finally lose our virginities. We both skipped our last class together and went into the computer lab. It happened to be the last day before Christmas break, so it was super quiet.

We nervously hung out for a while, kissing and talking a lot to break the ice (we really liked each other, in fact we were already saying we loved each other at this point) and transitioned into sexytime. The door was unlocked and the lights were on, really anyone could have walked in. Pretty fucking stupid looking back.

Eventually he pulled out a condom, put it on, slid down my jeans and put it in. After one thrust, he looked at me with this horrified expression and pulled out. He was already cumming, lol. I reassured him it was fine. We threw the condom in the trash and realized it was super late and we were gonna miss our bus.

We ran out to the bus zone and saw that all the buses were gone aside from one. The kind lady driving it asked if we wanted a ride home. It was pretty cool to be the only two on a bus. That bus driver had no idea we’d just popped our cherries together. Naughty.

I moved away a week later to another school and he, in a fit of teenage angst, stole a bunch of girls purses and went to jail for a long time. He tried calling me a bunch but I was already over him.

The end. 😂

Barely anybody knows this story, but the anniversary of that event is coming up and I thought I’d share. Happy Wednesday!

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