I [46f] am jealous of my daughter’s [19f] youthful body and secretly want her to be more slutty so I can live vicariously through her. sex confession

Ok sorry this is long but this has all been pent up haha so hear me out. I married my highschool boyfriend and he’s the only one I’ve ever been with sexually. I grew up in a small town and didn’t have all these opportunities to explore my sexuality. Now I feel like I wasted my hot years. I see all these hot young girls on here showing off their bodies and talking about their sexual adventures and even see them making money for posting nude pics! And I’m like Fuck!

My husband and I split up before all this covid stuff started. Got a new place where me and my daughter live and this was supposed to be the year of me getting out there and having fun, but now we’ve been trapped inside for months! I haven’t had sex once since my husband and I split so My mind is starting to go crazy.

So where my daughter comes in, she’s got the body I wish I still had. I wish I still looked like that and could finally explore my sexuality. I don’t want her to waste her hot years like I did. If I had her body my pics would be all over this site lol.

I keep thinking about last summer when she and I went to the lake together and while sunbathing I noticed how many guys were checking her out. It was such a turn on because it kind of felt like they were checking me out in a way, like I made that beautiful body, she’s my daughter.

I could tell she was enjoying the attention too, and in what is perhaps in not my best parenting moment, I told her I would be fine with her taking off her top if she wanted to. This is a huge fantasy for me, public nudity, and I wish I had been able to explore it when I was young and hot.

She was shocked at my suggestion and kind of laughed it off and continued sun tanning until eventually she quietly took off her top without saying anything to me.

And it was the hottest thing ever. To be exposed like that out in the open and having all these beach bros checking her out. It was such a rush to imagine what electricity that must feel like. I’ve gotten off to that memory many times since.

And now that it’s just us two girls living together any time I see her walking around in just a jammie tshirt and panties with her perfect little butt bouncing around in the open I get so jealous haha. I wish I still looked like her. I would be such a slut!

Tldr: I wish I still had a rockin bod like my daughter’s so I could be a slut

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  1. Sorry everyone! I see that I’m getting a bunch of private messages but not sure how to see them or respond to them yet lol now I’m really showing my age. I’ll respond when i figure it out!

  2. You don’t need to have a rocking body to be a slut. Pretty sure you look great. Accept your body and enjoy your life. I personally love mom bods.
    And everyone here is so curious to see you.
    You special 😉

  3. You need to relax and have the kind of fun that you want your daughter to have. I just message you. Hit me up if you want to have fun like a 20 year old.

  4. I’d have no problem helping you show off. Even though you don’t have the 18 your old body, everyone likes boobs some will even prefer your ass

  5. 20 year old girl with exhibitionist fantasies here. Well I’m too scared to do anything about my fantasies coz of my strict parents. If I had a mom like u I would be on seventh heaven. Maybe u should accidentally show her ur naked body so that’ll she also start getting comfortable with nudity around u . If I were ur daughter then I would be running around naked all the time

  6. Youth is overrated. Many women like dad bods and many men like mom bodies 🙂 myself included. I’d love to see a photo of you! I’ll give my honest opinion.


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