I (24m) fucked a friend of the family (55f) after she got divorced. adult confession

My parents friend recently got divorced to a man who treated her like pure shit. I always had the hots for her, she is blonde has a small waist and a huge ass- not the prettiest face but honestly I’ve always had a huge thing for milfs so I don’t give a shit.

I went to go visit her son (who still lives with her) and stayed there for the weekend. The son went to work the first morning and I came into the kitchen for breakfast. She was there and we got talking about life and I asked about the divorce. She told me it has made her self esteem drop drastically and I then began to tell her how good looking she is despite her age. This seemed to spark something and she started asking more about what I liked about her. I thought fuck it and straight up told her I would fuck her if I was her age. She then came closer and we kissed. We went into her room and I ate her out for about half an hour and fucked here doggtstyle and never had such a creamy pussy in all my life. I made her cum several times and then face fucked her and came down her throat. We then went to the shower together and we fucked one more time. Was definitely the most amazing thing I’ve ever done but now I’m feeling weird about it.

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