i [19f] get naked and hump my teddy bear until i cum adult confession

i have a naughty secret to confess. i was sexting a redditor earlier and i confessed something i’ve never told anyone before and i got so horny. i feel like such a dirty slut when i do it.

some time ago, i bought myself one of those big 63 inch teddy bears online. its always just been in my room for me to lean against or just for room aesthetic. one day, i was humping my pillow and masterbating and i saw my teddy bear when i had the amazing idea to hump him. i laid him on my bed on its backside and folded its legs up for more support since these bears don’t have enough stuffing (which i fixed eventually). i straddled my legs on its neck facing the stomach and i remember the feeling of the soft fur tickling my pussy and my nipples and it was such a new and exciting feeling.

after awhile, i was humping and rubbing my clit against him and i was getting so turned on thinking about how i probably looked. i must’ve looked so dirty rubbing my pussy and cumming on something like a teddy bear. i always get so wet when i wonder how people are going to think of me. they’d see how i was so horny that i resorted to this.

i’m currently naked, tickling my pussy and grinding on him right now. chat with this dirty slut if you’re as horny as i am right now.

(and yes, i bring him to the laundromat often to keep him fresh and clean)

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  1. very hot! I have one of those big teddies too! I bet my teddy would love to meet yours, they could play together


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